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Working with Images in Articles

How to Add Flickr Images to Your Article

You can legally add images to your writing to dramatically spice it up and increase you chances of getting headlined

I've put some time into researching flickr.

The thing is, we only run content with permission. So you need to find art that gives you permission. The good news is, when people post to flickr.com, they can specify that they are giving creative commons rights. That means, as long as you attribute the photo to the photographer, you can use it free-- at least here on OpEdNews, which is a non-profit 501-C3 org. For sites which are not non-profit, the rules may be different. 

How to Find Images you can use:

You do an advanced search  on flickr.com(use this link and save a click or two')

Type in the key words you are searching under.

Check off that you only want creative commons images.

If you want to narrow the search further, you may set a date after which the photos have been taken. 

Then click search. 

Then, when you look at the images, there are icons that tell you what permissions they allow. Ones that allow publishing with attribution are what we are looking for.  You can mouse over the icons to see. 

Then, when you post the image, include the attribution to the photographer, preferably with a link to their flickr photostream.

Here's an example. I was searching for images from Gaza and found some amazing photos by Amir Farshad Ebrahimi.

Here's one below: 

The body of a Palestinian security force officer lays in the rubble after an Israeli missile strike...  by Amir Farshad Ebrahimi.

Share Alike Some rights reserved

Uploaded on Jan 2, 2009

 I actually copied the icons which appear below the photo in Ebrahami's photostream. You can mouse over them to see that one is for attribution. That means you can use it with attribution.

I copied the "by Amir Farshad Ebrahimi."  from his photostream page and used that for the attribution. 

 We're going to be enhancing our use of images on the front page and hot pages, and content with images will be getting favored attention. Give it a try. The learning curve is easy and having images in your article makes a big difference.

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