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March 1, 2006

Building a grassroots impeachment movement

By Robert Clapsadle and Carol Wolman

Our job is not to lobby the politicians, it is to lobby the people.


First of all, we have to realize that this impeachment movement is brand new. There has never been anything quite like it in the history of the US.

We need to build it slowly and gradually. This movement is a young and fragile plant that must be protected and nurtured. Impeachers must consistently encourage and support one another.

First of all, we have to continuously educate people, and not assume that they know what we know. Even people who come to meetings may not understand what impeachment is, how it works, why Bush and Cheney must be impeached, and why this must be done by "we the people". We who have been active for a while understand that Congress will not act on its own, but most people still assume that Congress will provide leadership for impeachment.

We have to explain to them that Congress is working for corporations, just like Bush and Cheney, and not for the people. They will only impeach if there is a huge groundswell.

Our job is not to lobby the politicians, it is to lobby the people. They have to become outraged, and the mainstream media will not give them information that will get them outraged. That is our job. We have to provide information, and not only by way of the internet, because most people do not spend hours reading alternative news sources.

We need the right tools. We need websites, yes, but also lots of flyers and posters. Groups like ANSWER and Not in our Name rally thousands of people with visually exciting material, displayed in many locations. We should do the same.

People need to wear impeachment- on their T-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons. People like to buy stuff. We need signs for windows, DVD's to send out, photo-ops like city council resolutions with big placards for local TV. Lots of businesses will donate services and materials for this cause.

The American people are disgusted with Bush and Cheney, and want them gone. Our job is to arouse them, and provide tasks, jobs, for people to get involved with, so that their commitment will be greater. We can do it! Let's get going!

Submitter: carol wolman, MD

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Carol S. Wolman, MD is a psychiatrist in Northern California. A lifelong peace activist, she is helping to distribute a Peace Plan for the Holy Land- email her for a copy. She also a film producer with Paradise Cove Productions, currently producing HOTEL REFINEMENT- a feature film noir with a subtheme about torture, Guantanamo, and killing Arabs.