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A recent Pentagon paper accidentally exposed the fact that Israel has a nuclear bomb. Truth is that they have an estimated sixty warheads. Israel is non signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty [NNPT] and behind that blanket of secrecy they have created a capacity to destroy their Arab cousins if push came to shove. The fall out from such action would of course be self defeating both politically and radiation wise.

 On the other hand Iran is signatory to NNPT and while they have openly discussed development of nuclear energy so as to not exhaust their oil reserves, they have been criticized with claims from the West that the real ambition is to develop a nuclear war head. At this point in time neither state has a known rocket delivery system capable of reaching the other. It would be foolish of the United States or Russia to furnish a delivery system to either.

 Under terms of the NNPT, peaceful use of nuclear energy is OK. Iran has signed on but Israel has not. One has to ask why Israel offers no transparency while Iran is open to inspection.

 With such now non-secrecy of possession of a nuke capacity by Israel, one could not blame Iran if it were in fact pursuing an offset to nuclear blackmail from Israel, i.e., mutually assured destruction.

The United States was at the fore-front of efforts to create the state of Israel and to defend it against its Arab neighbors. It took only 11 minutes for the US to ratify the UN resolution creating Israel in 1948.  All this has to do with the Christian concept of a redeemable Israel for the death of Christ with an expectation of a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East ending in a rapture and second coming of Jesus, king of the Jews who are expected to finally accept him as their long awaited Shiloh/Redeemer/King.

 Mormons are aligned in that concept with one slight deviation. They believe that Zion will be built upon the North American continent at a place specific in Missouri  and that Mormon leaders will become vice Regents of Christ ruling earth [The law shall go forth from Zion (in America) and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem] !


The church in fact has taken steps to implement that concept beginning as early as 1843 when it sent an emissary, Orson Hyde, to Palestine to dedicate the land for the return of Jews.  Expecting it to happen soon thereafter, they were disappointed when it didn’t later sending emissaries several times to re-dedicate the land.

 The biblical prophesies of such an event being fulfilled is central to Mormon doctrine and essential as a catalyst to propel it toward a delusional destiny of becoming the civil/theocratic world government.

 The success of Jews returning to the Holy Land creating prophetic conflict withTheir Abrahamic cousins who were deceitfully deprived of the full inheritance of the estate of Abraham and promises of the Biblical God is an adventure of significant importance to Mormons but more importantly to their dictatorial leaders. It all has to do with unbridled ego and sense of importance. It is no wonder then that the secret order existing within the higher echelons of the church [Danites/ Council of the Fifty] have worked hand in glove with Mossad.

 The posture and thinking of Mormons toward Israel is well depicted by the narrative within W. Cleon Skousen’s book, Fantastic Victory, published shortly after the 1967 six day war.

 The establishment of a branch of Brigham Young University in Israel created a legitimate front for covert activities of the secret/CIA element of the church. It is from there that Mormon world political interests are promoted and pursued lobbying the Israeli government to pursue its unenlightened, inhuman activities under Mosaic Law of an eye for an eye philosophy against Arab states and the deprived Palestinian people.

 The doctrine of pre-emptive strike as recently used by the US in Iraq is a reversal of that law in that in anticipation of the enemy striking, the retaliation is delivered first. We have seen justification for such criminal behavior uttered by the last Administration in regards to the attacks by Israel in  preemptively destroying nuclear plants under construction in Iraq in the early 90’s and in Syria as late as 2007.

 The first public awareness of the nexus between Mossad and Mormon secret agents was published by Norman Mailer in A Harlot High and Low in the 60’s when a reconditioned WWII Liberty ship was “hijacked” on the Thames River in London by Mossad. The ship had a cargo of uranium ore that had been originally mined in southern Utah. The details of that intrigue were published in an earlier article on OpedNews  

It involved the Utah Corporation which mines the surface of Australia as well as Chile.I mentioned that Secret elements of the church conspired with the CIA to overthrow democratically elected president Allende of Chile so that the business interests of the church could continue uninterrupted by the then recent action of Allende in nationalizing the mines in Chile.

