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Burl Hall: Emerging from the Top-Down Dark Ages and Into an Endless Sea of Potential We supposedly just left what is often called the Kali Yuga, or Dark Age. Is this a time of awakening? Or is it a time for us human beings to go extinct? Which way do we want it? Is is worth it to us to dump approximately 2 to 5,000 years of conditioning in order to create a sane world? It is in our best interest to question and change.That change needs to be massive which includes our pyramid schemes of topdown rule. 1 

Don't Be Fooled: Republicans Set to Run on "Empathy" as The Party of Workers Republicans have great faith that the American public can't tell the difference between a candidate who grew up middle class but stands for policies that will hurt the middle class and a candidate who has a lot of money but a platform that helps the working and middle classes. Republicans put a lot of store in "story" or rhetoric, over policy. They have to, because they can't afford to discuss their policies openly.

Daniel Penisten: Third American Constitution - Direct Democracy - Installment 13 - Article 1 - Section 8 - Items 1 - 15 Some pretty hard hitting suggestions for "Meaningful and Fundamental Changes" here. 1 

Bill Clinton: "Kevin, 99% of What You Do On That Show ("House of Cards") Is Real" "President Obama is such a fan that on the eve of last season's premiere, he tweeted, "Tomorrow: @HouseOfCards. No spoilers, please." Bill Clinton practically serves as a series advisor. Spacey has been a high-profile supporter and friend of Clinton's (they used to play poker) since the presidential campaign days, and the admiration is mutual. "He tells me, 'I love that House of Cards,'" Spacey says in a pitch-perfect impressi...
Automakers petition Congress to criminalize some home car repairs A group of automakers is petitioning Congress and the copyright office to make certain types of home car repairs illegal. The Auto Alliance, composed of 12 major car manufacturers, made a push on April 22 to stretch the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to cover some electric and computerized components on vehicles so that any work on them would be violations of the automakers copyrights. The Auto Alliance is made up of BMW ...

Meryl Ann Butler: A Woman's Place is on the Money 2020 is the centennial anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, granting women the legal right to vote. It's time our legal tender sported the image of a woman, and there is a grassroots movement to put one on the $20 bill. 21 

Argentina or Bust: The Case For Hitler Surviving the Bunker Adolf and Eva died in a suicide pact in Berlin" right? Not if you believe 70 years of rabid conspiracy theories. Adolf Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, committed suicide 70 years ago--or so they'd like us to believe. Of all the Nazi conspiracy theories (buried gold sunken in Austrian lakes; jungle hideaways; U-boats filled with treasure off the coast of New Zealand), the most pervasive and indefatigable legend is that the f...

Joan Brunwasser: Matthew Drayton: On "Succeeding While Black", Freddie Gray and More I wish the people who were demonstrating by rioting would have waited for the city to complete its investigation. My fear is the charges filed by the State Attorney's office will further divide the city of Baltimore and the nation. We have to find a way to mend the bad feelings and the lack of trust blacks have towards the police. The sooner everyone realizes we are all in this together, the better off this country will be. 5 

Hitler's Last Orders In the hours before completing his suicide pact with Eva Braun, Hitler found time to leave orders for his art, his people, and dismiss those he felt betrayed him. "Swansong 1945: A Collective Diary of the Last Days" of the Third Reich is a volume from the World War II series Echolof (Sonar) by German writer Walter Kempowski. It combines letters, diary entries, memorandums, and reports by participants and witness from WWII int...
Burl Hall: Beyond Alienation: Towards a World of Connection and Relatedness To evolve, we human beings need to do some serious questioning about our lives. Is the world working for us in this day and age? We can no longer sit and wait for the "Man" to save us. We are what we are what we are looking for. 1 
Gary Lindorff: Going into change New poem

Meryl Ann Butler: A Path of Peace Encircles the Globe on World Labyrinth Day Saturday, May 2, 2015 marks the seventh annual World Labyrinth Day. An opportunity to connect with others throughout the world through time zone related activities, it is sponsored by the Labyrinth Society, an international organization of labyrinth enthusiasts. TLS invites people around the globe to share in a symbolic walk to encircle the planet with peace. 8 

Bob Patterson: Graduation season and dej- vu Are all commencement addresses alike?

