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How to Post Articles-- A quick tutorial

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fill in the title and text fields

if you have images, you may want to check our FAQ on adding images. We are more likely to headline articles with images. 
It's Easy to Add Images To Your Articles; Here's How.
and How to Add Flickr Images to Your Article or Diary

make sure you embed links in text. How To Embed URL Links in Text, to Make Words Clickable

click SUBMIT (the first of two times you'll click on submit.) This filters your text to remove formatting created by your word processor.

select the article category

Add a Description. You have 430 characters. Do NOT use the title as the description. Tell more about the article

Select a Hot Page. this can increase readership

consider adding an optional action page: Creating Action Pages For Your Articles

Consider including a first comment to the article. That "primes the pump" and  helps get more comments.

click on the SAVE DRAFT button

select exclusivity option (exclusive submissions are guaranteed to be included in our daily emailing of articles to over 400 editors and email newsletter article aggregators

select tags: How to use the tagging system fast and effectively
Why Tag?

click on the USE TAGS button in the right column.

click on preview article to view how it will look. It's important to take this step.

close preview. Use your browser controls to do this. When you close the preview, you will return to the article control panel.

Click on Publish article or, type in a date and click on Publish Article Later

Share your article using Facebook, Twitter, DIGG and REDDIT to maximize the readership. This is important. You get member "reputation" points for posting an article, but also for commenting and for using twitter, facebook, digg, reddit and tell-a-friend tools-- things that help support the site.

If you lose your submission "midstream," if you've used the Save Draft function, you can retrieve your work. Or, if you don't want to finish the article immediately, you can come back to it later.

Tell a Friend: Tell A Friend

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