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March 2010

Wednesday, March 31:

Sheila Samples: All Part of the Plan...

Sheila Samples: "No Lie Is Too Low For Them": What the Terri Schiavo Affair Can Teach Us About Today's Right-Wing Zealots

Sheila Samples: Bob Ray Sanders: I've seen this anger before in America (6 comments)

Sheila Samples: Sarah Palin Is Now in a Rap Beef (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Dan Froomkin: Insurance Industry Already Finding Ways To Game New System (1 comments)

Steven Leser: First of Several Investigations into ClimateGate Vindicates Scientists and Global Warming

Sheila Samples: Robert Reich: Fraud on the Street

Tuesday, March 30:

Richmond Shreve: Where the rhetoric of rage can lead (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: True Patriots: Tea Bag Leaders Say They Want to Abolish Social Security (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Patrick J. Buchanan: Bibi's Hollow Victory (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: With Greg Craig Out Of The Way, Coast Is Clear For White House To Make Legal Calls On Political Grounds

Margaret Bassett: Governors Disagree with AGs on Suing Health Reform

Margaret Bassett: Banking on Hypocrisy - Elizabeth Warren (1 comments)

Diane V. McLoughlin: Moscow Bombing: State Terrorism and the Terrorist Response

Diane V. McLoughlin: Rachel Corrie and the State of Israel - Diane V. McLoughlin

Sheila Samples: Bob Herbert: The Magic Potion for the Economy

Michael Bonanno: The Story of Bottled Water by Annie Leonard

Monday, March 29:

Mac McKinney: Gerald Celente: Greece Finished; USA to Follow

Mac McKinney: Bill Moyers: The Health Bill Is a Bonanza for the Insurance Industry and Other Monied Interests

Richmond Shreve: Can "No' Revive the Republicans?

Sheila Samples: In Berkeley, Yoo feels at home as a stranger in a strange land

Sheila Samples: Cornered by own failed strategy, Republicans reluctant to rebuke threats against Legislators (2 comments)

Mark Sashine: March Madness by J. Atcheson

Joan Brunwasser: Shame on John McCain

Sheila Samples: Paul Krugman: Punks and Plutocrats (2 comments)

Sunday, March 28:

Sheila Samples: A Surprise Tea-Party Confrontation (1 comments)

Grant Lawrence: FBI Raids Militia but the 'Militia Mindset' is Spreading in an Environment of Injustice

M. Wizard: Six Biggest Flaws in Health Care Reform Bill (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: An Exceptional Nominee

Sheila Samples: Maureen Dowd: A Nope for Pope (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Frank Rich: The Rage Is Not About Health Care (1 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Arrest the Pope?

Margaret Bassett: The Unbearable Lightness of Reform

Saturday, March 27:

Sheila Samples: Haaretz Editorial: Break up the government (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: Credibility gap: Pope needs to answer questions (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Charles M. Blow: Whose Country Is It?

Sheila Samples: Matt Drudge and the Republican delusion

Sheila Samples: The Real News: Helen Thomas on her one question for Obama

Don Smith: Bill Maher: New Rule: You Can't Use "There Will Be No Cooperation for the Rest of the Year" as a Threat If There Was No

Grant Lawrence: Warnings of Sex Abuse of Deaf Students by Priest Fell on the Deaf Ears of Ratzinger

GLloyd Rowsey: Fidel's Reflections on Health Reform in the United States

Kevin Waters: The Recovery of Americ's indentity by Irene Tinagli

Friday, March 26:

Richmond Shreve: Frank Schaeffer: Obama Critics, Admit You Were Wrong (43 comments)

Sheila Samples: Tea Party Hypocrites Hate Socialism Except When They Love It

sagami: Secularism's Ongoing Debt to Christianity by John D. Steinrucken (5 comments)

Richmond Shreve: Regulators, Mount Up | The New Republic

Sheila Samples: Two New Polls Reveal Scary Beliefs Held by Conservative Hatriots

Sheila Samples: Health Care Repeal? Obama Tells GOP: 'Go for It' (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Dems Might Pass Financial Reform That Does Nothing to Protect from Big Threats to Our Economy (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Eugene Robinson - Stopping the health-care madness

Sheila Samples: Paul Krugman: Going to Extreme -

Mac McKinney: JOHN PILGER: Have a Nice World War, Folks

Thursday, March 25:

Sheila Samples: Obama Squeezed Between Israel and Iran

Margaret Bassett: Guantanamo: Now In Afghanistan?

