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Media Corruption A List of the Top Media Holding Companies

I wonder who's looking for a new job: America's Next Great Newspaper From the May 26, 2003 issue: A great democracy like ours deserves a first-rate newspaper of record. And the New York Times isn't it. by William Kristol
05/17/2003 12:00:00 AM The Weekly Standard

Find out Who owns your local media. Click then select Search Ownership Database by Area  Then Plug in Your Zip Code

Bush unchallenged by media Linda McQuaig, Toronto Star, 5/25 "media docility has allowed the Bush administration to go largely unchallenged as it adopts the mantle of an imperial presidency."


When truth is under attack Bullying journalists endangers us all.

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The New Newsspeak, Russell Smith


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A License for Power: Paul Starr on the FCC's plans to make the media behemoths more dominant than ever


Many Americans Follow War on BBC John Nichols


Unpatriotic moments Forrest Carr, News Director of WFLA TV, Tampa,  Anyone who has spent more than five minutes in a television newsroom knows that viewer feedback is a major fact of life for broadcast journalists. Most of us have come to accept, even appreciate, the constant coverage criticism, but recently a new and


One Thing is Crystal Clear: Clear Channel is a Subsidiary of Bush, Inc BuzzFlash

ntentional US Government &  Media Disinformation; Aaron Gerow

War without the 'Hell' Ellen Goodman                     


Australian TV Dissects Right Wing TV-- Rupert Murdoch's Fox Propaganda


I ntentional US Government &  Media Disinformation; Aaron Gerow


---Lynch Rescue Like a Hollywood Drama-- No Danger or Resistance-- Troops had free run of Hospital; Hospital Docs say she was NOT shot


"A Chill Wind is Blowing in This Nation": Speech to the National Press Club Tim Robbins:


FCC Head Powell (son of Colin) Threats to Pull License on Radio Talk Show Discussing Breast Size, Masturbation, Defecation, Anal and Oral Sex. Put Powell on the Nazi List. 

Press watchdog accuses US army
The Press and the Myth of War Chris Hedges

Independent reporters jailed, mistreated

NBC condemned for sacking Arnett

Arnett Paid a Price for Being Truly Neutral... Robert Jensen

Exclusive: Western Journalists Beaten, Starved by Americans 4/2/03

Free press and the face of war 

US media: Telling it like it isn't


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