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Tom James

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Vietnam vet, retired from law enforcement, former conservative. My views started to change when the "R's" nominated "W". I remember thinking "no way" If they want this guy to be their leader, then something is very wrong. So I started paying attention and started seeing a lot of things I had missed. Like a lot of people I was brought up to trust authority and I did. I now see how pathetic that was. I REALLY started paying attention when the towers came down. I knew that what I was seeing could not be possible. I worked on the construction of those buildings for a year (1970-1971). I was a welder for Otis Elevator and I am very familiar with the skeleton of those buildings. I can say with confidence that those buildings had "help" coming down.
The final straw came when "W" kept changing his reason for wanting to invade Iraq. "When your suspect keeps changing his story, chances are you've got your man" Advice that was given to me by an old detective many years ago. If you are telling the truth, why would you need to change your story?
The last five elections for President I voted Perot 2x, Nader 2x and Obama once. I do not plan on voting again unless things change big time.

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