Nicolai Petro: Russian Politics

Russia is a normal European country, by which I mean it is an imperfect democracy. It shares this essential quality--imperfection--with every other democratic state.

I disagree with those who say Russia is sui generis, and therefore set apart from other European countries. I find nothing in Russia's cultural and religious heritage that disadvantages its democratic development compared to other European countries. Indeed, I argue throughout these essays that European democracy would be greatly enriched by incorporating Russia.

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1 Article 01/17/2014 Russian NGO Laws Reinforce Western Practices
2 Article 01/17/2014 Fighting Corruption -- New Russian Initiatives 1 
3 Article 09/27/2013 URI Professor meets with Vladimir Putin, other world leaders
4 Article 12/17/2011 From Arab Spring to Russian Winter?
5 Article 08/10/2010 Why FSB is not the KGB! 1 
6 Article 03/10/2008 Russian Elections – Affirming Democracy or Confirming Autocracy? 1 
7 Article 02/29/2008 Seizing the Medvedev Moment 1 
8 Article 01/25/2008 Letter from Russia
9 Article 12/06/2007 Understanding Russia's Elections 1 
10 Article 09/17/2007 Russia at the crossroads 3 
11 Article 06/29/2007 Surkov's Vision for Russia 1