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(Marching) Toward a New Freedom: A Call to Writers (0 articles.) (Created by Ramola D)
A call to writers, scholars, artists to write more online, in creative and continuous ways, via op-eds, blog posts, social media posts, to battle the undemocratic invasions of  surveillance and censorship--recalling Helen Keller's words on fighting for our democracy and looking to the Rights of Nature movement and the power of morphic resonance in spreading positive action.  
10 Climate Commandments (0 articles.) (Created by David Griffin)
These 2 articles deal with 10 ways in which fossil-fuel corporations that cause global warming, along with the governments that have allowed them to do so, are violating the Silver Rule, which says: Do not do to others what you would not want them to   do to you.   
Monopoly In Jail: Monopoly In Jail
Kennedy & Mr. & Mrs. Shrivers
2016 presidential campaign bites (0 articles.) (Created by Chris Lamb)
WTC 7 on fire
9-11 (3 articles.) (Created by Meryl Ann Butler)
9/11 Search For #truth (11 articles.) (Created by Lance Ciepiela)
The three 9/11 World Trade Center Towers did not come down in a manner   conducive to an office fire, crashing plane, or terrorist attack. All   three towers came down precisely like perfectly timed control demolitions - the two Twin Towers in approximately 9 seconds each and Building 7 in 6.5 seconds - WHO was responsible for the three demolitions has not yet been determined or investigated by our law enforcements officials and our elected or duly appointed representatives.   
A Confederacy of Hegemons: The Project for the New American Caliphate (2 articles.) (Created by Greg Maybury)
With   the empire du jour embarking on further 'Groundhog Day' military adventures, in   this sweeping three part essay on the post-9/11 geopolitical milieu, Greg Maybury reflects   on how America arrived at this point, what insights might be gained by looking   back in time, and ponders what might have been and what could be.                                                                      Oh,   and who the real enemy might be after all. Depending on your viewpoint, a brave   and/or foolish undertaking. But, he argues, around 50 years after the fall of Saigon, 25 years after the Fall of the Wall signalling the end of the Cold War, and 100 years after the opening salvos of   the Great War to End all Wars (at   least until the next one arrived), Uncle Sam needs all the help he can   get.   
// Constitution of the United
A Revolution (3 articles.) (Created by Pal Palsimon)
     A Revolution:  Part I The End Goals, Why and How.    A Revolution: Part II-  Tools at Our   Disposal          A Revolution:  Part III The Devil in Details.        
Aaron and Ashlin
Aaron Winborn (2 articles.) (Created by Meryl Ann Butler)
abortion/pro-choice (1 articles.) (Created by Joan Brunwasser)
GNC, General Nutrition Center: GNC, General Nutrition Center
Access: the POWER of MONEY (50 articles.) (Created by Susan Lee Schwartz)
Activism (95 articles.) (Created by Joan Brunwasser)
Activism, Protest, Civil Disobedience (51 articles.) (Created by Rob Kall)
Clete Wetli
Addiction (1 articles.) (Created by Joan Brunwasser)
// Adolph Reed, Jr.
Adolph Reed Interview and Transcript (3 articles.) (Created by Rob Kall)
After the Meltdown (7 articles.) (Created by Philip Zack)
This series of short stories explores what life might have been like if the global financial meltdown had destroyed the dollar and the US government had collapsed, leaving the cities and states to fend for themselves. It starts in Los Angeles, where vacated mansions are being turned over to people who need a place to live...
Aquarius watercolo
Age of Aquarius (2 articles.) (Created by Anne Nordhaus-Bike)
Articles related to our current shift into a new astrological age.  
Age of Peace 2050 Project (0 articles.) (Created by JanStephen Cavanaugh)
// Alan Grayson
All Rise: Somebodies, Nobodies, and the Politics of Dignity (14 articles.) (Created by Robert Fuller)
This is the first part of the serialization of All Rise: Somebodies, Nobodies, and the Politics of Dignity (Berrett-Koehler, 2006). The ideas in this book are further developed in my recent novel The Rowan Tree.
the happy couple, BA [Before Alzheimer's]
Alzheimer's (1 articles.) (Created by Joan Brunwasser)
America's Executive Branch (4 articles.) (Created by fred branfman)
American Dynasties and Dynasty Taxes (6 articles.) (Created by Rob Kall)
the scary part
American Oligarchs (4 articles.) (Created by lila york)
The building once occupied by St. Agatha, an Episcopal girls school,
An era that has gone (2 articles.) (Created by Peter Duveen)
The story of a Brooklyn Heights family and the artist whose career they nurtured.
An Impractical Guide (3 articles.) (Created by Larry Butler)
Emma and Yael
Animals (4 articles.) (Created by Joan Brunwasser)
Anti-Aging (0 articles.) (Created by Scott Baker)
Anti Aging science stories  

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