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State of the Union, January 2, 2010 A.D.

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Assimilation means learning the language, mores, and laws based on morality and righteousness, etc., and exercising the same. Otherwise, the differences destroy the country, as a country (state) is a bunch of people living in a common geographic area with LIKE beliefs, language, mores, and so on.

There are, of course, similarities between cultures but it is the differences that make the diversity of cultures interesting and viable. It is those differences we must preserve in the many different lands, or we become nothing more than the same cogs on the wheel of destruction of mankind. The true diversity of cultures is great for mankind, as we should be proud of our cultures and our differences, and it should remain so, with birds of like feathers flocking together, so to speak, in their own land.

One of the main problems the people of all races face is that the mongrel (they are not pure but mixed) tribe the Khazarian descent so-called Jews that control everything through their International banking cartel seems to push for increased diversity but that is not the case. It is mixing of the races they are interested in, as it destroys the diversity of races, thereby destroying races.

Who are they anyway, the bankers and other false Israelites, to go against Nature's design? Why are they so intent on destroying the white race and American culture? Is it because they are jealous and use culture mixing to divide and conquer every race? After all, they make sure to keep their already mamzer race separate from culture and further race mixing.

Or is it because they know the only impediment against their conquering the world are the predominantly white lands, the people that consistently developed the most powerful and successful countries and societies.

Or, is it because they know mixed breeding usually ends up weakening the races, often causing increased susceptibility to different diseases and physiological problems?

Or, and most likely, is it because of all of the above?

At any rate, the false Israelites and false Judahites that are NOT the "Chosen People" but say they are, are in the process of converting our originally white society and Christian culture to some sort of Satanic society that is not remotely related to the white land and Christian culture America was founded as.

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The result after the application of federal laws written by and/or pushed through Congress by the false ones and then unconstitutionally applied to We the People resulted in our living in a prison State. The strongest lobbying groups, especially the lobbying groups of the false chosen people, have forced us into a land of many cultures battling for the most benefits and/or protections, while doing away with every Christian law that exists.

Thus, by the end of the first decade of the third millennium A.D. America virtually became a God-less society, with so-called "leaders" lacking integrity, positive character, honor, and all other attributes that make people great. We returned essentially to the Dark Ages, a time in the history of mankind that human life and self-willed endeavors meant nothing.

Others may contest this but it is our responsibility that millions of other peoples have been directly slaughtered, maimed, and their families and property destroyed by the US Military, US mercenaries, and US black ops. This does not include indirect deaths and deformities caused by killer chemicals and biological agents that will cause deaths and deformities in the future.

Who benefits? Does anyone actually believe the Iraqi/Afghani slaughter protects our rights? Only a fool would think that. Does killing Iraqis and Afghanis protect our shores? So, what are Americans doing all in these lands killing wantonly, destroying infrastructures, etc?

At any rate, in this year of the Lord, 2010 A.D., we are the leading terrorists of the world. The House of Rothschild's Satanic leadership of the International bankers would be the leading terrorist and, in a sense, it is since it controls the US and State governments, along with creating and controlling the blight of the Middle East.

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We, for the most part, know deep down what country and mongrelized people benefit and make up the cancer devouring human righteousness. Clearly, at least for those that know the facts, it is not Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen, or any other Muslim/Christian/Jewish land. The Satan-worshipping rascals that created the non-Biblical, anti-Christ, anti-righteousness State of Israel have duped us, and their own, for decades (and the rest of the world for centuries).

The fault, Dear People, is ours. We could actually stop the carnage in lives and property virtually overnight but we choose instead to hang on to false beliefs, false world history, illegal application of manmade rules, and NOT GET INVOLVED AS GOVERNMENT WON'T LIKE IT AND WE MIGHT GET IN TROUBLE.

Thus, our future, as it now stands, is a land and world with non-existent human rights, a world in which our people genocide people after people, culture after culture, clearing the path for the House of Rothschild's One World Satanic Government.

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64-year old male Veteran BS Degrees in Biology (46 hours) and Psychology (63 hours, and coursework and research completed for MS in Experimental Psychology (both fields directed to learning). Widely published on the Internet from 2000 through (more...)

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State of the Union, January 2, 2010 A.D.