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What happens if GOP increased their Vote Tampering Margin for 2008 beyond that of 2000 and 2004?

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Potential outcomes from an increase in GOP Vote Tampering in the 2008 election beyond that of their voter fraud in the 2000 and 2004 elections.


Anyone who has watched HBO's Hacking Democracy and Recount knows the evidence proving GOP guilty of systemic vote tampering in 2000 and again in 2004 is absolutely overwhelming. GOP vote tampering, caging and suppression is not a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy fact resulting in the overthrow of democracy since the start of the 21st century. The results of this systematic GOP election fraud have obviously been disastrous for not just this nation, but for the entire world.

There's no way of knowing how many percentage points GOP gained from all the legal and illegal tactics they engaged in to suppress democratic votes in past elections, but a reasonable estimate might be somewhere between 2% to 5%. This is a percentage that could be referred to as a 'built in point spread', or as RFK Jr. and Greg Palast put it in "Block the Vote", the extra margin of GOP vote tampering democrats now need to beat in the 21st century to win a presidential election. The question America is faced with now is if Obama's approximate 8-10 point poll advantage is enough to beat a built in fraudulent GOP vote tampering 'point spread' subject to the level of desperation they clearly express to yet again illegally rule this nation into a state of total ruination.

The extreme desperation from both GOP and their republican base to rule the executive office is more evident now than it ever was in the previous two presidential elections. GOP has admitted they'll continue racist voter suppression tactics in the 2008 presidential election. Their vote tampering tactics leave democrats four times more likely than republicans to be unable to vote under Florida's new voter verification law alone. The 95%+ in the republican party and its constituency fostering a Christian Identity have taken their anti-communist, [anti-liberal] anti-Muslim, racist, and homophobic hate to a new level of extremes never before seen in the history of American politics.

There are various potential outcomes if GOP increases their fraudulent margin of vote tampering, or 'vote suppression point spread' enough to hand over the presidency to McCain. All of the outcomes from a 3rd fraudulent GOP presidential election will yet again be devastating to the world, but likely even more so domestically for Americans this time around than even what the unconstitutional Patriot Act did from the first term of Bush's illegal presidency.

I suspect if exit polls again evidence a democratic win, this time at even half of the 8-10% average pre-election poll lead Obama shows now, that there will likely be massive nationwide riots and protests over McCain being designated as the illegitimate 'winner'. Americans are now more angry than ever after their legislature in cahoots with Bush admin looted $2 trillion in taxpayer funds to bailout Wall Street's predatory lenders. Conservatives will most assuredly attribute an Obama loss to the Persistent Myth of the Bradley Effect to dispel accusations of another GOP 'fixed' presidential election.

Riotous nationwide protests on such a grand scale never seen before over yet another fraudulent GOP election will give reason and purpose to the entire "homeland Army brigade" fresh from Iraq that was conveniently deployed for a first time in the US on October 1st. The Army Times reporting this alarming 'homeland brigade' states its as of yet unnecessary purpose "to help with civil unrest and crowd control" in subduing "unruly or dangerous individuals."

A highly probable potential outcome of an Obama loss from polls this time around accompanied by exit polls showing an even wider democratic win margin than the previous 2 elections would be the imposition of Martial Law resulting from the "Bush Administration revising Continuity of Government plans, including "civil disturbance" contingencies for suspending the Constitution long before the 9/11 attacks."

Martial Law would be imposed to insure a smooth transition of a present GOP presidential administration illegally elected twice since the start of the 21st century to the next illegally elected McCain GOP administration. The Bush Admin recently threatened some members of Congress that America may face martial law if they didn't pass the bailout bill. Wayne Madsen reports FEMA sources have confirmed the Bush admin is putting final touches on plans to declare Martial Law.

Can anyone, but so called "conservatives" drunk on GOP Kool Aid, really not consider the high probability that It's Already Stolen as the indubitable Greg Palast asserts? Will a few million Americans stand up in revolt against GOP if they yet again engage in sufficient vote tampering to illegally install a 3rd republican president? Would the Democratic Party back such a revolt, or would Obama oddly surrender to a quick loss just like Kerry did, despite overwhelming evidence of 2004 Ohio GOP vote fraud later proven to be true in a court of law? If such a possible outcome occurs how many Americans will be angry enough to step forward to be the democratic freedom fighters republicans will designate as domestic "insurgents"? Will these American "freedom fighters" have enough of a firm belief in an honest representative democracy to be able to defend it without flinching against the psychotic "true believer" mentality supporting the continued oppression of human rights, freedom and democracy brought to US by God's Own Party [GOP]?

