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I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, surrounded by poverty, attending one room schools with no plumbing or electricity. Johnson electrified me with his war on poverty - as a child, I believed it. I demonstrated vigorously against the Vietnam war and, after we lost, thought we'd learned something and it could never happen again. I became a teacher and, after dealing with our educational system, gave up. I'm now a pessimist who sees hope as another enemy.
Who's a socialist, who's a tea partier, I'm/you're a Democrat, Republican, third party or independent. This endless go-around divides and distracts us, keeping us from simple truths about basic issues, and allowing us to never solve problems. Since arguing about the correct or better approach solves nothing, can we deal with basics and common sense immediately instead of procrastinating action with ideology and endless, wordy discussions? Let's stop spending energy on defining and polarizing ourselves and define essentials, then get on with solutions. Who wants a livable wage and safe working conditions? Who wants health care? Who wants to live indoors? Who wants to eat? Everybody? As a society, we manage to side step the basics in all our blab, blah, blah bullshit. Government is corrupt; unions are corrupt; capitalists and socialists and communists are corrupt - the bottom line is people, to get an advantage, are corrupt.
We've proven time and again that self-interest keeps us ignorant and unable to deal with complexity, so let's keep it simple. Get out of your mind and into your heart. Are you for killing other sentient beings? Regardless of your political ideology, can you answer that question? Too black and white? What do the shades of gray show us? Be curious, ask and answer yourself. Learn to recognize justifications; your illusory fear is exactly that. Just as the people who define themselves as pro-life show how much they care about life by focusing solely on the unborn, we pretend to put away murderers while supporting the murder of millions. Have the guts to stand against murder or to admit the truth - you support it. Do the same for the hungry, the homeless, the jobless, the exploited, your own everyday existence. Let's get out of the box and change something for real.

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