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Bush's "nothing" WILL Hold Us Back; By Rob Kall Bill Clinton's signature word, the word that he gave special meaning to, was "it," as in his famous quote, "It depends on the meaning of 'it.'" Perhaps George Bush's signature word will be 'nothing,'

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Bush's "nothing" WILL Hold Us Back; By Rob Kall Bill Clinton's signature word, the word that he gave special meaning to, was "is," as in his famous quote, "It depends on the meaning of 'is' is" Perhaps George Bush's signature word will be 'nothing,' as in his re-nomination acceptance speech line that appears to be turning into a stump speech slogan, "Nothing will hold us back."

"Nothing will hold us back" is becoming the motto for the presidential candidacy,  And Bush is right.

Nothing may be a perfect signature word for Bush.

When the majority of Americans get nothing for tax breaks, while the wealthy get big bucks, leaving the middle class and poor to carry the costs of Bush's stupid war and corporate welfare, "nothing" WILL hold them back.

When George Bush creates a program that purports to protect the environment, but really gives handouts and deregulation to corporations, he's doing "nothing" for the environment and that "nothing" WILL hold us back from making progress on making the environment safer.

When Bush talks about bogus plans for health care, that really do nothing for the close to 50 million people without health insurance in this country, then "nothing" WILL definitely hold America back from making progress on taking care of protecting those uninsured Americans.

Then there's protection from terrorism. Bush sent the majority of military resources into a quagmire in Iraq using lies and distortions to justify the stupid mission. There was nothing to the claims he and Cheney made about any connection between Iraq and the 9/11 attack. That "nothing" WILL certainly hold us back from doing an adequate job of really making a difference in protecting us from terrorism, in getting to the roots of terrorism.

Bush made a lot of promises in 2000 and on many of those promises he did nothing. Worse, on some of those promises, he actually cut funding for many of those promises. When you subtract funding, you end up with less than "nothing." Again, less than "nothing" WILL hold us back from making a progress as a nation..

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For example, Bush says he'll improve college aid funding by boosting Pell grants. But since his original suprem court appointment as president he has been freezing or cutting Pell grants. This means that for many students and their families, there will be less or no financial aid. If the financial aid they get amounts to 'nothing,' it WILL hold them back from fulfilling their educational dreams and goals.

Bush lies distorts and tells half truths so often, people start believing at least some of his deceptions and frauds. Cheney lies and the reports put out by government agencies run by Bush appointees are highly suspect. When these lying bureaucrats are caught they clumsily apologize for their "unintentional mistakes." We end up feeling that almost nothing that Bush and his people say is true. When there is "nothing" you can trust from this administration, it WILL hold us back from knowing the truth and from making informed decisions. Having Nothing reliable WILL hold us back.

Of course the best way to get people to believe a lie is to throw in a little bit of truth. In the case of George Bush, saying, "Nothing will hold us back." is a double entendre that does hold the truths that I've cited. Otherwise, George Bush and the fascists who help him lie and broadcast his talking points through their echo chamber will do more to hold back America-- our democracy, our individual rights and freedoms, the development of our economy to the benefit of the people rather than to megacorporations-- than anything in history.

We need to pray for America, that it will survive George Bush and the mass psychosis that he has whipped up through his domination of the media. John Kerry has to get calmly tough. He can't pull any punches, and the members of congress have to find their missing testicles, Nancy Pelosi included, and get tough along with Kerry. Americans need to see that Democrats ARE tougher as well as more compassionate than extreme right wing rescumbagcans.

Rob Kall rob@opednews.com is editor of www.OpEdNews.Com living in Bucks County , PA.   You can find over 150 additional articles by Rob Kall at this Archive

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