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Votergate 2004; Karl Rove on the Dis-Information Trail

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Votergate 2004; Karl Rove on the Dis-Information Trail

 By Anthony Wade


Faced with mounting drumbeats from the Internet about voter fraud and the probability that Bush has stolen another election, the man behind the curtain stepped outside today to do a victory lap for his boss. The purposes for Rove 's talk show circuit appearance was not so much to talk about anything factual, as much as it was designed to lend credibility to a faltering electoral result by pretending nothing is wrong. Our media, ever absent from protecting us, was more than happy to capitulate.

Since election night, Rove has been at his dis-informational best. Faced with the accurate exit-polling that showed a Kerry landslide was imminent, it was Rove and the Bush cabal that came out to denounce the polling as "skewed " and "under-representing the Bush voters ". He offered no proof of course but it was wholly necessary to have a point of rebuttal before the Diebold machines kicked in and gave the election to his boy. The notion that somehow only people who voted for Kerry wanted to talk with exit pollsters is patently absurd. Millions of people had voted by the time the pollsters had made their initial findings known. Are we really to believe that time after time, in multiple states, at different polling sites, all Bush voters did not want to answer exit polls??? Why then were the exit polls correct in the two states with paper trails for their voting machines Karl? I guess the roving lunatic would have us believe that Bush-backers in those two states had no problem talking to the pollsters, but in those crucial states, such as Florida and Ohio , they got all nervous. Sure Karl.

Attempting to legitimize the results today Rove said, "The country is still close, but it has moved in a Republican direction. This election confirmed that". Well, not exactly Mr. Rove. What this election confirmed is that there was gross manipulation of the vote counts in at least 23 Florida counties. You see, when you look at small, traditional democratic counties in Florida , we actually now see a near reversal of the votes. For example, in Baker County, where Bush received around 7,700 votes there is no conceivable way that total could be reached. In order for that to have happened, all 3,000 registered republicans, all 800 non-affiliated voters, and 4,000 registered democrats would have had to have voted for Bush. That is 4,000 democrats out of less than 10,000, nearly 50%. C 'mon Karl, what did you guys do with the computers? If Baker County was an anomaly then maybe we could say it was no big deal. Baker County is the rule however, not the exception. In over 20 counties, the results show that the reverse of what the voters ' registrations should have born out. Twenty counties Karl. How long do you think you can continue to pimp this lie?

In discussing the exit polls Rove said today, "I mean, it had us 19 points down in Pennsylvania . It had us 17 points down in New Hampshire . It had us 1 point up in Virginia . I mean, you looked at these numbers, and you realize, this is just insane."

Insane Karl? People come out from voting and tell the pollsters who they voted for. Those results are compiled. There is nothing insane about this process. It has worked flawlessly for a long time now, at least until Bush came around. I can understand why it drove Rove insane, because it would be difficult to explain how so many registered democrats ALL seemed to reverse course on Election Day. You see, Karl Rove knew that the exit polls wouldn 't match the tampered results. Faced with this dilemma, he had no choice but to question the veracity of the exit polls. He started early on election eve, planting the seed. Then, when the "votes " came in, he allowed the seed to grow, until it was the polls, not the votes that were questioned.

Unfortunately for Karl, the truth would remain hidden within the numbers. Maybe it would be Baker County or Lafayette County , but eventually someone would simply lay out the numbers in a spreadsheet and realize that there is no conceivable way that in so many counties, the exact opposite of the expected results turned out. Now, the plan is simple. Make the rounds on the talk shows, make everything seem legitimate. Ignore the fact that there are now 3,000 Freedom of Information Act inquiries pending regarding the computer records from this election. Ignore the fact that citizens in Ohio stormed the state building a few days ago protesting their disenfranchisement. Ignore the drumbeats from the real people who know that their will has been circumvented. Hope that eventually the American people will just get lazy again. They did in 2000, so why not expect the same this time around? Hope that you can just ignore the elephant in the room until the election is certified and your boy has his inauguration. Have him speak about "spending his capital ". Keep repeating the lies that Bush has a mandate. Ignore, delay, and hope that we all just go away and don 't see you for what you are and what you represent.

You are nothing more than the man behind the curtain, representing lies, a failed president, and a stolen election. Sorry Karl, we are not going anywhere this time.

Anthony Wade is co-administrator of a website devoted to educating the populace to the ongoing lies of President George W. Bush and seeking his removal from office. He is a 37-year-old independent writer from New York with political commentary articles seen on multiple websites.  A Christian progressive and professional Rehabilitation Counselor working with the poor and disabled, Mr. Wade believes that you can have faith and hold elected officials accountable for lies and excess.

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