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June 21, 2009

What is a Good Father? Are You a Good Parent?

By Mark Adams JD/MBA

What is a good father or mother? A good father or mother provides a variety of things that are important to their children, but mostly importantly, a good father or mother takes action to make sure that their children are protected from harm. Certainly, a good father or mother would take action to protect their children from being beaten, raped or tortured. Will you?


Unfortunately, since you’ve been kept in the dark about one of the most important ways that our Nation’s Framers provided for us to prevent abuse by government agents and criminals and the widespread damage that the loss of that right has caused, you are failing your children. However, you can redeem yourself by taking action now.

What is a good father or mother? A good father or mother provides a variety of things that are important to their children, but mostly importantly, a good father or mother takes action to make sure that their children are protected from harm.

Certainly, a good father or mother would take action to protect their children from being beaten, raped or tortured.  However, most Americans are failing their children in this most important task. Torture is routinely used by U.S. government agents against Americans, but the "news" media almost never mentions this serious issue or that it happens daily to completely innocent, mostly young, Americans.

Since most of you are saying, "No way. That can’t be true!" I’ll let you in on one of the dirty secrets that the "news" media cartel has kept you in the dark about.

In 2003, Congress made the following findings:

  1. "The total number of inmates who have been sexually assaulted in the past 20 years likely exceeds 1,000,000." 42 U.S.C. § 15601(2)  That’s an average of over 130 sexual assaults of Americans every day.
  2. "Juveniles are 5 times more likely to be sexually assaulted in adult rather than juvenile facilities--often within the first 48 hours of incarceration." 42 U.S.C. § 15601(4)  Of course, no one has been convicted of any crime within 48 hours of being taken into custody.
  3. "Prison rape endangers the public safety by making brutalized inmates more likely to commit crimes when they are released…." 42 U.S.C. § 15601(8)  Those who are not completely destroyed by this torture are inclined to kill members of "law" enforcement especially when faced with a threat of being imprisoned and tortured again.
  4. In its findings on prisoner rape, Congress did not consider as rape "the use of a health care provider's hands or fingers and the use of instruments to perform body cavity searches in order to maintain security and safety within the prison or detention facility, provided that the search is conducted in a manner consistent with constitutional requirements." 42 U.S.C. § 15609(12)(C) Of course, these "strip searches" are usually conducted without a warrant or any semblance of probable cause, and therefore, they are technically also rape. Just ask anyone who has gone through one or seen one. For an example, see the one crime victim Hope Steffey experienced at the link below.

"Law" enforcement have most of the sick fun, but judges want a piece of the action, too. For an example, see this article about jailers bringing defendants to a judge’s chambers so that he could rape them. Mobile Press-Register – Former Judge Charged with Kidnapping, Sex Abuse

Oh, don’t think that you have to commit a crime to be arrested and raped by "law" enforcement. It happens to victims who call the police for help, especially if they are pretty. For an example, see The State Torture of Hope Steffey.

Of course, those sadists in "law" enforcement enjoy beating people, too. See for example, the rare article covering the DoJ’s announcement that 2002 Suspects Died in Police Custody Over 3 Years, 2002 to 2005.

Yes, as a standard practice, young Americans are tortured, raped, and beaten by "law" enforcement every day in America, but the ACLU does nothing, the media censors this information from the public, and most importantly, just as with those who tortured prisoners overseas, the U.S. Government and the state governments do nothing to stop this widespread torture. Why? Because throughout history, the main use of torture has been to control the populace.

Is this acceptable to you? Do you want to know why U.S. government agents can treat you like a slave? If so, see What Happens When the People Lose the Power to Control Government and What You Can Do to Take the Power Back?

Here are a couple of passages from that article which point out the importance of the right to present evidence of criminal conduct to a grand jury.

As United States Supreme Court Justice Joseph P. Bradley said in
Blyew v. U.S., 80 U.S. 581, 598 (1871), every citizen has a right to enter a complaint before a magistrate, or the grand jury. Justice Bradley explained, "I say ‘right,’ for it is a right, an inestimable right, that of invoking the penalties of the law upon those who criminally or feloniously attack our persons or our property. Civil society has deprived us of the natural right of avenging ourselves, but it has preserved to us, all the more jealously, the right of bringing the offender to justice." Id.

Justice Bradley also pointed out that if a person was deprived of the right to bring a criminal complaint to a grand jury that person was reduced from the status of a free citizen to no more than a slave. He stated, "To deprive a whole class of the community of this right, to refuse their evidence and their sworn complaints, is to brand them with a badge of slavery; is to expose them to wanton insults and fiendish assaults; is to leave their lives, their families, and their property unprotected by law. It gives unrestricted license and impunity to vindictive outlaws and felons to rush upon these helpless people and kill and slay them at will, as was done in this case." Id at 599.

Imagine if a citizen presented evidence to a grand jury showing that she was beaten and raped by members of "law" enforcement. Do you think that the citizens on the grand jury would indict those "law" enforcement officers? I do, and I think that the loss of this inestimable right is why our government has become so corrupt and abusive.

So, are you going to do anything to help prevent your son, wife or daughter from being tortured? If so, join us on June 25 for Torture Accountability Action Day. For more info on that see http://tortureaccountability.webs.com/

Oh, by the way, the principle of justice for all no longer exists in the U.S.A. Now, government agents can torture with impunity, but if you even simulate torture, you will be arrested.  See U.S. Government Threatens to Prosecute Waterboarding

Submitters Bio:

I am active in the election, judicial and media reform movements. I obtained the first injunctions getting a third party candidate into debates, and I have handled more Congressional election contests than any other attorney. I practiced law in the banana republic of Florida. In 2006, I represented Max Linn, the Reform Party candidate for Governor of Florida, in successful lawsuits brought against the media to require his inclusion in the Gubernatorial debates. I also represented John Russell, Clint Curtis, Frank Gonzalez, and others in contesting the official results of the 2006 elections in Florida state court and before the U.S. House of Representatives. See my articles for information about the cover-up of these contests and the evidence which we obtained showing that the votes were not counted accurately. Naturally, the powers that be were not happy, so I was hurriedly disbarred without due process and in violation of my rights under color of law. For more on that, see "Justice" in Florida's Supreme Court!?! at http://blip.tv/file/1339250 and don't miss the links below the video. I earned my BA in business administration with a major in finance and a minor in economics at the University of South Florida. I earned my law degree and my MBA at the University of Florida where I also worked as a teaching assistant in the Economics Department. Unfortunately, an education doesn't mean much in a third world country. For more on that, see my speech titled "No Justice, No Peace, No Prosperity" given at the National Judicial Reform Conference at Rice University at http://markadams.blip.tv/file/2074454 I have been involved in the judicial reform movement since 2003, the media reform movement since 2004, and the election reform movement since 2006. Before those years, I believed that judges followed the law, that our media told us the truth, and that our votes were counted. Beliefs that most of us once held and that many still hold on to. Unfortunately, I learned that these beliefs were no longer true. However, I believe that we can counteract the forces which have destroyed these institutions if we face reality and take action before it is too late. Please remember that the American dream will die and our children will suffer if the people do not know what their government leaders are doing, if the people are not able to vote ineffective or corrupt leaders out of office, or if government actors can ignore the law and the facts with no repercussions! For more info, see http://www.markadamsjdmba.com/ and to contact me, see http://www.markadamsjdmba.com/contact-mark-adams/ Mark A. Adams JD/MBA