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State of the Union, January 2, 2010 A.D.

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Enforcers are domestic terrorists, plain and simple. The risk of physical assault by such traitors is quite prevalent when one informs them of our rights and the fact that they are violating rights. Thus, they are the American Gestapo, working diligently to force our compliance to rules that cannot lawfully or legally apply to our people.

For example, our right to travel freely on our highways is a primary source of taxation that is, theft of our property. Traffic rules apply only to privileged commercial activities using our highways for gain, not to we people in our private travels. That is exactly what statutes state but, of course, enforcers, if they know how to read, ignore the statutes and our Law for their own gain and the gain of the government they think they work for. (Look up the meaning of "person", "transport", "passenger", "driver", "operator", and so on in Title 49, United States Code (U.S.C.), the federal rules States made a Driver's License Compact with the feds.)

To continue, the Satanists in charge subjected us to the most prevalent form of entertainment, TV, in order to brainwash us into accepting lies as truth. It is quite possibly the most effective propaganda tool of the elite scumbags. It teaches, for example, that the homegrown government controlled terrorists (any official or quasi official involved in coercing compliance) can use every form of force and deceit during encounters with the people, and, thus, the creation of illegal, unlawful revenues for their de facto "bosses" and themselves.

The only difference between the acts against our people and those in places such as those carried out by Israel against the Palestinians or ours against Afghanis and Iraqis, is that the attacks against us are not yet to the point of sending bombers or unmanned vehicles, or gangs of killers and bulldozers to our homes for the express intent of wiping us out under some bogus pretext.

But, I guarantee you, People, such acts by government are coming. It may not be through individual attacks, such as against people fighting back through Law and commentary, but that, too, is rapidly approaching. In all probability, though, it will be through our water, air, and food, especially food, that they carry out mass killing here, just as was done by the Jewish Bolsheviks after the 1917 overthrow (murder) of the Romanov family and the resulting slaughter of millions of Russian Christians.

Yeah, I know what ignorant people relying on emotion and indoctrinated beliefs that are quite false say conspiracy theory, right-wing nut, dumb SOB, anti-Semite (how false is this term when the most of those using it are NOT even of Semitic origin), etc. In other words, dummied down, emotionally responding people disagree using one or more of the "trigger terms" ingrained in our minds by the controllers of mainstream news and reporting, mindless TV shows, and movies.

Our dummied down, full of fear people have allowed our government to turn us into maddened killers and thieves by our complicity to its acts. There is no cause, except as specified (under attack or an imminent attack), that justifies the genociding of people and their cultures. Yes, for those who do not know, genocide also means destroying a culture.

In the case of attacks on our culture that aid and abet America's greatest enemies our governments and the awful State of Israel's leadership we are aiding and abetting both. We allow local, State, and the federal government to steal and plunder us, and allow the mercenary, standing army amongst us law enforcers to get away with the hundreds of thousands of crimes committed against our people annually to the tune of billions of dollars of lost property.

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The excuse for their domestic terrorism is that "We are just doing our jobs" or some other lame excuse they come up with that does not add up when critically examined. Of course, they often utter such in ignorance, but whether in ignorance or with full knowledge, it prolongs their apparent desire to continue psychopathic behaviors against our people.

Bring up the constitution and statutes that prohibit their actions against our people and it is likely a gang of these miscreants and terrorists will attack you and your family. They take private property through some pretext (such as planting drugs and other objects of a criminal nature, lying, making up laws, etc.), destroy livelihoods, and ruin one's good name through false accusations and never presenting both sides of the story.

Come on, People. Our (allegedly) governments are taking cars, trucks, homes, and any other property they want through all sorts of terrorist activity. Of course, the criminal State, local, and federal governments sanction the crimes committed by enforcers. Thoroughly disgusting, though, is that other dummied down Americans allow it right up to the time it affects them.

Local judges that are not "judges" but "chancery administrative executives" steal from us with every fine based on statutes and ordinances. Most important, though, is that they take freedom from us, or I should say, oppress it, since human rights cannot be taken but can be oppressed through force. But, that is how it is in January 2010 A.D.

How long do we allow it? When will the straw that broke the camel's back come to pass? It will happen, and that, of course, is the intent of what is going on, as government at all levels rape and pillage the American people.

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You see, the traitors in government want to declare martial law, after which they intend on using hundreds of thousands of willing mercenaries against us. The mercenaries (hired killers) have no loyalty except to their paymaster. They are "hired guns", willing to assault and kill any target, whether man, woman, or child. That is, you see, the nature of the beast.

Thus, this army of thugs made up of local, state, and federal enforcers under the control of chartered governments, along with the federal military and federal mercenaries, such as Blackwater or whatever this gang of killers is now calling itself, will "just obey their orders."

Here is the thing, People. No government in the past has ever had a hard time finding people that would fire upon, torture, kill, rape, and mercilessly beat their fellow citizens. Now, if you believe that American enforcers, military, mercenaries, and the like won't, then you had best take a serious look at what has gone on. For recent well-known examples, how about Waco, Ruby Ridge, and New Orleans?

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State of the Union, January 2, 2010 A.D.


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