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Articles by Anthony Wade

Terri 's Legacy, It Is Time for a Real Culture of Life Bill From Progressive America; Terri's Law By Anthony Wade

Living in a Representative Hypocrisy. Either Way, Terri Loses and Delay/Bush Win By Anthony Wade

Delay Hypocrisy: The GOP Using The Schiavo Case For Political Gain. Who Cries for Sun Hudson? By Anthony Wade

You Want Lies With Yor Big McMedia? Just an Average Week in Bush 's America, Protections for the Rich, Police States for the Poor and McMedia for All   By Anthony Wade

Unfairness and Inaccuracy in Media, The Propaganda-Apologists Continue to Shill For Jeff/Jim Gannon/Guckert By Anthony Wade

From the Ashes Rises The Liar, The prostitute By Anthony Wade

The Truth Shall Set You Free, Propaganda-Gate Marches On By Anthony Wade

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Wolf Blitzer and CNN Join Propaganda-Gate, Shills for the White House by ANTHONY WADE

Propaganda-Gate; Jeff/Jim Gannon/Guckert Still Does Not Get It  by Anthony Wade

The Power of the New Media; White House  Press Corps Shill Jeff Gannon Dispatched Into Irrelevancy By ANTHONY WADE

The Bush Whores, How Much Propaganda is Enough for America? By Anthony Wade

Democracy for Sale, The Purchasing of Public Opinion by ANTHONY WADE

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The Ghost of Machiavelli, The WMD Hunt Ends  By Anthony Wade

In The Clearing Stands a Boxer, Score One For Democracy by ANTHONY WADE

An Open Letter to Senator Kerry, As He Lets Us Down Again by ANTHONY WADE

The Politics of Being Apolitical, Our Democracy Hangs in the Balance This Thursday by ANTHONY WADE

Assassins of Democracy, Votergate 2004 Continues by ANTHONY WADE

It Is Time To Stand Up For Democracy; This is not about party. It's about country. By ANTHONY WADE

Blackwell Continues To Spit At Democracy, Treats Congress With Insolence by ANTHONY WADE

Santa, Enemy Combatant By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Mr. Powell, We Still Can't Find Your Credibility by Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

The Resounding Silence Continues. How Much is Enough for the Media to Cover Votergate 2004? By ANTHONY WADE OpEdNews.com

Pimping For Bush, NY Daily News Sells Out Its Readers and The Country, Continuing The Votergate 2004 Cover-Up by ANTHONY WADE OpEdNews.com

Mainstream Media, The Blackout and Diversions Continue By ANTHONY WADE OpEdNews.com

Diversionary News Tactics, Votergate 2004; Resignations, Faluja-- planned distractions from the Theft of the 2004 Election By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Tell John Conyers To Pursue the Election Fraud NOW, More Vigorously by Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Votergate 2004; Karl Rove on the Dis-Information Trail  By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Where the Hell is Our Media? Why aren't they reporting on an explosion of vote corruption cases that have emerged since the election? By ANTHONY WADE OpEdNews.com

No Offense Senator Kerry, I Cannot Accept Your Concession By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

The Choice is Yours Now By ANTHONY WADE OpEdNews.com

The Shameful Politicizing of the bin Laden Tape by the Bush Campaign By ANTHONY WADE OpEdNews.com

Bin Laden Attacks the US Presidential Elections; The October Surprise? by ANTHONY WADE OpEdNews.com

Do You Feel a Draft In Here? By Anthony Wade

-Hiding Behind the Skirts of the Very People He Betrays, Insulting the Intelligence of America By Anthony Wade

Michael Moore Throws Down The Gauntlet to Sinclair By Anthony Wade

GOP Theft of Our Election Is Under Way. By Anthony Wade

A President Exposed, Summarizing the Presidential Debates  By Anthony Wade

Meanwhile, Back in This Country, The Last Presidential Debate By Anthony Wade

Uncovering the Last Bush Weapons of Mass Deception By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Running and Hiding Behind Clever Catch Phrases By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Arrogance and Spinning in the Town Hall, The Second Presidential Debate By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