Margaret Bassett: Rep. Barney Frank Condemns GOP Complicity In Tea Party Insanity

Margaret Bassett: This Jobs Bill Could Work

Richmond Shreve: The Mad Tea Party

Sheila Samples: The Fallibility of the Infallible Pope

Richmond Shreve: House of Anger - [NYTimes]

Sheila Samples: Leonard Pitts Jr. -- Tea partiers proved that I was right

Richmond Shreve: Myths About Health Care Reform Remain -

Margaret Bassett: Locals Say Iowa City Good Choice for Obama Visit

Joan Brunwasser: Nicholas D. Kristof, NYT: Escaping From Poverty (1 comments)

boomerang: THE Most Important Chart of the CENTURY by Nathan Martin

Wednesday, March 24:

Margaret Bassett: U.S. Watching What China Does Next with Google (2 comments)

Meryl Ann Butler: Kucinich: What President Obama Didn't Say (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Obama and Israel : The New Yorker

Sheila Samples: Maureen Dowd: Hail the Conquering Professor

Sheila Samples: Dan Froomkin: Drone Wars, Without Any Rules

PrMaine: Revealed: Rahm Emanuel Nixed DOJ Review of Political Prosecutions of Don Siegelman and Paul Minor , Brendan DeMelle (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: The Great West Coast Newspaper War (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Is Toyota's Brakes Disaster Tied to How It Treats Workers Like Profit-Oriented Robots? (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Informed Comment: Top Ten Reasons East Jerusalem does not belong to Jewish-Israelis

Tuesday, March 23:

Sheila Samples: Dan Froomkin: 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Repeal Falling Victim To Foot-Dragging

Sheila Samples: The 10 Most Outrageous Right-Wing Freakouts Over the Health Care Bill

Sheila Samples: James Zogby: Frightening GOP Behavior

Sheila Samples: Bob Herbert: An Absence of Class in the G.O.P. (1 comments)

Richmond Shreve: Truman. Johnson. Obama

Richmond Shreve: Adaptation -- Noam Scheiber, TNR

Monday, March 22:

Sheila Samples: About that CNN Poll...

Margaret Bassett: Autism Society of America: Health-care Reform Bill Passes Both Houses

Robert Arend: Jane Hamsher: FDL Statement on the Passage of the Health Care Bill

Richmond Shreve: Last Hurrah -- GOP fails to deliver Obama's Waterloo

Richmond Shreve: The Lesson of Health Care Reform.

Better World Order: War Protest Arrests: Eight Put Their Bodies on the Gears of the War Machine

Sheila Samples: Paul Krugman: Fear Strikes Out

Sunday, March 21:

Cathy Garger: The Deep Love for Suffering Humanity by Garda Ghista

Joan Brunwasser: Maggie Mahar on Today's Vote: “I Am Not Bound to Win, But I Am Bound to Be True”

Richmond Shreve: Be Very Afraid - Leonard Pitts Jr. - MiamiHerald

Richmond Shreve: Jihad Jane's adventures in colorblind evil - Leonard Pitts Jr. -

Joan Brunwasser: Maureen Dowd: Eraser Duty for Bart?

Joan Brunwasser: Frank Rich: Obama, Lehman and ‘The Dragon Tattoo’ (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Is Any Illness Covered?

