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September 2006

Saturday, September 30:

Jane Stillwater: New book about the Hajj: Stephanie Plum goes to Mecca?

Jane Stillwater: Why they hate us: Because they can't control us! (1 comments)

Friday, September 29:

Vic Thacker: Nasty NASA (3 comments)


Martha Rosenberg: Have drug; need patients: Big Pharma seeks uses for Seroquel

Thursday, September 28:

Amanda Lang: Comma Man (3 comments)

Wednesday, September 27:

Jim Travis: The Special Forces Rebels

Rachel Gladstone-Gelman: Home Schooling Three Children--Three Different Age Groups

Jim Donovan: Challenging the myths of aging

Tuesday, September 26:

Bob Burnett: Rock 'n' Roll: Art or Politics?

Monday, September 25:

Joan Brunwasser: 'American Blackout' movie review by Jennifer Catsoulis (3 comments)

Janet Erwin: Jeopardy! Tournament of Tyrants: the transcript

Jim Donovan: Goldi Hawn Leads the Way for Boomers

Sunday, September 24:

Jane Stillwater: Jericho and Yom Kippur: TV worth watching & a holiday worth observing

Friday, September 22:

Janet Erwin: Booking a Trip to Greener Pastures

Thursday, September 21:

Amanda Lang: AIDS testing recommended for most Americans (3 comments)

Carlos T. Mock, MD: Don't cry for my country

Felix Winslow: Spiritual Atheists (3 comments)

Darcy, the Work from Home Guide: An Action Guide on What to do When You Have Been Scammed

Wednesday, September 20:

Amanda Lang: Film Shows Youths Training to Fight for Jesus (3 comments)

Sherwood Ross: "War No More" Peace Anthem

Amanda Lang: Mercury Contamination Moves Beyond Fish (3 comments)

Amanda Lang: 'Death of a President' drama wins Toronto film award (3 comments)

Carlos T. Mock, MD: A Story

Sunday, September 17:

Jane Stillwater: Eat your heart out, Texas: A typical Sunday in Berkeley

Saturday, September 16:

Bradley Kreit: Recommendations miss student/professor gap (1 comments)

Thursday, September 14:

Jane Stillwater: Ramadan: Islam's secret weapon (1 comments)

Don Monkerud: Into the Wilderness

Wednesday, September 13:

Amanda Lang: Book Review of 'Case for Impeachment' (3 comments)

Tuesday, September 12:

Jane Stillwater: The trees of Trinity County, the trees of Tibet: Forest fires & toilet paper....

Thursday, September 7:

Eslyn Brown, author unknown: Moses

Wednesday, September 6:

Norm Goldman: Review of the ARC COPY of The Importance of Civility

Jane Stillwater: The meek shall inherit the earth: An ode to Slim the Cat (2 comments)

Monday, September 4:

Amanda Lang: Steve Irwin: He died as he lived (3 comments)

Sunday, September 3:

Joan Brunwasser: Help End Breast Cancer with a 'click' (3 comments)

Saturday, September 2:

Carlos T Mock: Paradise Lost

Jane Stillwater: Burning Man, Part 3: And then there's the party aspect....


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