The Christian, Pro-Life, Pro-Kerry, Anti-Bush Argument by Anthony Wade  OpEdNews.com

David vs. Goliath, The Vice Presidential Debate; Edwards Counters Cheney's Lies and Distortions By Anthony Wade 

The Global Test Lie By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Fried Rice, Yet Again, By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Set Him Up and Knock Him Down. The First Debate  By Anthony Wade

Join The Debate By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.Com

The Dumbing Down of Intelligence by Anthony Wade

Blinded By The Flag By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.Com

Proportional Outrage; There's No Substance to the Outrage over CBS's Memo Gaff By Anthony Wade

"Ask " The President, A Satire? by Anthony Wade

No Dissent, No Shame by Anthony Wade, OpEdNews.com

Bush Intensifying Manipulation of the Media; key swing state cities cut off from seeing Ben Barnes 60 Minutes segment by Anthony Wade

See Dick Cross The Line by Anthony Wade


Bush Views America as a Ten-Year Old Child by Anthony Wade 

The Truth is Crying... as the media fail America by Anthony Wade

The Fortunate Son, Day Four of the Republican National Convention by Anthony Wade tearing apart lie after lie, setting the record straight. You need to read this article and forward it to everyone you know

Of Fairy Tale Economics, Hypocrites and Chickenhawk War Profiteers, Day Three of the Republican National Convention by Anthony Wade

Anthony Wade Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies, Day Two of the Republican National Convention

Day One at the Republican National Convention: Rhetoric, Lies, and Videotape,  by Anthony Wade

The Calm Before the Storm; the NYC Republican Convention By Anthony Wade

A Bush "Ask the President," Stump "show" Annotated and Analyzed  By Anthony Wade At his scripted Events where Only card carrying fascists and the brainwashed may attend, Bush does not deal in the details because the details are against him. I used to think that George Bush didn 't get it. When you look at the disconnect, the arrogance and the lies, you just feel that he does not get it. After this piece, I realized that he does get it, he just can 't sell it. When your entire presidency is a scam you are in a tough spot. When you have gutted the environment, education, and our respect in this world, you honestly do not have much to run on.

More Random Observations By Anthony Wade

Different Limbaugh, Same Hypocrisy In His Attack on John Kerry With the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth By Anthony Wade

Democracy, Torture, Politicizing Terror,  Tears for an Emblematic GI Tragedy... a Day in the Life of a Caring American by Anthony Wade

With Bush, Perception is Everything by Anthony Wade

When Silence is Torture; By Anthony Wade If there was ever an example of a complicit media, we need to look no further than the ongoing, yet dreadfully silent subject of the torture scandal.

Signature Achievements of George W. Bush; a presidency that will go down in infamy  by Anthony Wade  

Strength and Wisdom are Not Opposing Values By Anthony Wade

Random Thoughts from the Democratic National Convention Week By Anthony Wade

Junk Journalism, The Case Against Sean Hannity By Anthony Wade

Osama Endorses Bush! By Anthony Wade

Election Season Terror Alert Chart

Does The Truth Matter To You Any More?

Sly As a FOX (Part Two)

Fox Doesn't Want You To See This Movie; a review of OutFoxed (part one) This is a MUST-SEE movie.

Outfoxed at the News Conference (Part One)

Fahrenheit 9/11: Why the Far Right is Trying to Keep Americans From Seeing It and the Lies, Frauds and Deceptions They're Using

Fried Rice; Condoleeza that is !

Missing the Direction

A Reporter Finally Stands Up To Bush... No, sorry, not an American

Enough Already; Of Right Wing Cowardly Vultures Hiding Behind American Soldiers

WE are the Prisoners of War

Lying About Lay; Bush's Chronic Lying is Becoming his Signature Trait

How Many Lies Can Christopher Hitchens Tell?

Deception; Desperate Right Wing Attacks on Fahrenheit 9/11

Lies Yet To Come

Shut the hell up Dick Cheney


The Man Behind the Curtain  

Spin Cycle

Sly As a Fox?


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