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How to Create QuickLinks for NY Times, Financial Times, Wash. Post and Other sites that don't permit OpEdNews bookmark use

Ideally, you want to add the OpEdNews quicklink bookmark to your browser toolbar, which makes it really easy to add quicklinks to articles you want others at OEN to see. But some sites don't allow that. Here's what you do then.

For the NY Times, Financial Times and other sites that don't allow use of the OpEdNews Quick Link Browser Bar tool , here's the way to make a quicklink:

log in
click on your quicklinks tab
click on Submit Quick Link

Now, from the NY Times, click on the SHARE button
Then click on permalink
Get the URL from the permalink box
copy and paste the title,
create a description

For the Washington Post, first try to use the OEN bookmark with the printer-friendly page. That often works. Otherwise, use the above approach.

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