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November 22, 2013

21st-Century Libertarian

By Neal C Chambers

Undoing what has been obscured; revealing what everyone knows and no one talks about.


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Libertarians believe in adherence to the principles of individual rights described in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.   True libertarians span the spectrum of left to right where the shared interests are fairness, equal treatment under the law, and liberty.

The basic premise of libertarians goes back to the time of our "Founding Fathers" and the desire of people to live free of tyranny.

Although a libertarian in the 1970s, I eventually left the Libertarian Party.   I noticed that some big-money interests became involved in aiming and directing the libertarian agenda to protect them from the government.   They sought the liberty to expand the harm they were doing to the general welfare of the people.   They sought impunity from justice.

We all know, huge businesses almost always get away with crime because of their armies of attorneys.   Next they have their "non-disclosure agreements' that gag even scientists who want to say, "Yeah, I warned the CEO about that" but cannot without having their lives ruined.   We saw this commonly back when tobacco company scientists did have their lives ruined for disclosing dangers tobacco companies knew about and covered up.   Huge businesses have the ability to muddy responsibility by pointing the finger at someone else in a hodge-podge of he said/she said orchestrations but they want more liberty to get away with crime.

They don't want consumer-protection laws; they don't like laws that protect people from defective products; they don't like laws that infringe on their right to poison and destroy our environment.   They don't want laws that turn our society into a Monopoly game where one person wins and the rest must get off the planet.

For these businesses, they see the Libertarian Party as a means to an end.   They claim the government is infringing on their rights as individuals (and corporations).   Since they can weasel their way out of any civil or criminal accusation most of the time, now they want to rid themselves of regulations altogether, using the right to individual liberty as their pretext.

It seems every political party becomes subject to manipulation by special interests, yet government is intended to protect ALL people, not just segments of the population.

As soon as any new party begins to gain momentum, they begin to become infiltrated with special-interest agendas that discourage the original  founders.   The Libertarian Party was perhaps more susceptible, embracing a concept of freedom that transcends the political spectrum and speaks directly to justice.

Original founders of political parties are often beholden to ideal principles that correct injustices in society.   Principles such as every individual's right to just and fair treatment by the government are usually on the top of the list.   Special interests, however, use political parties to manipulate elections the way corporate raiders use companies to profit while destroying those companies.   They come in, have the company borrow money, pay themselves dividends, and finally bankrupt the company and lay off the employees.

The same systems of corruption and greed that work on nations will even work on the entire planet if we allow this to happen.

The libertarian belief is derived from a time when one could move out into a wilderness if they could not tolerate a society. 

Modern times in our capitalist system have essentially automated 'work' done in previous ages, creating a system that is owned by a few and leaves the bulk of humanity to starve to death as the Monopoly game progresses.   Through the latter half of the 20th century we were repeatedly told that automation would enable us to have better lives and more leisure.   Instead we have a class of super-rich.   We have families where both parents work, sometimes at two jobs, which is much less leisure.   We have people starving in the streets while a multitude of homes sit vacant, rotting.   Worse, we have young people who see no honorable way out of this dilemma.

The U.S. Constitution starts:  

"We, the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America".

This is socialism.   No, it is not a communist system whereby no-one has private ownership, it is the establishment of a government that is intended to establish JUSTICE, insure PEACE, provide common DEFENCE (not tyrannize over the world to establish an Imperialist Policy to serve corporations and their CEOs), promote the general WELFARE and secure the blessings of LIBERTY (for all of us and our children and their children).   A libertarian society requires the establishment of a government that serves everyone to these ends.

The libertarian beliefs, to work in today's world, must be tempered with a socialized government that provides housing, food, and medical care for all. 

Once the conditions for all people to live is met with the coordination of a just government, the libertarian principle being the 'right to choose' how one lives one's own life, not harming others, is possible.   This should be distinguished from the right to pollute, steal, and cheat, which is how the libertarian agenda is often transfigured by special interests wanting to destroy any aspect of government that limits the harm they do.

Without this socialized system, ownership eventually goes to a handful of people and everyone else is left 'out in the cold'.  There is no justice, there is no tranquility, there is no common defence, and there is no general welfare in a society that only serves the wealthy and destroys the poor.   No system that when sustained destroys a great part of humanity serves the public.   Therefore such a system should never be tolerated by the public.

The libertarian belief is integral to an American belief tied to why the pioneers left existing homes and cultures to be free from the domination and tyranny of others.   As such, the libertarian ideals will always arise as a cause for humanity.    We must remember they were fleeing not so they could hoodwink and cheat others unimpeded; they were fleeing to be free of tyranny and injustice.

