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January 2010

Friday, January 29:

M. Wizard: Vatican Slams "Avatar"

M. Wizard: In Case You Were Looking for Something Good to Read: Harold Bloom's "The Western Canon"

Thursday, January 28:

Patricia A. Smith: Did Steve Jobs Screw Up?

Tuesday, January 26:

Joan Brunwasser: Best Card Trick Ever!

Monday, January 25:

M. Wizard: Steve Jobs: Apple Tablet "Will Be The Most Important Thing I've Ever Done"

Tuesday, January 19:

M. Wizard: Too Popular 'Avatar' Pulled From Chinese Cinemas (3 comments)

Rob Kall: Giant cattle to be bred back from extinction - Telegraph

Monday, January 18:

Stanimal: U.S. Weapons Inscribed With Bible Coded Messages

martinweiss: *the arc of consciousness

Sunday, January 17:

Joan Brunwasser: Brad Friedman Discusses Role of Diebold in Critical MA Special Election Tuesday (8 comments)

Mac McKinney: Art Photography: Sun Setting in the Winter at the Pogada Garden (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: She Had a Dream (4 comments)

Saturday, January 16:

Daniel Geery: Astounding Technology Coming Your Way

Friday, January 15:


M. Wizard: Charlie Rose's Hour Long Interview with David Rockefeller

Tuesday, January 12:

John Blumenthal: What Happened to Speling, Grammer and Geografie? (6 comments)

Sunday, January 10:

fran roarty: Will 2010 be the Year of Zero Point Energy? (7 comments)

Friday, January 8:

Stanimal: Study Finds Public Soda Fountains Squirt Fecal Matter

Jeff Brawer: Listen To My Body? I Don't Think So

Sandra Nathan: Abandoned "Mama Dog" - Christmas Shadows and Light (1 comments)

Thursday, January 7:

John Blumenthal: How To Make the Taliban Surrender (4 comments)

Terry Loucks: Our Rare Universe (Trilogy Part 2 cont,) (1 comments)

Monday, January 4:

Margaret Bassett: How St. Paul was Almost Silicon Valley

Saturday, January 2:

Mikhail Lyubansky: Writer Evan Ratliff Tried to Vanish: Here's What Happened

Friday, January 1:

Meryl Ann Butler: Celebrate What's Right with the World in the New Year by Dewitt Jones


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