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The Emerging Political War at the FCC

Series Created By Sue Wilson (3 articles.) (View How Many People Read This)

A war is emerging at the Federal Communications Commission between Democrats, who have three of the five seats, and Republicans, who, although in the minority, control the "Conservative" media.

Look out, it is going to get bloody.

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# Type Date Content
1 Article 03/13/2014 The Agitprop of Ajit Pai: The Republican FCC Commissioner Calls Out the Troops (View How Many People Read This) 1 1 Comment Count
2 Article 03/17/2014 Who Controls the Message in "News?" (View How Many People Read This) 6 6 Comment Count
3 Article 03/20/2014 The FCC - Actually Enforcing Its Own Rules? (View How Many People Read This)