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January 24, 2012

FLAME-- A PR Org for Israel-- Advocates Murdering Scientists

By Rob Kall

FLAME, (Facts and Logic About the Middle East,) a rabidly right wing, organization which generates Pro-Israel, anti-palestinian, anti-Iran, anti American Left propaganda, has stooped to a new low. It has sent out an email titled, " Killing Iranian Nuclear Scientists May Be the Best Hope for Stopping the Mullahs."


In a new mass email, FLAME, (Facts and Logic About the Middle East,) a rabidly right wing, organization  which generates Pro-Israel, anti-palestinian, anti-Iran, anti American Left propaganda, has stooped to a new low. It has sent out an email and published an article titled, " Killing Iranian Nuclear Scientists May Be the Best Hope for Stopping the Mullahs.

The article states, 
" While the U.S. has no qualms about assasinating al Qaeda operatives in Pakistan using drones, for some reason it draws a line at killing those working on putting nuclear weapons in the hands of fanatical Islamist mullahs who have vowed to  turn Israel into a radioactive parking lot ."

" As is its habit, Israel made no claims or denials about the targeted killing.

Of course, some on the left, like Salon's Glenn Greenwald, have gone so far as to label such targeted killings terrorism. This, of course, is some kind of perverse political correctness gone out of orbit.

Iran is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism---starting with its support of Hizbollah, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Its president has threatened to wipe Israel off the map. And according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, since 2003 "Iran has carried out activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device." It is the Iranian scientists who assist this effort who are the criminals, and since the stakes are existential---life and death---it would seem eminently justifiable to target those scientists.

This week's FLAME Hotline makes the argument that such covert campaigns arethe best and only way to stop Iran from proceeding with its murderous nuclear plans. Certainly covert obstacles such as the Stuxnet virus and killings of key nuclear scientists give added power to a) diplomatic and sanction efforts of the U.S. and Western Europe and b) to the threat of military retaliation by Israel or the U.S."

What's next, putting bullseyes on Scientists? 
flickr image  By Idaho National Laboratory

Let's be clear. This is not the thinking of most American Jews. This is the thinking of the most extreme Zionists. It is very difficult, well, impossible, not to characterize this thinking is pathological. What kind of person would justify killing scientists? This is a slippery slope that reminds me of another culture that begin selectively killing off people. 

Talk like this is usually accompanied by reflex accusations of anti-Semitism against any critics. The truth is this deranged thinking is the CAUSE for anti-Semitism. 

We now know, from an article by Mark Perry, in Foreign Policy, that Israel has engaged in false flag operations to engage in terrorism using terrorist organizations. (I'll join Glenn Greenwald AND others, in using that labeling,) attempting to make the work of Mossad look like the work of the USA. This is outrageous, an almost warlike action that is incredibly damaging to US soft power diplomatic assets. Here's a short excerpt from the article

Israeli Mossad officers recruited operatives belonging to the terrorist group Jundallah by passing themselves off as American agents. According to two U.S. intelligence officials, the Israelis, flush with American dollars and toting U.S. passports, posed as CIA officers in recruiting Jundallah operatives -- what is commonly referred to as a "false flag" operation.

When Israel covertly acts like it did, recruiting terrorists while masquerading as CIA agents, or putting a magnetic bomb on a motorcycle, making it look like the US did the deed, it is reasonable to consider that operation an violent act against the USA's interests, image and integrity. 

The FLAME organization, in supporting murders of scientists is not only psychopathic and morally despicable, it is engaging in advocacy for what could be traitorous. 

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