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photo of Minneapolis rioting after George Floyd murder, From InText
John Hawkins: Chauvinist Pigs: A Poem 1 1 Comment Count
Splendors of the Spirit: Swedenborg's Quest for Insight (Biographical Documentary) An examination of the life and thought of Swedish scientist-turned-seer Emanuel Swedenborg from award-winning producer Penny Price. Released in 2006 by ..., From YouTubeVideos
Al Hirschfield: The Amazing Emanuel Swedenborg 4 4 Comment Count
These colors never run!!, From InText
Clifford Johnson: These colors never run!!
Gary Lindorff: Summer job
Putin's powers, From InText
Clifford Johnson: Putin's perfidious prowess 3 3 Comment Count
TANTRA TODAY -- Part 3: Kundalini Rising & Embodied Enlightenment Concluding with the final part of this Online Immersion, Igor has spoken in depth about the ascent of Kundalini as well as what Self-realization is in the context of ..., From YouTubeVideos
Al Hirschfield: Kundalini Explained 9 9 Comment Count

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