Grant Lawrence: A 'Pontifical Secret,' Ratzinger's 2001 Letter Ordered Bishops to be Quiet on Sex Abuse (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Maureen Dowd: Eraser Duty for Bart? (5 comments)

Sheila Samples: Frank Rich: Obama, Lehman and "The Dragon Tattoo'

Joan Brunwasser: Barak Obama, I Want a Divorce (1 comments)

Saturday, March 20:

Sheila Samples: Bob Herbert: A Ruinous Meltdown, State After State (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Gail Collins: Saints Preserve Us

Friday, March 19:

Richmond Shreve: Killer Weed (cartoon) (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Paul Krugman: Why We Reform

Margaret Bassett: A Delicate Balancing Act for the Black Agenda

Thursday, March 18:

Better World Order: Bizarre Misinfo: 9/11 Happened Because Shakir Was Gay

Sheila Samples: Rupert Cornwell: Obama won't restrain Israel - he can't (5 comments)

Sheila Samples: U.S. tough love is the kind Israel needs

Richmond Shreve: Preparing for 2014-15 "Oil Crunch" Forecast by UK Industry Group (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Marjorie Margolies - Democrats: Vote your conscience on health care

Scott Baker: Kevin Granada: How Cheney's Loophole is Fracking Up America

Richmond Shreve: Fallen | The New Republic

Sheila Samples: Joe Conason: Right Wing Gone Wild

Wednesday, March 17:

Sheila Samples: Disgusting: Tea Party Protesters Heckle Man With Parkinsons

Sheila Samples: David Corn: Can the 'Bush Lied' Deniers Handle the Truth? (1 comments)

Tuesday, March 16:

Margaret Bassett: Terror Suspects: Caught Between Moon and NYC

Sheila Samples: Torture and the Imperial Presidency

Sheila Samples: Netanyahu Against the Rest of the World

Darren Wolfe: HEALTH CARE: The Hospital as Soviet Gosplan

Darren Wolfe: Texas textbooks - left or right bias?

Sheila Samples: What will the Supreme Court be like without Justice John Paul Stevens?

Sheila Samples: Eugene Robinson - Tainted FEMA trailers should be destroyed, not sold

Sheila Samples: Dana Milbank - Dick Armey's 'tea party' history is a strange brew

Josh Mitteldorf: Greenwald: Obama Fights for Bush-style Executive Secrecy

Josh Mitteldorf: Christopher Hitchens: Pope bars Punishment of Rapists in Robes

Richmond Shreve: Code Words? (Shades of the late Sen. McCarthy)

Monday, March 15:

Mac McKinney: The Petraeus briefing: Biden's embarrassment is not the whole story (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: "This is Starting to Get Dangerous" (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: David Corn: Iraq War Triumphalism Ignores a Key Matter: Dead Civilians

Sheila Samples: Robert Reich: Health Care 2010 and 1994, and the Political Lessons of History

Robert Arend: David Swanson: I'm Down With Dennis


Robert Arend: Jane Hamsher: Progressives Who Don't Honor Their Pledge: Corporatists in Sheep's Clothing

Joan Brunwasser: Why are we afraid to tax the super-rich?

maryann tobin: Rep. Alan Grayson Public Option Act: Health care freedom of choice or socialism? By Maryann Tobin

Sheila Samples: Paul Krugman: Taking On China (4 comments)

Sunday, March 14:

Sheila Samples: Desmond Tutu - In Africa, a step backward on human rights

Joan Brunwasser: Why Maryland STILL does not have paper ballots

Ann Garrison: Just what Haiti doesn't need: Rwandan police

Sheila Samples: Liberal Americans choke on their pretzels as Karl Rove rewrites history

Joan Brunwasser: Frank Rich: The New Rove-Cheney Assault on Reality (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Frank Rich: The New Rove-Cheney Assault on Reality

Saturday, March 13:

Sheila Samples: Conn Hallinan: The Dubai Debacle

Mac McKinney: GEORGIANNE NIENABER REPORTS: Haiti: Eight Weeks After the Quake and Words Fail

Sheila Samples: Charles M. Blow: Don't Tickle Me, Bro!

