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Robert S. Becker: Mocking Literalists Defy 'Literal' Science For 'Creation Myth' My issue isn't that such fundamentalists are stupidly literalist (despite the ambiguity that is language), but that they embrace unreliable, transparently outdated literalism. Fundamentalists galore make their cosmic blunders worse by worshipping overtly child-like fables. If prudent literalism is your thing, why not instead go for something substantial, like the Principle of Conservation of Energy 5 

Therapeutic bacteria prevent obesity in mice, study finds -- ScienceDaily A probiotic that prevents obesity could be on the horizon. Bacteria that produce a therapeutic compound in the gut inhibit weight gain, insulin resistance and other adverse effects of a high-fat diet in mice, investigators have discovered. Regulatory issues must be addressed before moving to human studies, but the findings suggest that it may be possible to manipulate the bacterial residents of the gut -- the gut microbiota --... 2 
Thomas Farrell: *Ong + Jung = New Insights about Tradition in the Roman Catholic Church The Roman Catholic bishops in the U.S. are notorious. They are anti-abortion zealots (they are even against legalized abortion in the first trimester), anti-gay-marriage zealots, and anti-contraception-mandate zealots (for Catholic institutions that they claim are part of their church). But their zealotry is based on their disordered Tradition of thought. So why don't they change their way of thinking? 1 

Soaring Meat Consumption Bigger Problem Than Thought: Study Eating meat is turning up the heat. That's the message from a team of international researchers whose just published study shows that the raising of livestock and consumption of meat--especially beef--is becoming an increasingly aggressive driver of planetary global warming and climate change. Published this week in the journal Climatic Change and posted in the U.S. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the re... 1 

Gary Corseri: We Are The Palestinians No man is an island, John Donne wrote 4 centuries ago. Every man's death diminishes me, he wrote. And we add now--every woman's death, every child's. We are all connected--more so now in our Internet Age than ever. Those people with ancient roots in their land must be cherished. No people have a "God-given" or self-proclaimed right to abuse others. Learn from the past, learn from others to move to a higher consciousness. 3 

Study reveals 'unhappiest' cities in the U.S. -- ScienceDaily New research identifies the unhappiest cities in the U.S., but finds that some young people are still willing to relocate to them for a good job opportunity or lower housing prices. The analysis suggests people may be deciding to trade happiness for other gains. 3 

'Weird Al' Yankovic Wraps 8 Days of Videos With 'Mission Statement' WSJ -"Weird Al" Yankovic finishes his eight-day run of new videos by premiering "Mission Statement" on Speakeasy. The song, from Yankovic's new album "Mandatory Fun," is in the style of Crosby, Stills & Nash (think "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" or "Carry On"). The song features Yankovic harmonizing with himself on lyrics constructed of corporate jargon, like "operationalize our strategies" and "leverage our core competencies," wh...

Cathy Lynn Pagano: The Cosmic Story: Leo New Moon 2014 We are both solar and lunar creatures. After a year traveling through the watery sign of Cancer, the big planet Jupiter has moved on into the sign of Leo, the King. This next year is a time to bring your creative vision into the world, hopefully for the betterment of the world. This Saturday's Leo New Moon includes Jupiter's energy. It's a great time to seed a new creative vision. We need a better vision of the future. 1 
Suzana Megles: Sportsman Act/Filthy Chicken Rule I think most of us are unhappy with Congress. I believe this one is considered a do-nothing Congress. Truly this seems so re the much needed horse protection SAFE Act where there seems to be no movement at all on its passage as far as I can determine. However, thankfully, they did not pass the Sportsman Bill which would have benefited a precious few and been harmful to our public lands and wildlife. 14 

Simon Manners: Guilt Free and Healthy Desserts: Psychological Perspective Desserts are one of the life's blessings. There is no point in depriving yourself anymore, thanks to the new studies. Give it a read.

Joan Brunwasser: Overturning 'Citizens United': The People 3, Plutocrats 0 This morning we celebrate about the most momentous issue of our generation, repudiating the corrupt Citizens United Supreme Court decision. In CA, Gov. Brown has issued a proclamation allowing the legislature to put the Overturn Citizens United Act on the Nov. ballot which will give the voters an opportunity to speak out on whether the Constitution should now be amended to clarify: money is NOT speech, corporations NOT people.

Bob Patterson: Cue the "bowl of granola" jokes! Are Six states better than one?

Let Weird Al Teach You About Grammar in His New "Blurred Lines" Parody Weird Al Yankovic is back, you guys. Earlier this week he released a video parodying Pharrell William's "Happy," and now, he's tackling Robin Thicke's hit song "Blurred Lines" and turned it into "Word Crimes," an entertaining (and honestly, quite educational) ode to proper grammar. He wants to "try to educate ya." Barring that, he suggests consulting a "cunning linguist." You know you want (to watch) it. Weird Al had a big dic... 1 

Joan Brunwasser: "The Meryl Streep of Audiobooks" is Also Miss Rosa on Netflix's 'Orange Is The New Black' An actor's life is fraught with highs and lows, the unexpected, massive disappointment, rejection, and life changing moments of wonder. Just being able to recognize how one is doing and what to do next, given the chance, is a constant, stress making enterprise. But this is what I know. It is what makes me tick. I hope to be able to continue to provide pleasure either on screen, stage, or in a pair of earbuds near you.

