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June 2012

Saturday, June 30:

Alabama's Migrant Workers - The Colbert Report

Transitioning Out of Powerlessness Into Revitalization (1 comments)

Friday, June 29:

"If you don't know how to fix it stop breaking it." (7 comments)

Forensic Journalist Russ Baker on Edwards, What's Wrong with the Press & More (3 comments)

Emerging Archetypal Themes: The 60s, Peaceful Revolution & the Beatles (6 comments)

What just happened? (1 comments)

Device May Enable People Unable to Speak Actually Communicate (1 comments)

The Matrix of Four steps to raising consciousness; Abridged. (1 comments)

earth note 191

Thursday, June 28:

Archaeologists Unearth 2012 Monument with 'End Date' of Dec. 21, 2012

VIDEO PREMIERE: Arizona, We Are All "Illegals"! (1 comments)

Wednesday, June 27:

Sweet Memories (5 comments)

Book Review: Why You've Never Met A Man Named Shirley (8 comments)

Gary Lindorff: Drones of Love

The Wrath of Cons - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Free - Dumb

A Baby Whale, A Tortoise Cat, and a Cruel Horse Round-up

Tuesday, June 26:

Evanston Entrepreneur To Host Event on Sex Trafficking July 1st (2 comments)

Severe Reactions Higher than Thought in Children with Food Allergies

The Sorkinization of the Media: Will It Be Good for the News?

Glass Walls (4 comments)

Monday, June 25:

What Your Dog Says About Your Sex Life (1 comments)

Uranus and Pluto 2012: Mid-'60s come of age, demand "report card" (1 comments)

Saturday, June 23:

Last Days (5 comments)

The Happy Planet Index: Measuring what matters (1 comments)

Nature Fights Back: bugs devour GM Monsanto corn with a vengeance (11 comments)

cass lake

A Brief Rumination on Horses. (4 comments)

Stagnating Life Expectancies in United States (1 comments)

Friday, June 22:

Fearfulness is the Symptom -- Taking Action is the Cure (1 comments)

Hecklegate eclipses Hackgate

Thursday, June 21:

Elderly school bus monitor is mercilessly bullied by pupils

Top 9 Health Care Systems in the World | Care And Cost

City of Tulsa, OK, destroys woman's edible landscaping containing over 100 varieties of medicinal plants (10 comments)

Wednesday, June 20:

And ThenThere Was One (3 comments)

Bridging Heaven - A beautiful video celebrating Oneness...

*Pacific Tuna Contaminated With Cesium - How and Why by Conrad Miller M.D. (10 comments)

Tuesday, June 19:

Vehicles for Change: Unload that Clunker and Do Good! (5 comments)

Sun into Cancer: Time to Feel, and Time to Change (5 comments)

Keep Your Friends Close: Seven Fairly Old Sam Francis Paintings

Monday, June 18:

Bridging Heaven & Earth Art Project

Sunday, June 17:

Holmes: Hacking the vote

Graduated Driving Laws Reduce Teen Drunk Driving

Subversive Thrills (1 comments)

*Anthony de Mello's Spirituality for Our Troubled Times (12 comments)

Saturday, June 16:

Happy Father's Day! and the Justice Department's War On Families (20 comments)

*Anthony de Mello's Challenging Spirituality (BOOK REVIEW) (1 comments)

The Art Of The Snack, One Illustration At A Time

For New Yorkers: a Compelling and Intimate Theater Experience (1 comments)

Friday, June 15:

The Cosmic Story: Let the Peaceful Revolution Begin! Gemini New Moon, June 19,2012 (5 comments)

Encore from George Carlin

Teach Your Children Well (2 comments)

Homeless vs. claustrophobia?

Uranium Dating: Europe's Oldest Cave Art

A Return to Sanity and the Holographic Universe (3 comments)

Thursday, June 14:

How not to be black: identity in 2012 (2 comments)

Jerry Cope: The Climate Changed World of 2312 With Kim Stanley Robinson

Religion - "Whatever Floats Your (Symbolic) Boat?"

RVing for a Cause: An Alternative Vacation at Best Friends (2 comments)

Wednesday, June 13:

*Geoism explained on Public Access TV (1 comments)

Are You Passing Your Pounds to Your Children?

Educating for Democracy: Awakening From the American Dream

Islamic law: Playing God in the here and now (3 comments)

Tuesday, June 12:

Siri, Say It Ain't So (3 comments)

*Restraint In The Paint, We Do Have Limits On This GMO'ed Earth As The Fukushima Rivers Forever Radioactively Flow Into (17 comments)

Quitting Smoking Reduces Mortality, Even in Older Patients (2 comments)

A Letter in Song Titles (3 comments)

Monday, June 11:

Schooling, teaching, talking, and being. (1 comments)

It's All About Enduring Love (10 comments)

- -: In Defense of Best Coast

A Heroic Chaplain of the Korean War (1 comments)

Sunday, June 10:

The Final Installment of my Review of "The John Carlos Story" May Be Beyond My Capabilities.

Keep Your Enemies Closer: Six Fairly Recent Damien Hirsts. (1 comments)

The Return of the Goddess as Lady Wisdom (4 comments)

Saturday, June 9:

"Women to Go-Chicago" Event Spotlights Sex Trafficking, Not Take-Out (5 comments)

Friday, June 8:

Anchors Aweigh: OpSail, Swing, and the War of 1812 Bicentennial (3 comments)

The Hemingway Syndrome (2 comments)

stop looking back and stop looking forward (1 comments)

Thursday, June 7:

Dissecting the News Dissector: "Blogothon: Reflections and Revelations from the News Dissector "

Dear Principals: Please Stop Poisoning Our Kids! (2 comments)

Wednesday, June 6:

An alien lands in MA at the MBTA hearings (1 comments)

Tuesday, June 5:

What domesticating does to us and how to get our from under (4 comments)

Gary Lindorff: From the Land of No-Poetry

This is not a Nostalgia Column (8 comments)

Monday, June 4:

Part One: Making it Up as We Go Along: Religion in Human Evolution (8 comments)

earth note 188

The Great Awakening (1 comments)

Are you a Terraist? (2 comments)

Someone Else's Weed-Killers Are Killing My Tomato Plants (1 comments)

Saturday, June 2:

Nine-Year-Old Stands Up to Westboro Baptist Church with One-Boy Counter-Protest

Friday, June 1:

The Cosmic Story: Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, June 4, 2012 (5 comments)

earth note 126

American Journalism = "Dead man walking"?

More CAFO Suffering (1 comments)

Nathan Runkle: Breaking New MFA Investigation leads to 21 Animal Cruelty Charges (1 comments)


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