The No Billionaires, De-Billionairize the Planet Crusade

Billionaires are freaks, economic mutants that are extremely dangerous to democracy and the middle class.  Some of us feel it is time to make it illegal and impossible to be a billionaire. 

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# Type Date Content
1 Article 05/18/2015 Mega-Psycho; When The Most Successful, Smartest Psychopaths Go Bigger-- Think Pyramids  (View Stats) 32 
2 Article 04/09/2015 Bad Billionaires-- The Most Dangerous Predators On The Planet  (View Stats) 28 
3 Article 04/06/2015 Answers and Thoughts on Wealth Re-distribution and Distribution  (View Stats) 61 
4 Article 04/03/2015 A Weird, Crazy Idea: Make Extreme Wealth an International Crime  (View Stats) 133 
5 Article 03/06/2015 Facilitating a Disruptive Emergence To Replace the Existing Elite System Running the Planet  (View Stats) 34 
6 Article 12/25/2014 Billionaire Sentenced to Five Years in Prison  (View Stats) 22 
7 Article 06/26/2014 Lawrence Wilkerson Intvw Transcript 3:  (View Stats) 2 
8 Article 04/26/2014 Oligarchs, Billionaires, Uber Wealthy are Killing Capitalism-- They Are Dangerous  (View Stats) 61 
9 Article 04/22/2014 The Class War's Front Line Should be Eliminating Billionaires From the Planet  (View Stats) 29 
10 Article 03/05/2014 One Step to De-Billionairize America-- Prevent Inheritance of Billions  (View Stats) 19 
11 Article 02/13/2014 Chomsky on Billionaires, Wealth Inequality and How Aristotle and Madison Dealt With Them  (View Stats) 49 
12 Podcast 02/12/2014 Noam Chomsky; On Hopeful News, Billionaires and Psychopaths  (View Stats) 7 
13 Article 02/09/2014 Monuments Men, Gestapo Generals and Billionaires  (View Stats) 63 
14 Article 01/25/2014 Needed: A Science, Economics and Lifestyle of SMALL-- It's Time to Face Reality-- Too BIG is Too Dangerous--  (View Stats) 83 
15 Article 01/23/2014 Treating Extreme Wealth As a Disease  (View Stats) 43 
16 Article 11/25/2013 Dynasties Are Un-American. Get Rid of Them  (View Stats) 37 
17 Article 10/26/2013 Billionaires Are Dangerous to Humanity, Dangerous to the Earth  (View Stats) 240 
18 Article 03/12/2013 If I Were A Right Wing Billionaire  (View Stats) 31 
19 Article 01/05/2013 Building the No Billionaires/ Debillionairize Campaign  (View Stats) 33 
20 Article 01/03/2013 Crazy For Change-- Debillionairizing America, Eliminating Dynasties  (View Stats) 70 
21 Article 11/06/2012 Part 2 Greg Palast Interview Transcript: The War Between the Billionaires, And Election Theft  (View Stats)
22 Article 11/06/2012 Right Repudiated; Romney, Aiken, Allen, Billionaires, Mourdock, McMahon, Walsh Defeated  (View Stats) 43 
23 Article 11/05/2012 Interview Transcript: Greg Palast: The War Between the Billionaires, And Election Theft  (View Stats) 9 
24 Article 10/03/2012 Calling Out and Challenging Evil... While We Still Can  (View Stats) 48 
25 Podcast 10/01/2012 Greg Palast: The War Between the Billionaires  (View Stats) 11 
26 Article 09/17/2012 Contemplating Reparations and Punishments After We Win The Class War  (View Stats) 49 
27 Article 04/10/2012 A Little Hope, A Lot of Doubt and the .001%-- the REAL Enemy  (View Stats) 30 
28 Poll 03/20/2012 Should We De-Billionairize America  (View Stats) 52 
29 Article 05/13/2011 What If I Had a Billion Dollars... and What If You Did?  (View Stats) 28 
30 Poll 05/11/2011 Time for De-Billionairization?  (View Stats) 101 
31 Article 05/05/2011 "De-billionairize" the Planet  (View Stats) 75 
32 Article 11/29/2010 End Dynasty Welfare. Start the "Dynasty Tax"  (View Stats) 19