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Part 2 Greg Palast Interview Transcript: The War Between the Billionaires, And Election Theft

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Headlined to None 11/6/12

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Rob Kall: So if that happens, the euro collapses and the European common market collapses there"

Greg Palast: Yeah, I mean, you have twenty-five percent [25] unemployment in Spain. Maybe that's not enough, but I think that's pretty bad.  So I think that the" and you have about twenty percent unemployment in Greece, and people's incomes have dropped by two-thirds. So, whether the ECB thing was good or not doesn't matter.  I'm talking about a battle between the bankers who wanted that money from the ECB and wanted to save their system, versus the vultures who don't give a crap if the whole thing, if Europe blows up in flames.  We tried that before in '33, it didn't work out too well. So, understand that there's a difference between these guys, and that's the battle that's going on that's in Billionaires and Ballot Bandits.  And therefore, Singer needs to steal this election.  That's why he's lined up thirty-seven hedge fund billionaires. And the banks, remember, here's a good way to think about it.  Goldman Sachs is, as you know, a giant sucker squid, a vampire squid. Vampires need you to stay alive so they can suck your blood, whereas, vultures, and these are vulture investors as they're called, vultures want you to die because they eat your corpse.  So you have your choice.  You have the guys who want to keep you alive to suck your blood, or those who want you to die and eat your carcass.  That's the choice we have on the ballot. And I'm explaining why that choice has led to this massive war over the vote, and the massive steal of the vote by these billionaires.  That's what's going on here.

Rob Kall: You answered my next question, which is they are both evil, how are they different? And now, that answers it. 

Greg Palast: Does that clarify it? (laughs)

Rob Kall: And now, the answer is we don't want sucker squids and we don't want vultures.  How do we move forward to a planet and a human race that doesn't have to deal with this horrible affliction, the vermin of the financial world?

Greg Palast:
How do we get rid of"well, we started out our conversation about my book, Billionaire and Ballot Bandits, by saying we have to get rid of the billionaires.  Now, we're not going to get rid of them in a democracy unless we can show that we have overwhelming voting power.  We do have movements which have succeeded. We don't always lose and the bad guys don't always win.  You know, to get fancy about it, we've had this kind of dialectic struggle, back and forth since, you know, 1660 in the United States.

I mean after all, from the Civil War, the Abolitionist Movement, the Labor Movement, the Environmental Movement, the Women's Movement.  All these things are ultimately forms of class war in America, where wide movements have succeeded.  Now, does that mean, and therefore, is voting the only important thing you can do? I don't think so.  I mean, in fact, if you go to, besides Billionaires and Ballot Bandits, I have a DVD, a film out called Why We Occupy.  And so, it's very important that you understand that there's more to life than voting.  But on the other hand, you brush your teeth.  That doesn't mean that you don't then go to the doctor.  The last thing you want to do in this world, the last thing you want to do, is let Karl Rove and his billionaires, the last thing you want to do is let a vulture like Paul "The Vulture" Singer, John "The Snake" Paulson, "Ice Man" Simmons, who we haven't gotten to...just read the book.  You don't want these vultures to eat your vote, you really don't.  You can't let them do that.  You have to what they're doing, know who they are, and take action to prevent it.  If anyone thinks that that's the end of the story and the end of the struggle, I mean obviously that's nuts.  The revolution will not be digitized.

Rob Kall: Now, let me get back to this getting rid of billionaires.  I mean, I wrote about it over a year and a half ago. Tom Hartman wrote about it recently. You're talking about it and writing about it.  Maybe we can make a movement happen here.  Maybe we can really start getting this some legs in the media. You know, this guy Singer sounds like he's a criminal.  Is he a criminal in any nation?

Greg Palast:   Yes, and that's what I'm saying.  In England, following my broadcast on BBC.  In China, in Germany, and Holland, after my broadcasts, because my broadcasts don't appear hear except on Democracy Now! and Young Turks, but his activities were outlawed. So, he is an outlaw in other nations.  When we talk about Billionaires and Ballot Bandits, these billions were made by what is now considered crimes throughout the world. And Obama just wants to stop it on diplomatic, financial grounds, but it is a crime.  This is a crime-wave of billionaires.

Rob Kall: This makes me think of Wikileaks and Julian Assange, and how the U.S. is trying to get him in the United States, they are trying to get him to go to Sweden first,  and then ultimately they want him in the U.S. Is there a way that the UK or China could actually go after these billionaires, and make them so they literally are wanted men? I'm excited about the idea that you're also into the idea of getting rid of billionaires and it really seems to me that... We need a conference on it!

Greg Palast: I would not recommend (laughs) that Paul Singer land his private jet in Buenos Aires unless he wants to be marched off. Because they do take this stuff seriously in some places in the rest of the world.  Unfortunately, let's not forget"

Rob Kall: I just realized this". So what you're saying is Paul Singer is a wanted criminal in other nations and he is giving money to Romney right now.

Greg Palast: Not just giving money.  You have to understand. He is Romney's key advisor.  He's the guy that told Romney to pick Paul Ryan.  He is as Fortune Magazine says, he is "absolutely the most influential Republican on finance and economic issues, bar none," except that we don't see this in public.

One thing about Billionaires and Ballot Bandits, it's really the first public discussion about "Who are these billionaires behind Romney?" I've been tracking the Koch brothers since 1995 and no one was paying attention. Now people have gotten aware of Koch.  They're important, they are, they also have their own four chapters in Billionaires and Ballot Bandits. But there's also all these other characters that other people haven't heard of who are actually even more influential, like Singer, who are (if you can imagine) even more vicious.  And that's what we have to do.  Like I say, a lot of these guys are international outlaws, but not here, and one of the reasons they need the White House, is because they're afraid that they're going to be shut down, because they've overreached, and now gone after, what four years ago were their allies in the banking system, and that's what the problem is.  I hear the bells chiming, which means if I don't get out of here I'm going to be in hot water.

Rob Kall: One last question, you talked about how Argentina has been characterized as a terrorist nation, when really it's one of the most hopeful nations we've seen.  Just the other day, just last week, MEK, the group that was characterized as terrorists from Iran, was taken off the terrorist list.  Do you have anything to say about that?

Greg Palast:   Yeah, well two things.  Number one, Argentina's not considered a terrorist state by our government.  What they're afraid of is if that if the current government collapses, even though they don't love the current government (the Obama Administration) they're afraid that it will be taken over by terrorists, because if you have a total collapse of Argentina, what Obama and the banks are worried about, especially the banks, Clinton, Obama, and the banks are worried that if you have a collapse of Argentina, that they will obviously stop getting their money; that's number one, their first concern.  The second concern is what Loretta Napoleoni calls a "Failed State." Once you have a failed state, you have an opening for maniacs to move in.  The main thing is that the bankers want their money, of course.  So, right now, Argentina is in good favor with the banks because Argentina is paying them loads.  People don't recognize it's a very successful place.  I agree with you. If the United States imitated the leadership on economic issues we saw with Argentina and President Nestor, the United States would now be having four percent [4%] unemployment and eight percent [8%]a year growth.  And I agree with you, we want to tango here, but we we're not going to tango if the guys who are trying to destroy Argentina take over our government, and that would make things even worse.  Now, I've get going, but I would like to say this has been one of the more deeper, more substantive conversations I've had since we issued the book, which is now on the New York Times Best Seller list.

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