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July 6, 2012

Occupy Guitarmy Marches from Philly to Wall Street

By Rob Kall

Last night, I connected with the Occupy Guitarmy-- a group of about 70 people who attended the Occupy National Gathering who are walking in 95-100 degree temperatures, from Philly to Wall Street. I connected with them at Snipes Farm Co-op in Morrisville PA.


Guitarmy Walking through Bucks County, on State Rd, in Bensalem PA, Friday Morning

Last night, I connected with the Occupy Wall Street Guitarmy-- a group of about 70 people who attended the Occupy National Gathering who are walking in 95-100 degree temperatures, from Philly to Wall Street. I connected with them at Snipes Farm Co-op in Morrisville PA. When I arrived, at close to 10 PM they were just getting fed dinner-- much of it food provided by the Snipes Co-op. But Mary, a retired nurse from Olympia WA, was very concerned they weren't getting all the electrolytes and carbs they needed to continue the arduous journey in the sweltering heat. 

I volunteered to take her to a local grocery store. At first, we thought we'd have to drive at least five miles to find a grocery.  Fortunately, the Yelp app on my iPhone found one about a mile and a half away. We ran over there and picked up over $250 worth of food. I kicked in $50 and Mary put up the balance, hoping donors would come up with donations to refund her. We bought a banana and apple and carrot for every marcher, gallons of OJ and apple juice for hydration and carbs, about 15 pounds of oatmeal,  bug spray, calamine, sun lotion and epsom salts for soaking feet-- you get the idea. 

Mary with a huge cart of food and supplies

When we returned, there was a roaring fire and Guitarmy occupiers were playing guitar, singing and dancing. 

Jessica sang and danced and played guitar

People played guitar, sang, talked, texted-- around a blazing fire at Snipes Farm

I stayed for a few hours, playing some licks on the guitar, singing a little, but mostly listening to them sing and tell their stories. 

As I write this, the guitar my is already under way, starting the walk today at 7:30 AM.

Hashtags being used for the march include:
#mm99 #guitarmy #natgat

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