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Remember Why We Really Lost In Â’04?

Remember Why We Really Lost In Â'04?

By Allen Snyder

May 30, 2005


According to the conservative-controlled corporate media machine and assorted annoying right wing-nut flacks and flunkies, it was committed hoards of evangelical Christians flocking from their pews that tipped the scales in favor of the regressive regime we now know as BushCo. The exit polls were skewed, they say, because nothing could have predicted so many would be so taken by BushCoÂ's Christian purity and moral uprightness (read: the fact regressives despise gays, blacks, browns, women, the poor, government programs, and progress while loving God, guns, and war) that theyÂ'd swarm to the polls believing the Rapture was in sight.

If true, then BushCo pulled off yet another brilliant bait-and-switch scam on their most ardent supporters, making them think their radical social agenda (turning the clock back to no later than the 14th or 15th Century) would be enthusiastically enacted when, in fact, BushCo has dropped the whole crowdÂ's crazier domestic plans like a hot rock, while tossing them an evolutionary fossil or two. BushCo used the fundies politically because theyÂ're so easy to manipulate (theyÂ'll believe practically anything) and so eager to please. It was a match made somewhere just south of heaven.

The fundamentalistsÂ' media-nourished delusions have resurrected several Â'family valuesÂ'-type creeps ubiquitously waxing psychotic about the imminent demise of Western/Christian civilization and the need to pack Federal courts with right-wing, stone-tablet-hugging, abortion-hating, evolution-despising, corporation-loving ideologues.

Lost in the thick methane fog emanating from this giant pile of Fox-ified horseshit is the first victim in all such conflicts Â- the truth.

LetÂ's get this straight. BushCo didnÂ't win Â'cause of the so-called Â'valuesÂ' voters (a misnomer if ever there was one), or the fundie evangelical Christian whacko turnout (donÂ't you wish they all wore big neon signs?), or inaccurate exit polls (they were dead on as usual).

They won Â'cause they f*cking cheated.

And they cheated not just once or twice, but systematically, repeatedly, and audaciously. The signs were there, still are, but thanks to our useless Â'free pressÂ', we arenÂ't told. Instead of even feigning outrage at the gross statistical disparities in exit polls and the flood of reports alleging voting irregularities, disenfranchisements, and assorted frauds in not just Ohio, but elsewhere (including Florida Â- surprise!), they went ape-sh*t over the election fraud in the Ukraine. HowÂ's that for priorities?

There was nary a mention that OhioÂ's anomalies were infinitely more suspicious than UkraineÂ's, but what incentive do the media whores have to investigate stories in their own backyards when they got the outcome their CEOs and corporate boards bought and paid for? BushCo is, after all, nothing if not the mother of all corporate Sugar Daddies. Besides, when reporters who ask too-sensitive questions or tell too-sensitive stories are forced to don a Dunce Cap, face the corner in journalistic time-out, and threatened to Â'Take that back!Â', theyÂ're not exactly lining up to challenge BushCo parade of lies, deceptions, and distortions.

MSNBCÂ's Keith Olberman tried mightily, featuring OhioÂ's fraudulent results and their Secretary of StateÂ's near-criminal behavior on a few of his shows, but he was either ignored by the corporate-controlled cowards or dismissed as a member of the tin-foil-hat-wearing brigade of conspiracy leftists screeching in the blogosphere.

After repeatedly force feeding mentally malleable Americans the Administration line, itÂ's no wonder a population who thinks evolution is hooey and the world will come to an end in their lifetime can be made to believe whatever the White House spin-goons want them to.

So the regressivesÂ' drumbeat of lies and revisionism is echoed by their sycophantic media outlets; including the major networks and the big cable stations (is anyone still laboring under the illusion of a liberal media?), appropriately OÂ'Reilly-ed, till CAT scans reveal the sanctioned talking points tattooed on the brains of the susceptible, polls routinely Â'indicateÂ' evangelicals Â'sweptÂ' BushCo back into office, and leftistsÂ' eyes eventually roll back in their heads and theyÂ're rendered speechless and damn-near comatose (a person can only take so much).

This is journalistic and political chicanery of the highest order Â- donÂ't be fooled by it for a minute. As Orwell noted in Â'1984Â', the most insidious and dangerous thing Big Brother did was erase the past. Our forgetting the truth about 2004 only favors that end.


Allen Snyder can be reached at asnyder111@bellsouth.net . This article is copyright by Allen Snyder and originally published by opednews.com but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media so long as this credit is attached


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