Sheila Samples: Jonathan Alter: The GOP's Doomed 'Repeal the Bill' Idea

GLloyd Rowsey: War Objector with PTSD Extradited to Kuwait for Secret Trial

Darren Wolfe: Say No to GMO Corporatism by Carolyn Moffa

Darren Wolfe: Venezuela: ACHR Report details violence and lost freedoms

Michael Collins: Abandon All Hope - Lehman Report

Friday, March 12:

Sheila Samples: Glenn Greenwald calls B.S. on Democrats' filibuster scam

Sheila Samples: Commentary: Biden's Operation Boondoggle

Margaret Bassett: Fed-Letter-Nominees.pdf - Sen Sanders (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Dan Froomkin: Student Loan Overhaul Taking Filibuster-Proof Route To Overcome Corporate Opposition

Joan Brunwasser: Maggie Mahar: Pelosi Makes Another Wise Decision

Joan Brunwasser: Maggie Mahar: Pelosi Watch - The Final Mile

Sheila Samples: Howell Raines: Why don't honest journalists take on Roger Ailes and Fox News?

Sheila Samples: Ruth Marcus: Chief Whiner (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Paul Krugman: Health Reform Myths

Sheila Samples: Paul Krugman: Health Reform Myths

Thursday, March 11:


Sheila Samples: In Praise of the Gitmo Bar

Sheila Samples: Al-Qaeda seven were serving justice

Sheila Samples: Welcome To The World's First Murdochracy

Sheila Samples: Joe Conason: The New McCarthyism

Sheila Samples: What can Obama do to respond to Israel's slap at Biden? (3 comments)

Scott Baker: The Nation: The Wrong Kind of Green By Johann Hari (1 comments)

Wednesday, March 10:

GLloyd Rowsey: Fidel's Reflections on the Environmental Crisis and Deep Time (1 comments)


Mac McKinney: In Pursuit of Justice: Wrongful Death Lawsuit on Behalf of Rachel Corrie Begins

Richmond Shreve: The bogus Republican claim that Obamacare is a government takeover of one-sixth of the economy. - By Daniel Gross - Slat (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Juan Cole: Israel Sandbags Biden

Sheila Samples: Glenn Beck's Campaign Against Christianity: Leave If Church Teaches Social Justice (7 comments)

Sheila Samples: Eric Massa's "Glenn Beck" Moment Bears Strange Fruit

Margaret Bassett: Thousands Arrest the Insurance Companies Today in DC

Tuesday, March 9:

Sheila Samples: The Washington Post on "lunatic' 9/11 "conspiracy theorists' (1 comments)

maryann tobin: The best way to get rid of Rush Limbaugh is to pass health care reform: Video By Maryann Tobin (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Bob Herbert: The Source of Obama's Trouble

Sheila Samples: The Limits of Rahmism (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Eugene Robinson - 'Al-Qaeda 7' smear campaign is an assault on American values

Sheila Samples: Has the White House Surrendered on Terror Trials?

Sheila Samples: Why Americans are so angry

Margaret Bassett: Bank Shills Use "Socialism" Scare to Shaft Students, Serve the Wealthy (1 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Did Rahm Emanuel, "Son of the Devil's Spahn," Take out Eric Massa?

Margaret Bassett: Obama Set to Fight "Uphill Battle' on Health Bill (Update1)

Monday, March 8:

Joan Brunwasser: Bill Moyers Journal: Health Care Debate

Mac McKinney: Russell Tribunal in Barcelona Says Sanction Israel (1 comments)

Richmond Shreve: The Mousavi Mission | The New Republic

Sheila Samples: Andrew Sullivan: "Bill, You Certainly Are An Expert In This Area"

Sheila Samples: E.J. Dionne Jr. - A bipartisan push to clean up the Supreme Court's mess

Margaret Bassett: How Obama Is Making the Same Mistakes as Bush

Richmond Shreve: Pentagon shooting: '9/11 conspiracy theorist' John Patrick Bedell shot dead | Mail Online (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Paul Krugman: An Irish Mirror for the Financial Crisis

Sunday, March 7:

Grant Lawrence: Conspiracy Theorists are the New Terrorists?

