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Mrs. America, Don't Stand By Your Man. Save Your Country and Maybe Your Loved Ones. Vote for Kerry behind the Privacy of the Election Booth Curtain

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Mrs. America, Don't Stand By Your Man. Save Your Country and Maybe Your Loved Ones. Vote for Kerry behind the Privacy of the Election Booth Curtain

By Rob Kall

Two days ago, I was campaigning for Kerry, canvassing, knocking on doors in Doylestown. A woman answered the door. I asked, "can we get your support for Kerry and Edwards?"

She replied, "not this house," and her husband barked, "we're voting for Bush."

Usually, I just politely say, "Okay, thanks, have a good day" and move on to the next door. But this woman didn't seem quite sure. So I asked her, "What are your issues that lead you to support Bush?"

"Education and health care," she replied. Now I was canvassing with Sue, a first-timer at canvassing, though she was a savvy political activist in other ways. We looked at each other, both knowing that Bush was weak on these issues, and Sue launched into a conversation, educating the woman on why Kerry was stronger on these issues. But I noticed a few furtive glances the woman made towards her husband. I realized that this gal could very well already be for Kerry, but she could never say it in her household and at the same time keep the peace.

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After the conversation went on a while, I interjected, "Don't forget, once you're in the voting booth, with the curtain closed, you can vote for whoever you want.

I realized then and there that this woman probably represented millions of wives throughout the US. George Bush has entranced the white men of this country with his mach talk, and he's been buttressed by right wing talk radio, aimed primarily at men. But the wives of these millions of men who use George Dubya's mach talk and swagger like Viagra, to feel more manly, have very little to gain supporting the most hated man in the history of the human race. 

For millions of frustrated, pissed off, annoyed, unappreciated, over-worked American women there is a way to get back at your hubbies. Vote for John Kerry. Of course, he, being a red-blooded, right wing talk show listening, NRA supporting, rifle-toting macho couch potato, is supporting George Dubya. And most likely, to keep peace in the household, you've been nodding your head assuring him that you will also vote for Bush.

But don't do it. A vote for Bush is a vote for more macho moron radio, more BS about no child left behind (ask any teacher about  Bush's bragged about educational program. It sucks.) Expect your fuel bills to skyrocket this winter, thanks to the brilliant job Bush's advisors have done in Iraq. Expect to hear more stories of Mutiny by 20+year national guard veterans because they refuse to go out on high risk dangerous missions without adequate gear or armor on their vehicles. Would you expect any soldier to go out without a radio so he could let his higher-ups know that he was receiving friendly fire?

Vote for Kerry if you want to have any hope of being able to afford to pay for health insurance if you pay on your own or have a small business that pays for your family and your employees. And if you work for a company that provides it, vote for Kerry so you won't have to worry that your or your mate's job won't be outsourced because of the insanely rising costs of health insurance. George Bush is busy making deals that help  the pharmaceutical companies more money.

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Vote for Kerry if you don't want to ever see the country in a situation where there are only 55 million doses of flu vaccine, and where the emergency doctors are saying that there could be more deaths because of the shortage. George Dubya said, in the last debate, that the company with the faulty vaccine was a foreign company. But he was wrong. It's a California company. What kind of leader, knowing there is a crisis, doesn't even know the basic facts of the situation. Can you imagine the man who couldn't control his face in the first debate, who probably used a wireless in-ear audio prompter in all three debates, and how he would function in a real crisis. He can't fire people. He can't accept responsibility. He believes God is guiding him and goes by his gut. That's not good enough for America, especially since he's proven that his gut is as dumb as his head.

Vote for Kerry because you don't want your kids to end up drafted and sent to Iraq, Iran, Syria or North Korea. Sure the Republicans say they don't plan a draft. And they also said that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, and they call their attack on clean air regulations the "Clear Skies" initiative-- though it is run by a former corporate lobbyiest who opposed environmental regulations. Everywhere you look, Bush has appointed "foxes" ie., former industry lobbyists who fought against regulations or who had extremist viewpoints, to guard the environment, our food, our medicines, our freedoms.

Vote for Kerry if you want to have lots of choices of what to watch on television, because Bush's policy is to allow a handful of corporations to take over all the media.

Vote for Kerry if you want to be able to trust the news you receive on TV and in your newspapers. Already, millions of Americans don't trust their local stations or local newspapers, because they are not longer locally owned. They are owned by transnational conglomerates that don't allow media criticism or discussion of issues that might hurt their business.

Vote for Kerry because your mate doesn't pick up his socks, because he doesn't put the lid down on the toilet, because he's gotten coarser and gruffer from listening to the brutish right wing, black and white, hate-filled talk radio too much.

Vote for Kerry because you care about America's future.

Rob Kall rob@opednews.com  is publisher of progressive news and opinion website www.opednews.com and organizer of cutting edge meetings that bring together world leaders, such as the Winter Brain Meeting and the StoryCon Summit Meeting on the Art, Science and Application of Story This article is copyright Rob Kall and originally published by opednews.com but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog or web media so long as this credit paragraph is attached.  Over 150 other articles by Rob Kall


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