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The Definitive Net Worth Of Donald Trump - Forbes
Kevin Tully: Ode To a North American Asshat Our British cousins have been referring much lately to one of our presidential candidates as an "Asshat." I decided to compose an ode to the "Asshat."
4th of July 2013 copy
Cathy Lynn Pagano: The Cosmic Story: Cancer New Moon, July 4, 2016 The Cancer New Moon falls on the 4th of July. Since a New Moon is like a new birth, perhaps we can collectively birth a new emotional body in the United States. One that is aligned with our myths. Right now, we are not 'the land of the free and the home of the brave', despite how our elected officials call us exceptional. We, the people, have to take responsibility for the state of our world. Time to grow up and evolve. 5 5 Comment Count
Sustainable energy.
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Another Modest Development Proposal for my Omani Friends: Renewable Energy In my college days in Kansas 4 decades ago, I studied a few courses related to international development and the courses often focused on concepts like sustainable development.The Sultan of Oman, i.e. in the country I have lived and taught in for the past 5 years, is currently suffering from a economic and development downturn.The problem is that, like my home state of Kansas, Oman has focused on austerity.Renewable Energy...
Mother and Daughter in China
Marcia G. Yerman: "Time To Choose" A review of the new documentary "Time To Choose" which presents our options to prevent total climate change by getting off of fossil fuels.
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Joan Brunwasser: Pot-Powered Family Business, Growing Like a Weed in Denver People come to us because we have already made the mistakes and learned from them. We help those with the desire, money and business savvy and want to get into our industry but need the "know how" to do so. We have consulted in over 40 states and have approximately 30 clients across the US. We are really picking up steam with this company and branching out to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Jamaica and even Puerto Rico. 4 4 Comment Count
Alarming Trends I've Noticed Teaching Yoga to Little Kids [aka the joys of stressing our kids] A study last summer, published in The American Journal of Family Therapy,showed kids are getting three times too much homework assigned to them. This is largely due to the intense pressure teachers are under to get through stringent curriculums to meet standardized testing requirements. The Washington Postwrote about this issue citing a study last October showing how standardized tests are overwhelmin...
LES MIS 2014 key art
Craigslist Confessional: "I needed to take care of my family." This is the story of a modern day Jean Valjean who can't provide for his family on wages from a full time job. Part of a series called Craigslist Confessional. Writer Helena Bala has been meeting people via Craigslist and documenting their stories for nearly two years. Each story is written as it was told to her. Bala says that by listening to their stories, she hopes to bear witness to her subjects’ lives, pr...
The Global Teacher @gcouros
Deborah Meier: The Value of Tenure and Seniority by Diane Ravitch A principal's perspective: "There is nothing evil in a desire to have a steady paycheck, to feel secure even if you irritate those in charge, and to want to be able to plan one’s life ahead. These are healthy qualities that human beings should not be ashamed of. As FDR once noted, “freedom from fear” is one of the basics that democracy rests on—–fear makes for bad practice of teaching and democra... 1 1 Comment Count
Cruise Ship
Tax Dodging on the High Seas - The New York Times Many of the biggest cruise lines seem to be headquartered in Florida,  BUT they are, for tax purposes, actually proud residents of … elsewhere. “Carnival is a Panamanian corporation; Royal Caribbean is Liberian,”  They may not really live here, but they certainly can lobby here. They do not pay taxes except for  levies for things like customs, and examination of animals and plants being broug... 1 1 Comment Count
In Utah speech, Dalai Lama says actions spread compassion The Dalai Lama delivered his message of peace and compassion Tuesday to thousands of people during a visit to Utah that included a luncheon with the governor and a planned meeting with senior Mormon leaders. The Tibetan spiritual leader encouraged the audience at the University of Utah to start with themselves and their families to spread a sense of wonder in humanity. 1 1 Comment Count
Pacific by Alex Colville (1967)
Eric Walberg: Killer Drugs: Sleep through your Waking Life Ricci's latest novel, Sleep, inspired by his own sleep disorder, is really more a fun text book on the latest brain research and the blind use of powerful drugs to alter--and possibly restructure (who knows?)--the brain. It's like a 'don't smoke' ad that's actually informative and hilarious, with a classic 'death of a salesman' plot moving it along.
The Violence of Forgetting - The New York Times This is the fifth in a series of dialogues with philosophers and critical theorists on violence."We live at a moment in which ignorance appears to be one of the defining features of American political and cultural life. Ignorance has become a form of weaponized refusal to acknowledge the violence of the past, and revels in a culture of media spectacles in which public concerns are translated into private obsessions, consumeri... 4 4 Comment Count
Why Handwriting Is Still Essential in the Keyboard Age There is a tendency to dismiss handwriting as a nonessential skill, even though researchers have warned that learning to write may be the key to, well, learning to write.And beyond the emotional connection adults may feel to the way we learned to write, there is a growing body of research on what the normally developing brain learns by forming letters on the page, in printed or manuscript format as well as in cursiv... 2 2 Comment Count
Gary Lindorff: Total Recall Recall notice: Nine out of 10 human beings are being recalled to correct a design error that threatens a potentially catastrophic systems failure in the event of world crisis. 6 6 Comment Count
Edward Curtin: The Death of Fathers Why it's important to celebrate fathers while we still have them. Soon they may be extinct. One son's remembrance of his father through his letters. 6 6 Comment Count
Tim Duff: Democratic ideals We must follow the lead of our constitutional fathers. 2 2 Comment Count
Can I Cross?
