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May 2012

Thursday, May 31:

New cyberweapon discovered; Iran computers hit

Groundwater depletion in semiarid regions of Texas and California threatens US food security

DNA designs done faster, cheaper

Tuesday, May 29:

It Took Earth Ten Million Years to Recover from Greatest Mass Extinction (4 comments)

Wanted: alien life -- dead or alive (2 comments)

Sunday, May 27:

Chimps' personalities are like people's, study says (4 comments)

Saturday, May 26:

Magma Rise Sparked Life as We Know It?

Friday, May 25:

Mars 'has life's building blocks'

Thursday, May 24:

Telescope peers into the origins of the universe

Top 10 list of new species (1 comments)

Wednesday, May 23:

Nasa chief hails Private Company Cargo Launch A New Era In Space

Rewritable DNA memory shown off

Sunday, May 20:

Scientists document fragile land-sea ecological chain

Private space travel: A new era begins?

Saturday, May 19:

An up-close look at star factory blazing brightly (1 comments)

Paralysed patients use thoughts to control robotic arm (1 comments)

Friday, May 18:

The Pacific Ocean is dying (1 comments)

Suspicious Eyes: Baseline Level of Distrust Distinct from Inborn Lie Detector (1 comments)

Watching the 'Birth' of an Electron: Ionization Viewed With 10 Attosecond Resolution (1 comments)

Thursday, May 17:

Messages from the early Universe

Earliest Galaxies Were More Suitable for Life Than Originally Thought

"Map of Life" Shows the Location of All Organisms, Large and Small

Study Links Biodiversity and Language Loss

Climate Change May Leave Many Mammals Homeless (1 comments)

Wednesday, May 16:

Stunning HD Earth Photos, ISS Videos Provide Jaw-Dropping Space Views

How the "Brain Defect" Theory of Depression Stigmatizes Depression Sufferers (1 comments)

These boots are made for charging: 'Living machines' use viruses to generate electricity

Tuesday, May 15:

Spaceship Enterprise in 20 years?

Rio+20 summit leaders 'must improve nature protection'

Chinese physicists achieve quantum teleportation over 60 miles

Photo Captures 100,000 Swarming Stars in Cluster (1 comments)

Monday, May 14:

NASA's Top Ten Infrared Space Pictures

Sunday, May 13:

Cancer Stem Cells Hold Key To Discovering A Cure

James Webb telescope's 'first light' instrument ready to ship

Nasa probe sees the 'edge' of our solar system for first time

Did Vioxx Kill Half a Million People? (2 comments)

Saturday, May 12:

Freak hail storm kills dozens in China

Climate Change: Real People Connect the Dots Worldwide

Low-cost Hydrogen Coming Our Way? (1 comments)

Friday, May 11:

Free-Floating Planets Outnumber Stars by Factors of Thousands: Life-Bearing Planets May Exist in Vast Numbers

Ancient Mars volcano blast hints at wet history

'Copying' error may have built up our brains

Thursday, May 10:

Game Over for Climate? (4 comments)

Got CRS? Neurotranmitters Identified that Lead to Forgetting

Wednesday, May 9:

Plastic Trash Altering Ocean Habitats

Magnetic bacteria may help build future bio-computers (1 comments)

Light from alien 'super-Earth' is seen for the first time (1 comments)

Earth-like planets unlikely around stars with 'hot Jupiters'

Tuesday, May 8:

Satellite Measurements Make Global Climate Models Closer

Robot brain scientists to learn how you think?

Dinosaurs' Gaseous Emissions Warmed Earth?

Monday, May 7:

The Nuclear Industry Has Melted in Japan and France (3 comments)

Sunday, May 6:

Subaru telescope discovers the most distant protocluster of galaxies

NASA video: Pursuit of Light (1 comments)

How long a neutron lives holds clues to the cosmos

"Ome," the Sound of the Scientific Universe Expanding

Lightning signature could help reveal the solar system's origins

Saturday, May 5:

Cesium 137 Coming Your Way? Very Possibly

Friday, May 4:

Are You Ready For Saturday's Supermoon? (1 comments)

The brain... it makes you think. Doesn't it?

Europeans turn on the JUICE for Jupiter mission

Solar system may have evolved faster than thought

Plastic trash in oceans 'vastly' underestimated (1 comments)

NASA's Curiosity rover 100 days from Martian landing

More Room for Data in 'Phase-change' Material

Low Oxygen Levels Could Drive Cancer Ggrowth (1 comments)

Stem Cells Rejuvenated to be Functionally Younger: Are You Next in Line?

Thursday, May 3:

Odds of finding alien life boosted of billions of habitable worlds (7 comments)

Strange organism has unique roots in the tree of life

Two endangered mammals photographed in wild for the first time

White Dwarfs Are Eating 'Earth-like' Planets for Dinner

Beating Heart Donors (1 comments)

Biodiversity Loss Could Rival Impacts of Climate Change, Pollution

Wednesday, May 2:

Experiments Underestimate Plant Responses to Climate Change

Economic Growth Bad for the Planet?

Tuesday, May 1:

New Particle Discovered at CERN (3 comments)

The Next Drones: Autonomous Robotic Warriors (2 comments)

Neurons in Bird Brains Encode Earth's Magnetic Field, Giving Pigeons Reliable Internal GPS (1 comments)

Prenatal Exposure to Insecticide Linked to Alterations in Brain Structure (1 comments)

Darwinian Selection Continues to Influence Human Evolution (2 comments)

24 new Caribbean lizard species identified (1 comments)

Australia lists the koala as 'vulnerable' species


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