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November 2011

Wednesday, November 30:

BFP Exclusive: Revisiting My Silence on WikiLeaks - Sibel Edmonds

Eugene Robinson: The wrong way to talk about China

Mark Morford: 21 festive uses for pepper spray

Setting the Trap | Justin Raimondo on the death of Posse Comitatus with today's Senate vote

Maureen Dowd: My Man Newt (1 comments)

Exposing the One Percent: Freeport McMoRan Exploits Workers and the Environment

Emergency Labor Network--Demise of the Super Committee--Major Struggles Lie Ahead

Tuesday, November 29:

22 Reasons Why We Could See An Economic Collapse In Europe In 2012

That Bank Bailout Was Way Bigger Than Anyone Thought

Rand Paul Confronts Geithner Over Fed Monetary Price Fixing - Daily Bell

Norway killer found insane, unfit for prison (1 comments)

Targeting Security Agencies over Memogate Scandal - Shaukat

Monday, November 28:

RePost: Letter From A Liberal To A Young Marine (That 53% Guy)

Grover Norquist: a misleading accounting of recent history

The Branding of the Occupy Movement

Sheila Dean: S.1867 - A bill to permit US military to indefinitely detain American citizens without cause (1 comments)

In The Nation's Capital, Underground is Where It's At

E.J. Dionne Jr. -- Divided moderates will be conquered

Those Who Would Censor And Control The Internet (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: Things to Tax

Sunday, November 27:

Pepper Spray Nation

The Occupy Movement's Woman Problem - Atlantic (2 comments)

The Ongoing Saga of Arianna Huffington

Saturday, November 26:

Nicholas D. Kristof: President as PiƱata

Wow: Even David Frum Agrees that Republicans Have Lost It

John Kenney: "We Are the One Per Cent" (1 comments)

Q&A Mike Ruppert responds to questions from #Occupy London Stock Exchange

Newt Gingrich's History Gap

Why I'm Joining the One Percent (1 comments)

Friday, November 25:

Berkeley Faculty: No Confidence in Chancellor Over Campus Police Violence (1 comments)

Government debt explained (in a few minutes) - YouTube (2 comments)

Can Moral Nations Abandon Palestine? (5 comments)

Paul Krugman: We Are the 99.9%

We Are the 99.9% paul krugman (1 comments)

How Occupy is Transforming Our National Conversation

Thursday, November 24:

Does BJP Rule over India? - Shaukat

Who Are The 1%? Vote on it now - Brave New Foundation

Politics Stops at the Water's Edge (1 comments)

Former US Senator Condemns Israel's Lies about Iran - FARS (2 comments)

Occupy Homes: Will Taking the Fight to Foreclosed Houses Unleash More Police Violence? - Ganeva

Whistleblowers ignored, punished (2 comments)

Help Bill O'Reilly of Fox Find a Solar Installer : Greentech Media

Joe Conason: Unacceptable In Today's GOP? Realism And Compassion (1 comments)

Guest Post: As The World Crumbles: The ECB Spins, FED Smirks, And US Banks Pillage | ZeroHedge

Propagandized America, by Margaret Kimberley of Black Agenda Report

Sheila Dean: US State Department not for internet freedom

The GOP's Oath To The One Percent

Wednesday, November 23:

China bubble a global concern - Nolt

No Haitian Army Anytime Soon. How About a Militia?

David Corn: The Supercommittee Fails--and That's Good for Obama

Tuesday, November 22:

The Other Kennedy Conspiracy

Frank Rich: How Obama's Presidency Mirrors JFK's (1 comments)

Eugene Robinson: Republican Obstinacy Doomed the Supercommittee

How Protesters Become Terrorists

For corporate welfare queens and their crystal baths, there is no benefit cap - By Monbiot

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads by Jason Linkins-- On the Huffington Post blog

If One Could Extrapolate to One NGO Per Haitian"| Dady Chery, Haiti Chery

Open Channel - Lobbying firm\\\'s memo spells out plan to undermine Occupy Wall Street (1 comments)

Monday, November 21:

Here's the Risk: "Occupy" ends up doing the bidding of the global elite - Heningsen (5 comments)

Elizabeth Warren: Obama's Natural Heir?