The libertarian belief alone does not create a society in which the general welfare is assured.   The libertarian belief is founded upon a government that makes this possible in the 21st century.   Certainly not a government sabotaged by legislators so that the very wealthy may rule by force.

Although the architecture of libertarian values is very American, the concept is universal.   Nowhere do people want their choices regarding their own lives impeded by the needless tyranny of an egomaniacal psycho or a group of them.

People must work together to mutually fulfill greater dreams, but this can only happen when people do so of free choice as opposed to coercion.

To this effect, the ancient Chinese I Ching notes (paraphrased) that leadership can happen in two ways.   One may lead by great character and win the love of the people to where others will die for her or him; or one may lead by force, by coercion and by intimidation, assured of a knife in the back at the first opportunity.      

Libertarian values transcend culture.  Libertarian values do not require adherence to religion or dogma with only one rule:   that if one expects respect from others, one must extend that respect to others.

Please don't confuse individual rights with the right to commit crimes provided you can get away with it in court as some capital-'L' libertarians might have you believe. 

Big money can always hide behind libertarianism; perpetrating injustice, harming humanity, enslaving people, treating people with disrespect, and imposing a philosophy that they own the world and the rest of us are trespassers.  In true libertarianism, this would be remedied by a just court system where the injured party is compensated.  In reality, our court systems are under-funded and require the costly services of an attorney, making legal recourse unavailable for too many people.

Only those with money can afford attorneys, so without government regulation and without recourse via the law, the masses are deprived of any protection.   Those who often pretend to be advocates of libertarianism while serving big money advance agendas to finalize the death, the enslavement, and tyranny over the masses, destroying the libertarian ethic.

To prevent this we must recognize the need for an economic system that provides fair distribution of the wealth, including recognizing the needs of our ecosystem and other life forms on this planet; government regulation should always be efficient, but never reduced to allowing any segment of the population to tyrannize and harm everyone else.

Legislators should have the authority to legislate laws that do not criminalize people without a specific complaint; court decisions finding repeat offenses against society in general should be the cornerstone upon which regulations are created and modified.

Upon such a foundation, the libertarian ethic can exist for all humanity.   Tyranny that infringes on personal liberty without just cause can be eliminated.     Protection for individual free choice should foremost in the eyes of government, not the destruction of free choice to ease the manipulation of the masses for a consumer-oriented self-destructing system of energy and resource waste to feed the greed of a very few while ignoring the general welfare of the people.

Our socialist Constitution can provide limited private property rights (that is the right to a home, food, and medical care and such personal effects as a person requires for their own craft) and when combined with a libertarian ethic ultimately unites all who truly support justice to make our Constitution do what the founders intended. 

Culture, as such, should never be imposed but must always remain a feature of free choice.  Many fear the disappearance of cultural values that exist by domination, by violence, by 'ganging up,' all contrary to a libertarian ideal and all acts of injustice.  Let those cultures of tyranny wither and vanish!   They have no place in a free 21st-century society.

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Submitters Bio:

I consider myself a renaissance man as I believe I have (since a very young age when I saw first-hand people with lives of starvation, without housing and without medical care) been on the cutting edge of understanding politics and foreign policy, of understanding not only science but being able to go beyond the bounds psuedo-science typically establishes for the masses; I am a persevering activist for truth and justice. I am a writer who loves to write to share my ideas with those who can appreciate them. I am a thinker who sees not only the immediate but the long distance in space and time. I communicate with a predilection for sometimes explaining things in such total depth that my eloquence is missed. In the spirit of a philosopher I love and study all knowledge known to man and anything unknown I find. I am not specialized but recall a plethora of unique and applicable knowledge. I currently lives in the Reno, Nevada area and cares for his elderly father. Although I was raised in a highly educated family and looked toward specializing myself, things did not work out as I planned them. My mother's egalitarian views made it important to me to view all people on a level plain regardless of appearances, preferences and status. Then their was the specter of nuclear war and the realization that most everyone put their personal lives first and that a vacuum existed where champions of peace and justice were desperately needed. That said, I am plagued with the thought that societies everywhere are populated by people with mediocre and misinformed notions and rarely or avoid altogether looking beyond their own needs. I was a hippie of the 1960's with hopes that by communication people could be awoken to see through the confusion that separates and alienates populations from each other. Not being overly optimistic back then has spared me bitter disillusionment now. I am joyous at the prospect of sharing ideas using the OpEdNews.com site and hopes you too find food for thought and inspiration from this site, as do I. And share the site with others. In this Orwellian time where our corporate media choruses to program people what to think (and not to think) instead of reporting that which is cataclysmically in the forefront of these changing times.