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Creating Action Pages For Your Articles

You write to express your ideas, opinions and perhaps, to move and motivate people to action. Action pages empower your readers to actually take the action you inspire them to take. Then, the logs from the action pages enable you to see the messages your readers sent. Action pages make it easy for someone to contact their legislators or local daily papers. The reader fills in address, zip, etcetera, and the action page automatically looks up the congress person and two senators, and local daily papers and sends the message you write to them.

Our action pages work just like the ones you've seen from moveon.org, commonground, the DCCC, etc.

But we have a unique capability that at this time, no other sites, outside of populum.com sites offer.

You, the writer, can create a customized action page that enables your reader to easily send a message to your congressman and or US senators an or your local daily papers.

What's different for our site is YOU create the action page, with YOUR custom message, then, you can check a log of the actual messages your readers send to their legislators and local dailies.

It's very easy to create these action pages.

When you are creating an article or diary, in the bottom right hand area of the article or diary submit form, there is a field you fill in with the title of your action page. For example, if you want your legislator to support impeachment, then put a statement in the field; "Support the resolution to impeach cheney."

Then, select who you want the action page to go to using the check-off boxes below.

Letters to the Editor Senate House of Representatives

Filling in the field will produce a link in your article to an action page-- one that you designed and caused to be created. When your readers fill it in and send it, the message they write will be included in a log, also linked to, below the action page link. That way, you get to empower your readers to action, then see the message they sent when they took action.

It's really simple. Just fill in the action page field with your message and select who the action page goes to. Our website software takes care of the rest.

The only text you create that goes on the action page is the line you put in the action page field. Since this action page is custom designed to work with your article, your article should tell the rest of the story. There is no way for you to put an additional message on the action page. 

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