Gustav Wynn: Bush/Clinton Education Appointee: No Child Left Behind is a Failure, "Institutionalized Fraud"

Joan Brunwasser: Frank Rich: The Up or Down Vote on Obama's Presidency

Mac McKinney: As Deer Isle Goes... A Small Town Makes a Bold Demand: Bring Our War Money Home (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Frank Rich: The Up-or-Down Vote on Obama's Presidency (1 comments)

Saturday, March 6:

Mac McKinney: Faux Pas? Paul Craig Roberts Owes Iraqi People Apology (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Michael Moore -- President Obama: Replace Rahm With Me

Sheila Samples: Liz Cheney says terrorists have no rights. Also, you're a terrorist

Sheila Samples: Robert Reich -- Why the Continuing Bad Job Numbers Make it Harder (But Even More Important) To Pass Health Care Reform (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Bob Herbert: Cops vs. Kids in New York City Schools (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Will Fear Again Be GOP Trump Card?

Sheila Samples: Oath Keepers and the Age of Treason

Margaret Bassett: American and European Ideas of Privacy Collide (4 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Wichita Tea Party Leader Surprised to Be There

Grant Lawrence: Protests to Save Public Education: Hundreds of Thousands Say No to Fascism in America

maryann tobin: Republicans target Barack Obama McCarthyism style

Sheila Samples: Most House Republicans Vote to Let Schoolchildren Be Held Down, Tied Up, and Put in Solitary Confinement (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Karl Rove Book Exposes Lies of the Bush White House

Friday, March 5:

Sheila Samples: A cognitive disconnect - Leonard Pitts Jr. (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: John Patrick Bedell: Did right-wing extremism lead to shooting?

Sheila Samples: Is Your Favorite Politician a Sociopath? (1 comments)

Richmond Shreve: Sink Or Swim | The New Republic

Grant Lawrence: The Fleecing of America: Those Missing Pentagon Trillions and More Missing Trillions (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Editorial - Trials and Error (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Paul Krugman: Senator Bunning's Universe -

Thursday, March 4:

Sheila Samples: Using Intelligence from the al-Mabhouh Hit (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: The Lawyers Smeared by Liz Cheney (2 comments)

martinweiss: Adm. Mullen urges more 'Soft Power' (2 comments)

Arlene montemarano: Disappearing Car Doors: A Revolutionary Concept in Car Technology & Design

Sheila Samples: Read the IAEA Reports on Iran

Wednesday, March 3:

Joan Brunwasser: Take Action on Bank Reform!

Sheila Samples: Mossad Comes to America: Death Squads by Invitation (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Obama's Budget Revealed: Money for Wars and Weapons, While More Americans Face Joblessness and Hunger

Tuesday, March 2:

Sheila Samples: Is this the newsroom of the future?

Joan Brunwasser: How Reagan ruined conservatism (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Dan Froomkin -- Rahm Emanuel: Obama's Chief Of Sabotage

Cathie Bird: Earthbytes: Help Turn the Lights Out on Mountaintop Removal in Twilight, WV

Rob Kall: The Latest Rahmlinology-- More Reason to Detest Rahm Emanuel; He gives the Finger to Justice (7 comments)

Sheila Samples: Thinking About the Unthinkable: A U.S.-Iranian Deal

Margaret Bassett: Too Much Bang, Bang: The Need to Demilitarize US National Security (4 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: What Do We Need Insurance Companies For Anyway? (3 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Not Every Left Winger is Anti-Israel (6 comments)

Grant Lawrence: A Convenience Theory: Key Witness in the Grand Plan to Steal Canada's Water Wealth Dies

Monday, March 1:

Mac McKinney: The Picture By David Glenn Cox

Margaret Bassett: OpEdNEws Ranked #7 of Top 50 Political Blogs Of The Year for 2009 (9 comments)

Sheila Samples: Too Much Bang, Bang: The Need to Demilitarize US National Security

Sheila Samples: Investigate the doctors who helped oversee U.S. torture

Darren Wolfe: Press Release No.20-10 - IACHR Publishes Report on Venezuela (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Come Together: Bipartisanship and your health

Sheila Samples: Editorial - Render Unto C Street

M. Wizard: Chris Hedges: Ralph Nader Was Right About Barack Obama

Darren Wolfe: House Republicans Call for Bigger Deficits Than Obama

Jim Angleton: Babes in Arms by Tommy Purvis

Sheila Samples: Paul Krugman: Financial Reform Endgame


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