If a GOP president is illegally installed a 3rd time in the 21st century would the Democratic party finally do what needed to be done years ago with the RICO act to disband the entire Republican Party as an illegal political organization from proven systemic corruption, fraud, embezzlement, and illegal use of public funds, that has been as systemic as their rampant sex crime convictions and fraudulent vote tampering tactics? Political corruption poses one of the gravest threats to a nation's economic growth, democracy, and political stability in countries across the globe at all stages of political and economic development. Corruption scandals have toppled governments in both major industrial countries and developing countries. The cost to taxpayers is incalculable. Corruption steals money from social programs and services. (Bribes, kickbacks and inflated pricing add 5 percent to 30 percent to the cost of public projects, according to various estimates.) It erodes public confidence in government and undermines the legitimacy of political parties and their leaders.

Many nations across the globe have been forced to disband their corrupt political parties for illegal activities of a similar or lesser nature than the egregious crimes committed by America's republican party. Legislation in many nations has been passed that is far more stringent than in America that limits opportunist political parties and their politicians from engaging in corrupt and illegal activities. Americans cannot continue to shrug off the rampant corruption evidenced in both parties, but particularly in the republican party as if it is politics as normal that the Italians grew to expect and accept from their politicians for decades. It's gone far beyond slush funds, bribery, extortion and the pedophilia well known in the republican party to fraudulent elections that has brought the death of democracy and the demise of our republic. If we don't fertilize that proverbial [Boston] Tree of liberty Jefferson spoke of, we will have no liberty left to regain the freedoms already lost".

I don't see a possible outcome bey0nd Martial Law from an illegitimate Obama loss as a 'race war' like many in the radical racist Christian right desperately desire , but more of a virulent and armed "culture war". A culture war waged by many from the nationalistic 40% cult of "True Believers" in America defending yet another illegitimate election of a republican president as both government and self-appointed "patriots" against the rest of US. Regardless of the outcome of the 2008 election, the poverty and despair from what is now being called a 2nd Great Depression will likely produce ever growing numbers of Christian Fascists in America. However unlike the the the myriad of US fascist groups resulting from the poverty and despair of the 1st Great Depression, because of Hitler's historical legacy the new 21st century US brand of Christian Fascists will continue to vehemently deny their fascist reality and their 1920s and 1930s era racist roots in American fascism.

"It is the intolerant and blinding hatred of minorities among the religious fundamentalists that binds the fascists groups of the 1930s to today's right wing extremist groups. Much of the hate today can be directly traced back to those 1930's ministries of hate. The roots of today's tele-evangelists can be traced back to the 1930s. The media may have changed from radio to television but the format is unchanged from the style of format Father Coughlin used in the 1930s. His radio broadcasts reached millions, as did his followers in his organizations. His sermons were filled with virulent hate of Jews, communism and Roosevelt. Pat Robertson's, Jerry Falwell's or any of the other televangelists programs follow the same format today. Only today they carefully disguise their hate of Jews and substitute hate of gays, welfare (read that as the poor), abortion, unions or any other and liberal program designed to help the poor or working man and of course Clinton replaced Roosevelt as an object for their scorn [insert Obama today scorned by the Christian right far beyond Clinton for more obvious racial reasons]" [The 1930s: Nazis Parading on Main Street; Part 6: The Pro-Nazis of the 1930s]

Another more frightful possible outcome of an Obama loss leading to Martial Law supported by a "culture war" waged by an armed fundamentalist "Army of God" cult of republican Christians defending an illegitimate McCain presidency might also in time lead to the full blown dominionist theocracy the Christian right has been seeking for decades now. Such a scenario there might be hurried along by a covert VP and fundamentalist Christian supported assassination of McCain just as the JFK assassination has been repeatedly suggested to be the work of LBJ, the CIA and right wing Texans.

My gut tells me that many others also are experiencing internal conflict over growing probabilities to any of these aforementioned potential outcomes from yet another GOP election won by illicit GOP vote tampering. That same gut feeling also tells me why this election is being referred to by the Media so often as "the most important election of our lifetime". Regardless of the possible outcomes of another fraudulent election from GOP vote tampering, it remains difficult to foresee any of them as anything but devastating for Americans on either side of this on-going culture war.

Disclaimer: Author is not promoting, advocating, or calling for the overthrow of the US government, or the death or assassination of any government official or citizen, but only speculates about possible outcomes from well known and rampant election fraud previously evidenced in the United States as occurring yet again.


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