 The most recent exposure of that nexus came within the framework of the 9-11 event.Being pre-informed if not directly involved in the plans for destroying the Twin Towers as well as Building 7 on September 11, 2001 is demonstrated by official advice given toMormons working in the World Trade Center to not show up for work that day.

 All evidence indicates that 9-11 was a planned operation of Mossad utilizing all the intelligence it had in causing the pre-planting of explosives within all 3 buildings well in advance of that fateful day. Mossad agents were arrested after the event upon suspicions of citizens who watched them waiting with digital cameras on tripods aimed at the twin towers long before any aircraft struck them. The displayed actions of these Mossad agents was video taped by patriot observers especially when they jumped and shouted with joy at seeing the collapse of the towers and resulting deaths of 3,000 people.

 These same Mossad agents were released under order of the Federal government and allowed to fly back to Israel thus implicating not only Mossad and Mormon agents but the Bush Administration as well. 9-11 was a well planned and choreographed false flag operation but not by some turbaned Arabs in a cave in Afghanistan!

 The nexus between the church and the Bush Administration has been documented by the pressure placed on the church from a personal visit by Bush to church headquarters in Salt Lake City prior to the forced retirement of BYU physics professor Steven Jones in late 2006.  Jones was/is in the forefront of scientifically establishing a conspiracy to destroy the World trade Center by pre planted explosives. He is just doing what church founder Smith predicted elders of the church would do in saving the Constitution.

 Further nexus of the Bush administration lay in the fact that a very large victim’s compensation fund was created immediately after 9-11 [ waiting in the wings for 9-11 to happen along with the Patriot Act] by which silence of those victims would be purchased by the government to quell legal claims for wrongful death. Victims failure to release all claims for wrongful death resulted in denial of payment from the fund.

 If in fact the 9-11 attack was simply and solely an act of war by a foreign entity no victim’s claims could be brought against the US government. So why insist on a stand down by victims unless there was complicity by the government [CIA] and other individuals and entities such as Israel’s Mossad and the Mormon Church among them?

A few smart victims refused to be bought off and they stand to profit greatly when criminal conspiracy charges for murder are brought against the co-conspirators of 9-11.

 Conviction will establish 9-11 to be an act of mass murder not an act of war. It will also open the window of the statute of limitations for actions for wrongful death. While the US government is basically bankrupt, Members of the Bush Administration are not nor is Israel or the Mormon Church.

 I am informed that a private team has been assembling evidence of this criminal conspiracy for presentation to sympathetic Federal/State Prosecutors. Its is expected that very soon, Federal and State Grand Juries will hear the evidence! After nearly eight years of lies, truth will finally emerge.

 It is encouraging to see that Spain will likely prosecute members of the Bush Administration for torture as is noted in news headlines today. Hopefully all the links to the bogus war on terror will be exposed.

 All good but ignorant Mormon members who want to stand up and defend your leaders against these charges need to be silent for you will be entering an arena in which you have absolutely no knowledge. Indeed if you do, you will likely be guilty of being an accessory after the fact. A word to the wise is to keep your own counsel and let church leaders make their own defense after all they are big boys!

 However, if you are in any way complicit in this tragic criminal conspiracy please do speak up it may get you some immunity.


                                             MORMON HOPE

                                           'O say what is truth?

                                            Tis the fairest gem,

                                            To which mortals and

                                            Gods may aspire!”


                                            But Mormon Church Leaders,

                                            In all that they do,

                                            Merely lie, cover-up and conspire.

                                            For truth deals them out

                                            With a sure deadly blow

                                            So---- retreat to the sanctuary of silence!


                                            No answers may come to the

                                            Truth seeking soul,

                                            For they’re lost in a deep muddy mire!


                                            Awake O you “saints” from your

                                            Mind--- numbing sleep…….

                                            Take a good look at your hope!

                                            You’ll find that it’s made out of

                                            Fraud and deceit

                                            Tied-up with some old rotten rope!


                                                       (Millennial Messenger March-April 1978)



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