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State of the Union, January 2, 2010 A.D.

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Consider the brutality used in jails (prisons), traffic stops, so-called "domestic disturbances, protests (hey, since when do free people need to get government permission to protest), tickets on one's own property, and so on.

Do you not find it rather offensive that your local city councils use these armed and dangerous marauders to force supposedly "free" people to obey their revenue creating ordinances?

Or, are you one of those that use, "well, there has to be laws", not realizing that our Law already has provisions prohibiting every type of behavior that can interfere with the rights of your fellow man. This law is commonly and accurately called, "The Ten Commandments" and I defy any man or group of men to improve on the commandments without oppressing the rights the commandments defend.

By the way, forget the fiction that our "protectors", that is Law Enforcers, face death or whatever everyday. That is bogus propaganda, as most never face a life and death situation unless their actions led to it, such as a man (or a woman, although rare) that was attacked by the enforcers retaliating (very rare) or creating life and death situations by their own stupidity, such as no-knock entries and other forms of forcing their way in.

Let us apply a bit of common sense. Let us presume there is a bona fide dangerous and armed criminal in a house or apartment. Why don't the enforcers simply wait outside until the desired party exits and then arrest him instead of crashing in, risking innocent lives (especially when at the wrong address), and the often not so innocent lives of cops? That is how it was done so why the change?

Maybe it is just too easy and, besides, the safe way does not allow the militarized enforcers to act like Rambo or the quite mad TV cops, especially those black-garbed SWAT thugs one sees on TV and in movies. They violate right after right and statute after statute as they commit treason after treason. And, they are the good guys???

Also, such acts and the impunity for carrying out the acts create fear in other people. These are two of the primary purposes for all the negative propaganda used to expand government.

Also, forget those that face "druggers." After all, government has no authority to regulate what we put in our bodies. The so-called "drug war" is not a war against drugs, but a war against us to expand governments' enforcers and de facto law. Therefore, if one or two or more are killed committing acts against the rights of the people and their oaths to uphold the Constitution, they in a sense received the only punishment for treason death.

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Realize this, People. The State of the Union is that the government (actually its controller the Zionist Rothschilds) created the bogus war AGAINST drugs to increase the size of the domestic criminal organizations (government, especially its enforcers of de facto laws).

The increased criminal government then uses the increased forces to steal additional property AND maintain a cartel-like monopoly on the price of drugs. This in turn increases the billions of dollars that go into hidden government and International bankers' accounts and, in reference to the latter, keeps the profits for government ran drug operations extremely high, while at the same time justifying the need for increased "anti-drug warriors" and the like. It is like a vicious circle.

Government further uses the "war' to unlawfully imprison people, a profitable endeavor for many officials and their corporate friends; to oppress rights (such as the right to keep and bear arms); to increase fear; to steal property; and other despicable non-righteous reasons. As a point of interest in reference to "" profitable endeavor"", check out the Corrections Corporation of America.

Always, without fail, my fellow Americans, every non-righteous act by government increases government and increases its take from the American people. The goal of government, a direct reflection of the state of the union in this year of our Lord, is NOT to protect rights by officials obeying their oaths of office but to oppress rights by charging more for them, coercing compliance to additional rules, and then additional arresting/fining illegally when one does not do as they mandate.

As such, government is a racketeering criminal organization quite similar to the mobs and mafia. There are protection rackets running, fees extorted, armed and dangerous enforcers (just as the mobs/mafia used), murders to create fear, mail and electronic fraud, spying and snitches, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and every other device or technique used to cause people to obey, and removing all semblance of justice.

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Not only that, but in this year of our Lord, 2010 A.D., one can accurately call the actions of government a "civil war and insurrection" because that is exactly what it is, including armed invasion against our rights and an insurrection against our established Law by right. You see, Folks, the people are the sovereignty and the government is acting to overthrow the rightful governing by the people by acting totally under color of authority.

It is civil because it is against our states, the people, that have not seceded and formed their own land, as the Confederate States did. Because the South had seceded, they were a new land in and of themselves. The North invaded them to force continued compliance to extremely high tariff taxes.

Thus, the "civil" war was actually a war of aggressive invasion by the Northern states (representing the United States of America) against the newly formed land, the Confederate States of America. It was, in every sense of the concept, a military take-over.

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