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Scientists Determine the Nation's Safest Places to Ride Out a Zombie Apocalypse The question was not an uncommon one. But the pursuit of an answer was. Years ago, Cornell University researcher Alex Alemi was paging through some literature on zombies when the wheels started turning. What would happen, he wondered, if there was a real zombie outbreak? He lived in Ithaca, N.Y. How long would it remain secure? Tucked away in the hills of central New York, would it hold out longer than the region's mightiest c... 1 

Noam Chomsky's Talk at Google In an unusually relaxed setting, Professor Noam Chomsky visits Google Cambridge to answer questions from Googlers. I personally found his response to a question towards the end, "What is the most interesting insight the science of Linguistics has revealed but that the public at large seems not to know about or appreciate?", one of the most stunning things I've ever heard. 15 

Cathy Lynn Pagano: The Cosmic Story: Virgo Full Moon March 5, 2015 These past 7 years years of turmoil have been heralded by the Heavens. Why is it so hard to believe that we are connected to the meaning that the Heavens unfold for us? The Heavens are telling us of the continuing story of the unfolding of the 60's promise. Isn't that what's happening here on Earth? Of course we're meeting resistance. The old never dies without a fight--it's called the sunset effect. 1 
Belle Droid: No Rhyme-No Reason Department San Francisco, Where it IS happening 1 

Maybe the 1% Isn't the Only Sector of the Population Which Is Perverse I thank God every day that Facebook and Twitter, instagram, vine, Youtube, all of it, did not exist when I went to High School. I can't imagine the dumb stuff I'd have been caught saying and doing. If you are a dad this is something you well know already, if you are a dad with a daughter this is likely to get your blood going. If you are a boy, or young man, or husband, and you haven't experienced children yet, or haven't h...

Daniel Penisten: Third American Constitution - Direct Democracy - Installment 4 Article 1 - Section 2 -- Items Three, Four and Five The Fourth Installment of a Third American Constitution Project. This installment further addresses new legislative house structure, that promotes Direct Democracy...a government Of, For and BY We The People. 3 
Burl Hall: The Incarnate Sophia of God: Is Christ Separate from Us? For the sake of religion, we need to dump our current understanding of religion. In its epistemological roots, the term means to bind together or connect. This is more than just joining a church, synagog or temple. Religion in its essence is the love of Life. All else, all theories, theologies, etc are just words. And words are nothing less than vibrations emerging from one's mouth that someone else interprets. 5 

What Was the #1 Song the Day You Were Born? Have you ever wondered what the No. 1 song in the country was on your date of birth? Okay, probably not, but it's still fun to find out! For example, the No. 1 song on Kanye West's birthday back on June 8, 1977 was "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder. And when Kim Kardashian was a mere newborn child, born on Oct. 21, 1980, the No. 1 song was "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen. Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical" was ...

'Nature Is Speaking': 'Mother Nature' Robert Redford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, and other actors narrate a series of videos released Monday by Conservation International designed to send a blunt message about humans' impact on the planet: "Nature doesn't need people. People need nature." Designed by advertising legend Lee Clow, who cocreated Apple's seminal "1984" commercial, the Nature Is Speaking videos debuted Monday morning at the opening of the SXSW Eco...
Keith Pope: An Act of God A useful Act of God

Frosty Wooldridge: The Point Of True Beginning: Your Perfection How do you grow those roots? In surveying, the surveyor carries a special telescope on a tripod that gives him "The point of true beginning." That's the absolute point where everything originates. 1 

Bob Patterson: Rebel with a Rolex Che was the poster boy for being a rebel, but what brand of watch did he wear? 1 

Katie Singer: Slingshots at Goliath Here's a partial list of actions taken by international government agencies and professional organizations in response to concerns about the health and environmental effects of exposure to radiofrequency radiation. 1 
Gk Thomas: Pagan Thoughts Poem 2 
William T. Hathaway: Meeting Lila The story of an eight-year-old girl who sparks a world revolution for social justice.

