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Bruce Krafft


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I was born at a very young age . . . I grew up 20 miles north of NYC, went to a moderately snooty upper East Coast prep school, then to Carleton College in MN for a couple of years before I realized I was wasting my time and my parents' money, so I joined the Navy and baby-sat nuclear reactors for Uncle Sam for a few years. When I got out I returned to MN and (eventually) became politically active. I tend to describe myself politically as insanely Libertarian, others tend to decribed me as just insane.
I believe that if the question starts out "should the government be allowed to ..." then the answer is almost certainly a resounding "NO!" If I ever get a big enough bumper, I want a sticker that says "If you cut government by 99.9%, that would be a good start." I believe that the Constitution means what it says, and that the powers of the federal guvernment are few and enumerated. I believe the "commerce clause" and "general welfare clause" are most assuredly *not* grants of unlimited powers. I believe that all gov't license schemes are either A) revenue raisers, or 2) protectionist schemes pushed by "professionals" in a field under the guise of maintaining standards but actually to protect themselves from competition.
I believe the FedGov has no business conducting a War on Poverty, a War on Drugs or pretty much any other kind of War other than defending our country (which does *not* mean having a million or more troops overseas, it means having a small, highly trained professional military and a large county level militia that the professionals help to train but have no power over except when working to repel an invasion).

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