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John Ervin

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John Ervin is a freelance writer involved for the past ten years with investigations of electronic voting fraud and its derivatives, and on occasion several of the other highly organized corporatic crimes. He has been the radio guest of Jim Hogue at, Goddard College in Vermont (one of Pacifica Radio's 200 affiliates). [While a longtime member of the American Federation of Musicians (local 4) he has performed as a concert pianist. He has also served as member of the Cleveland Orchestra's choruses, in live performances at Severance Hall and Blossom Music Festival, as well as those recorded in group performances for EMI in England, and broadcasts for the BBC, and WCLV in Cleveland, some highlighted by North American terrestrial radio transmissions, and the whole distributed world-wide on the internet by WCLV. The chorale CD in Great Britain for EMI was nominated for a Grammy.] During and after the Bush v. Gore fiasco, he became by degrees an accidental journalist as he began to study in greater depth the activities and rise of America's secret government, much of its CIA founding years with intersticed and substantive roots in Nazism, and the heavy-handed influence of the American intelligence communities in disrupting or re-directing many of our democratic processes and institutions. This research has served as a resilient motivation to share historical facts and questions surrounding the hidden and deeper politics that contribute to the long-standing and ongoing deformation of our society as a whole, and also in tragic personal accounts of many. For over ten years Ervin has been an advocate for the heightened and more coordinated alliance of independent media throughout the world ~low power radio broadcasters, community radio programmers and volunteers, independent film makers, indy musicians and journalists, et al.~ to form and maintain a clearing-house of information that in assessment of intel risks bears upon the security of communities world-wide, a global "neighborhood watch", a sure defense against our common antagonist: top-down, privatized governmental intelligence, chief among them: American. Ervin continues to lobby for the establishment of a parallel "intelligence analysis in exile" ~ one that can become a far more faithful mirror of what CIA was originally intended to be: strictly a non-operational intelligence-gatherer. But evolved by us as a grass-roots creation and built for the safety of all our peoples.

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(5 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, April 4, 2016
Civil Liberty Alert: Listener-Funded Pacifica Radio Under Siege In N.Y. And D.C. When it comes to dissidence and democracy, nobody does it better than KPFK, KPFA, WBAI and their sister stations in DC and Houston, and more than a hundred eighty affiliates. And so it should come as no surprise that for the past three years, there has been an intense putsch and ongoing coup to loosen up and appropriate Pacifica's licenses, and hence to drive it off our cultural and political landscape.
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(7 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Odetta Sings Her First Song, from Way Up Above Us A tribute to Odetta Holmes: as one writer put it, at the March on Washington, "She sang her dreams just as Martin Luther King spoke his."
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, July 11, 2008
SURE IT'S TOAST, BUT WHEN HASN'T IT BEEN, HUH ? ...neo-cons, with plenty of help, have, with the Money Party Perennial, trumped us lovers of "democracy" by papering over all our walls, and the majority of our ballots, and the writing thereon, each, and every, with their endless bucks...
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, May 23, 2008
Any true review of "Recount" at HBO must be subtitled "Look Back in Anger" I rifled through the paper for a half hour,to see where the infamous lines might have alighted,"No Democratic observers were present,"but the phrase had disappeared into some wormwhole, of which there were many,and counting, as we all endured the death of our democracy."Two Party System" has become, merely~~and in a unique historical way,simply~~code among those who know, and any who are ready for more than the fairy tale
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, February 14, 2007
My two cents on electronic voting machines Bottom line: machines have got to go.There is simply no way ever to make peace with this Trojan Horse at our gates, let alone continue to give it free entry in and out of our society, in fact, any of our global societies. We need once and for all to abolish all vote-counting and tabulating and vote-casting machines, in all their sordid combinations, and world-wide.

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