Burl Hall: Medical Marijuana: A Bottom Up / Top Down Question? Today we are faced with mass extinctions. We are loosing forests, our children are being dumbed down by our corporate driven schools, and, meanwhile, it appears we are moving towards a police state. Our race relations have gone backwards and our desire for an intelligent populace appears to be lacking as reflected in the "no child left behind act". This act is simply a bogus line that says we will dumb down our kids. Why? 4 

Cathy Lynn Pagano: The Cosmic Story: Scorpio Full Moon 2015 This Scorpio Full Moon will shine on the festival of Beltane, which ushers in the summer season of life, fertility and creativity. The Scorpio Full Moon can show us the old emotional patterns which keep us from using our talents and help us purge them. While Taurus wants us to pay attention to our senses and the beauty around us, the Scorpio full Moon will reflect back what we're feeling inside. 3 

Cholitas paceƱas: Bolivia's indigenous women flaunt their ethnic pride Aymara women of Bolivia show off their newfound upward mobility while preserving their traditional dress of full colourful petticoats and tall bowler hats This increased visibility is more than an exercise in conspicuous consumption: forced into servitude under colonial rule and later relegated to the margins of society, Bolivia's many indigenous peoples were long excluded from mainstream society. Until the 1990s, wearing a po...
Suzana Megles: Ohio's Sister State of South Korea You may be surprised as I that there are laws in South Korea banning the cruel killing of dogs and cats for food. The question has to be - why is this horror continuing in this country to this day? 1 
Thomas Farrell: *Crossan"s Long Game for Advancing Bottom-Up Change in American Culture (REVIEW ESSAY) Progressives and liberals may want to take a look about John Dominic Crossan's new book. It is part of his ongoing campaign to advance significant bottom-up change in American culture by persuading Christians to change their ways of interpreting the Christian Bible.

Jill Jackson: The Americans Coming of age in a world of secrets. 1 
Burl Hall: The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy as Metaphor for Bottom Up Power? This article speaks to deep change within our Psyches while speaking to the "Wizard of Oz" as a story related to our empowerment. The question you need to ask yourself is: "Can I do some really serious questioning?" 2 
Vatican Climate Change Summit to Frame Action as Moral Imperative The Vatican is hosting a climate change summit that will focus on the need for decisive action to combat global warming as a moral imperative and Christian duty, especially given its impact on poor people. The Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity meeting in Rome on Tuesday is a precursor to the release of Pope Francis's encyclical on the environment, which is due out in June or July and is expected to centre on the duty of t...
Childhood bullying causes worse long-term mental health problems than maltreatment -- ScienceDaily Bullying adversely affects children in later life more than being maltreated, according to new research from the University of Warwick. A new study published in The Lancet Psychiatry shows that children who have been bullied by peers suffer worse in the longer term than those who have been maltreated by adults. The research is led by Professor Dieter Wolke from Warwick's Department of Psychology and Warwick Medical Schoo...

Daniel Penisten: Third American Constitution - Direct Democracy - Installment 12 - Article 1 - Section 7 - Items 1 - 7 Following the lead of Our Second Constitution, We are getting more into the "gears" of Our New Constitution now. A few Fundamental and Meaningful Changes regarding Our Legislative Bill Proposals. 1 
Drinking just one or two alcoholic drinks a day linked to liver disease According to the World Health Organization, excessive alcohol drinking is the most common cause of cirrhosis worldwide. A new worldwide study has shown the significant influence of daily drinking on this disease burden. [I post this link because of the many writers here and the known relationship of writing and drinking, easily Googled in more detail, but here's a starter: My rules for wri...
Gary Lindorff: His initiation New poem by Thiscantbehappening resident poet

Katie Singer: An Electronic Silent Spring April, 2015 Newsletter from Katie Singer An Electronic Silent Spring April, 2015 Newsletter from Katie Singer
Thomas Farrell: *Does It Make Any Difference How New Testament Texts Are Translated into English? (REVIEW ESSAY) Progressives and liberals are aware of the influence of the Christian right. Christians of all stripes are interested in the Christian scriptures. But Willis Barnstone claims that the Christian scriptures are guilty of identity theft by robbing Rabbi Yeshua of his Aramaic name and Jewish cultural context. So Barnstone has published a new poetic translation, THE RESTORED NEW TESTAMENT, with an accessible commentary. 2 
Gary Lindorff: healing, imagination, regeneration New poem by Thiscan'tbehappening's poet in residence

Katie Singer: "Civil Rights for Cell Tower Corporations? You've Got to be Kidding!" "Civil Rights for Cell Tower Corporations? You've Got to be Kidding!" Paul Cienfuegos' April 21st, 2015 Commentary on KBOO Evening News 1 

No autism/vaccine link, study finds No association was found between autism and getting the MMR vaccine, according to a study published Tuesday in JAMA. The study of 95,000 children with older siblings also examined those at high risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), namely those who have an older autistic sibling. No link between the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and autism was found in these high-risk children, researchers said in the study. Rese... 18 

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