Fakeer Ishavardas: Of What Use is Living IF We are Going to Die anyway? Life is not pointless. It is, to those who do not "get" it. To enjoy life, and die at peace thereof, we need evolve in our understanding of "It" - the Ultimate Reality. For, the truth is not as simple as us following a silly ism, and because of it, being in heaven thereafter forever. Mystics report finding no regional or racial gods of our cultural inheritance out "There". At the End. So freely seek. And enjoy the in-between. 8 8 Comment Count
Watergate Brotherhood of Burglars
Bob Patterson: A First for the USA? First Transsexual Senatorial Candidate in American History stonewalled by Media?
Blue Moon
Cathy Lynn Pagano: The Cosmic Story: 2nd Sagittarius Full Moon, June 20 2016 This second Sagittarius Full Moon occurs hours before the Summer Solstice. This Gateway of the Year is the marriage of Heaven and Earth, when life is in alignment with Spirit. The Full Moon concerns how we think about the world and what we believe. It's time to examine our beliefs and decide if they support our life or diminish it. We all deserve an abundant life full of love, purpose, creativity and community. And freedom! 1 1 Comment Count
E B Bortz: surviving another inquisition in the age of lesser-evil surviving another inquisition in the age of lesser-evil
Liza Featherstone
Joan Brunwasser: Timely New Book Examines HRC's Faux Feminism I'm very tired of seeing feminism weaponized by the Clinton campaign and its supporters in defense of such a bloodthirsty agenda. But in a way the 2016 primary was very positive because it showed that both feminism and socialism could be proper subjects for public discourse, and that both were quite popular! Since those are two of the most important global movements for human liberation, I think that's pretty good news.
Daniel Nahmod RIVALS Live In the wake of the Orlando shooting, yet another attack
Meryl Ann Butler: A Moment of Healing Musical Reflection: Balm for All of Us The Cultural Creatives of the community are the healers, the visionaries. Throughout history and herstory, the arts have inspired change. In my opinion, artists have been responsible for more lasting change than politicians. (I admit I might be a little prejudiced.)
Meryl Ann Butler: Creating Wellbeing Amidst Crisis California transformative coach Jock Gilchrist just posted a blog which was just what I needed to read amidst the news of hideous carnage, villainous politicians and heinous rapists.
The End of Reflection By Teddy Wayne “Finding moments to engage in contemplative thinking has always been a challenge, since we’re distractible,” said Nicholas Carr, author of “The Shallows.” “But now that we’re carrying these powerful media devices around with us all day long, those opportunities become even less frequent, for the simple reason that we have this ability to distract ourselves constantly.  In a ...
Direct Democracy America at Work
Daniel Penisten: Standard of Decency for "Self Governance". A third National Standard of Decency suggestion. This one beginning pragmatic basic function thought. This standard would have more direct bearing on actual governance work and decisions by We The People. 2 2 Comment Count
Portrait of Nancy Middlebrook by Stanislav Rembski
Peter Duveen: An Era That Has Gone V Young Nancy Middlebrook, vulnerable and shy, sits for portrait painter Stanislav Rembski, who manages to capture a deep characterization of the sitter. 1 1 Comment Count
President Barack Obama joined "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon on Thursday's show to "Slow Jam The News," reviving a
Obama's 'Slow Jam The News' Ridicules Trump “Hello, I’m President Barack Obama, and I too, would like to slow jam this news,” Obama said as the “The Tonight Show“ band, The Roots, kicked into a slinky groove."Obama touted the successes of his administration, including action on climate change, same-sex marriage and the Affordable Care Act."This was unique. I never saw anything like it, and I laughed and found myself  thinking, " ... 4 4 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Will Duterte Help Reform the Philippines or Will he be a Black Mark and Repeat Abuses of the Past? The garrote was the principal device used for capital punishment in Spain and the Philippines for one and a half centuries. Will the new President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, take the Philippines forward or will he join the long history of mediocre to bad presidents? He has promised to resign if he fails in 6 months? Can we hold him to that? In this book review of DEATH BY GARROTE, these issues are discussed. 8 8 Comment Count
Laurie Endicott Thomas: This Summar, Cure Your Child's Dyslexia Dyslexia is not a brain disease. It is the result of using sight words instead of phonics for teaching reading. This summer, use phonics to teach your child to read. 9 9 Comment Count
The Pipe
Gary Lindorff: The pipe This poem is about a possible future in which the only thing our descendants know about us is that we built really good pipes, but what they were used for no one has a clue. That's a good thing because the truth would wreck their religion. 1 1 Comment Count

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