The Grid: A Digital Frontier - pr0f

Egyptian Military Points to American Police Brutality in Justifying Murder of Tahrir Square Protesters

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: About Pepper Spray

Anonymous Calls on Bloomberg to Resign - wamm

Hostility To Knowledge Has No Place In Modern World (1 comments)

Sunday, November 20:

Paul Krugman: Boring, Cruel Euro Romantics

Euro Debt Crisis - Radio New Zealand (1 comments)

Pak-Indian Real Issues Still Unsettled - Shaukat

Occupy the Agenda (3 comments)

A Homeless Blogger in NYC: Homeless 101.7: Internet, Hot Food, Freedom - Three Things a Homeless Person Can't Have - Asi

Heart Warming Indeed! by Tink on Open Salon (3 comments)

It's not just our leaders who are in a crisis. Democracy itself is failing | Peter Beaumont

Richard Branson: How business as usual helped cause our economic problems (1 comments)

Saturday, November 19:

Former Philadelphia Police Captain Joins Occupy Protesters, Gets Arrested | Common Dreams (1 comments)

Gail Collins: Republican Financial Plans

In Pursuit of Petroleum Pigs: Excerpt from Greg Palast Book

SOS! We Are The Future of Occupy (1 comments)

Friday, November 18:

Seymour Hersh: Iran and the IAEA (1 comments)

Occupy: Out of Zuccotti Park and into the streets

Gingrich The 'Historian' Skips Over His Own Past

Special Solari Report: The Student Loan Scam - Betts & Fitts

David Corn: Gingrich's Health Care Group Supports a Mandate

You Cannot Evict An Idea

Matt Taibbi: Woman Gets Jail For Food-Stamp Fraud; Wall Street Fraudsters Get Bailouts

Trade Unions Give Occupy Philly An Offer They Can't Refuse

Did GW Kill the Super(idiot)committee?

Paul Krugman: Failure is Good

Thursday, November 17:

As The Cookie Crumbles: Matter of Degree

No Room for Smugness on Iran

Michael Tomasky: Supercommittee Shows GOP Is Taking Hostages Again

E.J. Dionne Jr -- How We Can Succeed Through Supercommittee's "Failure"

Joe Conason: New "Mature" Newt Is Just Same Old Gingrich

Documenting the Dismantling of Democracy in Wisconsin

Favela Rocinha Occupation by Haiti-Trained Troops | By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery

Government and Big Business: The False Dichotomy

Wednesday, November 16:

Indo-US New Tactical Move - Shaukat

Daily Show Takes On Jerry Sandusky Phone Interview w/ Bob Costas

Super Committee, Super Lie

Richard Trumka: The Lessons of Ohio

Olbermann MUST SEE: Why Occupy Wall Street needs Michael Bloomberg [VIDEO]

Mayors and Cops Traded Strategies for Dealing With Occupy Protesters

The Penn State Scandal and Sports in America (1 comments)

'Tis the Season: Grinch THIS, Corporate America!

Tuesday, November 15:

The Supercommittee Has Plenty To Say -- If We Can Understand What They're Talking About

Best Satire of Faux Austrian Economics Ever

Eve Ensler: Over It

Was Israel Behind a Deadly Explosion at an Iranian Missile Base? - Vick

Monday, November 14:

Facing Reality Black Flags in Benghazi - Faddis (5 comments)

Joe Conason: Mindless -- but Always Talking Loud

Health Care Law Litigation (1 comments)

Colin Powell: Occupy movement "is as American as apple pie' - Edwards

E.J. Dionne Jr. -- Conservatives' Mindless Opposition

James Madison's Warning: The Enemies to Public Liberty (4 comments)

Sunday, November 13:

Paul Krugman: Vouchers for Veterans, and Other Bad Ideas

Iran's Nukes: Old Lies In New Bottles

The New Progressive Movement (2 comments)

Fourth Amendment rights considered by Supreme Court (1 comments)

Shock Strategy: Austerity wave hits nursing homes - Allan (1 comments)

CIA Returns to Campus and Resistance Begins Again - Zwerling

Sheila Dean: Google & NSTIC Leading the March to Digital Totalitarianism?

Saturday, November 12:

David Corn: Behind Newt's Tiffany's Tab, the Bachmann Revolt, and the Steak That Drove Huckabee Out of the Race

New Government Mascot

Like Being Monitored? The Fed Watches Every Prescription Medication You Take! Your State May Watch You, Too!