Burl Hall: Spotlight on Wholeness: Yoga Teacher, Tisha Bremner Spotlight on Wholeness focuses on the verb meaning of religion, "to connect" while highlighting the work of Central Maine's Yoga Teacher: Tisha Bremner 1 

Joan Brunwasser: Backstage with Bluegrass 'Triple Threat' Rebecca Frazier It seems like I was just listening, singing, and playing all the time. But I was the typical busy kid with plenty of other activities that took attention from music. [There] was the time my parents tried to convince me to go see "a great young bluegrass fiddle player" at my high school auditorium. I was 14 and said "No thanks." Later, I realized that had been an Alison Krauss concert! I just wasn't into bluegrass at the time. 2 

The girl who gets gifts from birds Lots of people give food to the birds in their garden and get nothing in return - but when one girl feeds the crows outside her house, they show their affection with tiny presents. Eight-year-old Gabi Mann sets a bead storage container on the dining room table, and clicks the lid open. This is her most precious collection. There's a miniature silver ball, a black button, a blue paper clip, a yellow bead, a faded black piece of... 1 

Meryl Ann Butler: Seduced by Quilts: An Album of Art-stitch-tic Inspiration The needlearts have belonged mostly to the mothers who patch us up when we are broken and to the grandmothers who are the weavers of life. Quilting has been woven into the very soul of America, since scarcity of goods and thrifty spirits inspired women to craft warmth from scraps. Now quilts are more often made for artistic value, and this feminine craft has blossomed with passion into its own art form: a photographic album. 6 

Belle Droid: Precedence and Presidents 22-2-15 Presidents' Day, Washington's birthday, politics, economics, history ... 1 

Daniel Penisten: Third American Constitution - Direct Democracy - Installment 3 This is the third installment, in "Part 1" of my proposals for a Third Direct Democracy Constitution for America. The general following of the format of the Second Constitution continues, but with explanatory notes added. 8 

Ethan Indigo Smith: Is Matriotism The Future of The Divine Feminine? Patriotism is for the oligarchy and the patriarchy and so is feminism. Matriotism is needed in the postmodern world? 2 
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Can We Reinvent Ourselves? I ask the question, can we reinvent ourselves? I believe we can by becoming aware of the stories that we have absorbed which tell us how to live our lives. Through our interaction with others, we can modify those stories to become more effective and satisfying. We absorb stories through being born into a family, a place, a culture. We habitually perform those stories because we don't know better. 2 

Joan Brunwasser: Monstah Super PAC: The 99% Strikes Back! We are determined to be a leading voice against nuclear power, Big Pharma and big banking, and in favor of remanufacturing heavy equipment including tractors and cars. Also, putting body cams on every police officer, requiring safety locks for firearms, the proliferation of AEDs to curb sudden cardiac arrest, especially in Big Box stores.

Jon Stewart's Story: How the Fake Newsman Won Over America BLOOMBERG GAME CHANGERS profiles Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, now Jon Stewart, from his New Jersey boyhood through the standard struggle of the stand-up comedian - part time jobs and late night gigs at New York's comedy clubs. It will shine a spotlight on his early television shows and movies, including rare video from his early career, to show his transformation into the dominant American commentator of our time. 1 

Meryl Ann Butler: Train Wrecks, the "Real McCoy" and Black History Month Born to escaped slaves, Elijah McCoy was a black American inventer whose committment to quality, excellence and integrity gave rise, in the late 1800s, to the term, the Real McCoy. His remarkable path took him from Canada to Scotland to the U.S., directly into prejudice and out the other side. 8 
Daniel Geery: New Story of Earth (still awaiting human response) These quotations are from Charles Eisenstein's Ascent of Humanity. It is an eye-opening series of thoughts from a handful of privileged humans, aka astronauts, who got to look at our home from afar, quite literally "Spaceship Earth," as Bucky Fuller noted long ago. 3 

Marta Steele: Jonathan Simon, "Code Red: Computerized Election Theft . . ." A review of Jonathan Simon's magisterial "Code Red" Computerized Election Theft and the New American Century," post-E2014 edition."

Six US Presidents Who Were Deep in Debt "At least six American presidents were unable to pay their debts at some point in their careers; and likely would have had to file bankruptcy under today's laws. During most of the 19th century, there were no bankruptcy laws in the young republic, though there was legislation governing insolvency and the collection of debts. It's not as if these presidents were deadbeats. They weren't even bad businessmen, necessarily. Preside...

Marta Steele: Danny Schechter, "When South Africa Called, We Answered" (Ruminations from Heartfelt and Increasingly Expert Involvement Review of Danny Schechter's powerful and empowering South Africa story, including himself, Mandela, and a cast of billions . . . the world

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