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Black Lives Matter

Series Created By Eric Lucas (4 articles.)

This series of articles explores the problem of citizenship for Black Americans.  The articles will address the general problem of citizenship and acceptance, the issue of voting rights and the ideal of citizenship.  Hopefully, this presentation will serve to improve the lives of all citizens in America. 

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# Type Date Content
1 Article 10/01/2015 Black Lives Matter: The Problem of Citizenship (View How Many People Read This) 9 9 Comment Count
2 Article 11/09/2015 Black Lives Matter: Voting Rights Are Not Enough (View How Many People Read This) 3 3 Comment Count
3 Article 11/29/2015 Black Lives Matter: The Citizenship Ideal (View How Many People Read This) 3 3 Comment Count
4 Article 02/04/2016 All Lives Matter: A Philosophy of Significance (View How Many People Read This) 4 4 Comment Count