Friday, November 11:

Matt Taibbi: Finally, a Judge Stands up to Wall Street

Newt Gingrich's war on Republican debate moderators

Kevin Drum: Corporations Hate Regulation, Until They Love It

Stand With Veterans -- The Worthy 1 Percent

Eugene Robinson: In GOP debate, Nonsense Ruled the Stage

Time To Revisit the Case of George W. Bush? (2 comments)

Thursday, November 10:

Haiti Has Lowest Inmate Per Capita in Caribbean and 70% Await Trial | Haiti Chery

7 Billion Beautiful People

Criminal Justice Petition: NIDA and DEA: Stop Blocking Medical Marijuana Research for Treating Veterans with PTSD | Chan (1 comments)

Why Do the US Media Believe the Worst About Iran?

Rove-Founded Group Again Blanketing Airwaves With Falsehoods, Distortions, and Sleaze

E.J. Dionne Jr -- The Right Took a Beating on Election Day 2011

What To Do When They "Let" Us Win Elections

Wednesday, November 9:

Empire Building

Call-Out for Solidarity with Egypt: Defend the Revolution

Clinton Recants Part of New Book

MF Global Ad: "We Have Convictions' - ProPublica

Arianna Huffington: "Right-to-Rent": A Simple, Sensible Idea That Dysfunctional Washington Is More Than Happy to Let Die (1 comments)

Mordechai Vanunu deserves freedom from Israel by Duncan Campbell (1 comments)

What Jack Abramoff Forgot To Tell '60 Minutes': The Norquist, Santorum Connection!

Tuesday, November 8:

Matt Taibbi : Why Mitt Romney's Entitlement-Privatization Plan Is Crazy

Monday, November 7:

Joe Conason: Bloomberg Vs. Occupy Wall Street

Here Comes Solar Energy

Election 2012's Great Religious Divide

NYT Editorial: The Next Fight Over Jobs

Paul Krugman: Here Comes The Sun (1 comments)

Obama's Reefer Madness (1 comments)

Sunday, November 6:

Anti-Union Law Divides John Boehner's Gop District

We Are The 99 Percent

Complexities Of Peace Deals With The Militants - Shaukat

Why We Need "Negropedia" (1 comments)

#OWS: The Brand Leaders Cannot Afford To Ignore - Mason

Why Many Christians Don't Occupy

File 'not Found' - Reason Magazine - #foia

Oligarchy, American Style - Paul Krugman

Saturday, November 5:

Dylan Ratigan: Bought Justice And The Supreme Court

Friday, November 4:

David Corn: Chris Matthews On Jfk And Nuclear Pistols

Smearing Social Security (1 comments)

Romney Economic Plan: Of The 1%, By The 1%, For The 1%

Matt Taibbi: Mike Bloomberg's Marie Antoinette Moment

Death From Above: The Other Side Of The Drone Wars

America's Itch To Brawl Now Has A New Target -- But Bombs Can't Conquer Iran (2 comments)

Is Romney Really The Gop's Choice? (1 comments)

Finkelstein On Goldstone

The Senate Puts Millionaires Before Jobs

Paul Krugman: Oligarchy, American Style

Thursday, November 3:

Pat Buchanan's Worst MSNBC Moments

Why The Republican Presidential Field Is A Mess (4 comments)

50 Ways To Leave Your Banker (4 comments)

When The US Government Decided I Was A Terrorist And Citibank Helped

The Answer To Economic And Soiety Meltdown (1 comments)

Wednesday, November 2:

Satire: Remains Of Ancient Race Of Job Creators Found In Rust Belt

"occupy Wall Street: No Demand Is Big Enough"

Shift In Us South Asian Policy - Shaukat (1 comments)

Tuesday, November 1:

Condoleezza Rice's Misguided "Values" (7 comments)

7 Billion People Breathing Bad Air, Most Denying Global Warming - Happy Halloween

Brilliant Move By Palestine Disqualifies U.s. From Palestine-Israel Negotiations | By Dady Chery | Haiti Chery

Where Are Safe Havens Of Militants? - Shaukat

Kevin Drum -- Axelrod: Are Republicans Deliberately Tanking The Economy?

Eugene Robinson: Let Herman Be Gone (1 comments)


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