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December 2008

Wednesday, December 31:

April Moore: A Morning Wrapped in Ice

Linn Cohen-Cole: *PASTEURIZATION: Pulling the Plug on Scientific Fallacies Undergirding Our Industrial Food and Drug Culture (9 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: One If By land, Two If By Sea. Protest Photography Again, Richard Misrach

Sandy Sand: California Astronomer to Leap Into 2009 at 3:59:60 p.m. PST (2 comments)

Tuesday, December 30:

Margaret Bassett: Are Older People Happier?

Sunday, December 28:

sometimes blinded: Blood sugar loss may trigger Alzheimer's: study | Science | Reuters

Saturday, December 27:

Kathryn Smith: *Gifts for our Kids on the 12th Day of Christmas/8th day of Chanukkah (3 comments)

Amanda Lang: bitRipper Brings Windows Users One-Click DVD Ripping |

GLloyd Rowsey: Genetic Diseases More Complicated: Mechanism Underlying Alternative Splicing Of Premessenger RNA Into Messenger RNA Disc (1 comments)

Friday, December 26:

sometimes blinded: 2008 News review: The year in science - New Scientist

M. Wizard: 21% of American Atheists Believe in God, and 8% Are "Absolutely Certain" of It (5 comments)

M. Wizard: UK Playwright Harold Pinter Dies

Thursday, December 25:

sometimes blinded: NASA - Ring Crossing: Saturn's Crazy Christmas Tilt

sometimes blinded: Seawater science can help climate change forecasts | Environment | Reuters (1 comments)

Tuesday, December 23:

Laudyms: EPA faces eleventh-hour shake-up

Saturday, December 20:

M. Wizard: Secretary of Transportation Testifies Cheney Aware of Jet Flight Path (36 comments)

Friday, December 19:

Lewis Larsen: LENRs for nuclear waste disposal

M. Wizard: Korean Actress Convicted of Adultery

Laudyms: Death rates in U.S. children near nuclear reactors rose sharply

Thursday, December 18:

Lewis Larsen: Portable and Distributed Power Generation from LENRs (1 comments)

Wednesday, December 17:

Lewis Larsen: Widom-Larsen Theory Explains Low Energy Nuclear Reactions & Why They Are Safe and Green

M. Wizard: New Yorker Magazine: "Outside Agitator: Naomi Klein and the New New Left" (2 comments)

Tuesday, December 16:

Mac McKinney: The Big Melt: 2 Trillion Tons of Ice Gone Since '03 (1 comments)

Saturday, December 13:

sometimes blinded: 2,000 year-old Greek Gear Mechanisms Amazing technology (3 comments)

Better World Order: YouTube - Playing For Change: Song Around the World "Stand By Me" (1 comments)

sometimes blinded: Ancient armored amphibian had world's oddest bite | Science | Reuters

William Helbig: The Mad Cow Epidemic is here to stay.

Friday, December 12:

Mikhail Lyubansky: Gadgets that make you look like a jerk

Sandy Sand: Astronomers, Start Thinking Outside Your Own Toxic Brain Atmospheres (2 comments)

Wednesday, December 10:

Laudyms: Fearing Backlash, Industry Urges Nanotech Safety - Planet Ark

Bajawind: Music Saves World! (1 comments)

Tuesday, December 9:

M. Wizard: Liberals Voice Concerns About Obama

GLloyd Rowsey: For Brave Eyes - Eleven Images on December 8, 2008 (8 comments)

Monday, December 8:

GLloyd Rowsey: Obama: In the Irony-Free Zone (1 comments)

Bob Sommer: WAR IS OVER!

Sunday, December 7:

Eileen Fleming: Being HOPE and Change (2 comments)

Laudyms: Virus clue to cause of Alzheimer's (2 comments)

Better World Order: New World Trade Center Collapse Videos (82 comments)

Saturday, December 6:

M. Wizard: Deadly Karaoke: Enraged Audience Kills Man For 'Hogging The Microphone' (1 comments)

Friday, December 5:

Better World Order: The Data Explosion and the Scientific Method (3 comments)

Thursday, December 4:

Rob Kall: Eye Spy: Filmmaker Plans to Install Camera in His Eye Socket

Wednesday, December 3:

M. Wizard: Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World (1 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: Protest Photography on 12/3/08 --Richard Misrach & Environmental Awareness (4 comments)

Tuesday, December 2:

M. Wizard: Obama Art (2 comments)

Monday, December 1:

sometimes blinded: Sea Change for Turtle Origins? -- Stokstad 2008 (1126): 3 -- ScienceNOW (1 comments)

Better World Order: Conspiracies and Confabulation: Tales from two Naomis [about 9/11] (3 comments)


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