Kevin Tully: Israel: Servicing the Dysfunction The State of Israel is currently deep in the throes of "Servicing the Dysfunction". In its service to the tragic past of its people and "Never Again", Israel is a nation of mentally ill warriors. To willfully destroy the beautiful and cherished lives of innocent Palestinians as a panacea for your own tragic loss is, although common, crazy. 8 

Richard Girard: In the Heart of Madness How does one stay sane in a world gone mad? Where narcissism is celebrated as a desired trait, and acting like a sociopath is considered the best way to get ahead in business. Selfishness is the one consistent symptom in all mental illness, so common we have to ask if it is not a form of neurosis in itself. We may never know: societies based on selfishness don't survive for long. 14 

Gary Corseri: The "Peace Process" Dies Again There is no "peace process."/ There is peace and the absence of peace--/ The gnawing hunger for it,/ The desperation of the vanquished. 4 
Another teachers union ding for Arne Duncan - Allie Grasgreen - The American Federation of Teachers approved a resolution this afternoon calling for Education Secretary Arne Duncan to resign if he does not improve under a plan to be implemented by President Barack Obama. After much debate, the union also approved a resolution deriding corporate profiteering, invalid scoring systems and administrative mishaps of in the Common Core, but ultimately supporting the "spirit" of the standards. 1 
T. M. Elkins: Antiwar Song, "Candyland" protests pro-war propaganda "Candyland", Antiwar song by singer songwriter Tabitha Elkins, creates online buzz 1 

Robert S. Becker: Run, Hillary, Run: Defy the Critics -- Expose Your Real Self, Never Say Die The good news for Clinton objectors is Maher's warning shots, and far better advice, will fall on deaf, tin ears. Only destiny and higher powers, as in Greek tragedies, thwarts the Clintons' high drama. Maher ignores what makes Hillary run: not great legislative feats, nor leading great reform movements, nor diplomatic breakthroughs (conspicuous throughout by their absence) but unshaken, unmatched, gritty endurance. 5 
Jim Donovan: Happy Secret to Better Work We've had it backwards all along. Science is now proving that happiness is a leading contributor to engagement and productivity. As more and more people get this idea, and use it to start living their authentic happiness, we'll begin to see significant improvements in, not only the economy, but, more importantly, how people feel at work and at home. 1 
E B Bortz: in this moment poem

Gail Zawacki: In a Fine Frenzy - - the universal dance of delusion...and the paucity of hope This essay is about coming to terms with the inevitability of planetary ecosystem collapse, and the inescapable verity that it has been caused by humanity's rampage through nature. It explores the reasons our species is incapable of intelligent choices that might have spared us from compulsively unraveling the fabric of life on our home, Earth. 14 

Anne Nordhaus-Bike: Astrology July 2014: Out of Darkness, Into Light For two weeks, starting at the full Moon on July 12, life will feel intense and filled with change, as if we're passing through an emotional or spiritual tunnel. In this period we will see many planets change signs and change direction, helping us tie up loose ends and finish projects so we're ready for new adventures. In the end, this time will bring us out of lunar darkness and into solar light. 3 

Bob Patterson: Burgers, pizza and tourists What ever happened to Liars' Poker? 1 
Hamad S Alomar: FIFA, Fairplay & Peace Can the art of football beats the roots of hate, racism and religious fundamentalism? Has FIFA done anything simultaneous with the games to promote world peace and co-existence? Not really.

Bernard Starr: Does Conspiracy Account for the Absence of Jesus' Jewish Identity in Renaissance Art? Search Renaissance depictions of Jesus his family and disciples and you will not find even a trace of their Jewish identities and heritage. These omissions were far worse than a conspiracy. They reflected assumptions that were woven into the very fabric of Medieval and Renaissance society's marginalization and persecution of Jews. Pope Francis though is leding a new era of reconciliation of Christianity and Judaism 2 

An incredible unscripted Jay Leno segment: Pumpcast News. [VIDEO] In this hilarious unscripted segment on Late Night with Jay Leno, called Pumpcast News, contestants get offered a free tank of gas if they play along with the host. A fabulous, fun-loving couple at a Burbank gas station sings some karaoke to earn the free fuel -- and they inspire us to seize the moment and appreciate the unexpected joys in life. This went SO viral! If you aren't flying high after viewing this, better take a pu... 2 
Suzana Megles: Dog Eating in the Philipines To know that many thousands of poor dogs are still being killed in the Philippines and many Asian countries is truly tragic for people like me. I hope that you too find this problematic and cruel. 5 

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