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December 10, 2013

A Diminished "America"

By Rafe Pilgrim

One can hardly recognize today the "America" we were taught in school and so highly respected.


From http://www.flickr.com/photos/35740357@N03/6022923751/: Bill of Rights, 09/25/1789
With 90-odd percent of our Congress hooked to such as the Koch brothers, the Fracking fraternity and the Banksters via campaign "contributions" (spelled:  B-R-I-B-E-S)
-- and with an ever-morphing establishmentarian President
-- and with just two entrenched partisan political persuasions who will support their respective leadership's nominee do or die
-- and with a Supreme Court of vintage Robber-Baron persuasion "interpreting" our Constitution
-- and with the pat-downs and electronic strip searches of grandmothers boarding domestic airline flights in Nashville to visit a little girl in Peoria 
-- and with the "Support-Our-Troops" propaganda device legitimating constant war while shouting down the ideal of Peace
-- and with the federal spy agencies monitoring, analyzing, collating and alerting our personal communications
With this all, it becomes ever-regressively remote that the common citizenry of America will ever (be allowed to) recover our Bill of Rights, except by the means employed by our Founding Fathers, i.e. the Revolution celebrated in our school days, but now a word -- or rather a keyword -- on Big Brother's watch list.
Pity, America, we hardly recognize you anymore.

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Leaving behind a treacherous government now addicted to perpetual war, its limitlessly greedy and power-lusting masters, as well as the retarded albeit smirky Republicans and their evermore clonish Democrat colleagues, a braindead electorate incapable of recognizing its own best interests, the hypocritical Christians who '"support our troops," and the tiresome, sloganeering and feckless activist-hobbyists, as well as those who profit from their plastic morality -- I now repair to my Jungle Home amidst the giant palmettos on a dirt road running east from the Gulf coast that neither the US Mail nor school buses dare assay, and there to gain the more decent and trustworthy company of the indigenous sand tortoises and rattlesnakes.