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How Do I Get A Link from OpEdNews To My Website?

Being a high traffic website, we get requests for links. The fact is we don't do links... and we DO do links.

We stopped updating our links page in May 2005. But we do links to websites every day-- many. Here's the story:

We don't have a current links page. We link to news and op-eds.

There are a number of ways you can get a link to your site on OpEdNews.

-Sign up as a member and include your site in your bio.

-crosspost an article from your site with a link back to the page the article was originally published on. 

-Submit a quicklink for an article on your site (our policy is that you crosspostone article to OpEdNews for each quicklink you do.

-Refer to an article on your site in another article. Don't do an article that only links to articles on your site. That tends to decrease the credibility of your article. 


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