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For the Consideration of Friends and Neighbors

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In regards to the recent tumultuous political climate incited by a much needed health care reform the recent the gatherings of the so-called "Tea Party Patriots", let us be honest, the discourse coming from the conservative talk radio, Fox News and prominent and not so prominent Republican politicians are latent with undercurrents of division, hate with the subtext of racism. Let us be honest neighbors, in America historically we have seen this type of right-wing discourse before in the chapters of our disgraceful past. It is a discourse whose construct is built upon mistruths, lies and other misinformation aimed to drive and incite good yet vulnerable citizens to believe the misinformation as imperial fact which then only leads to inciting forms of hate commingled with fears that inevitable result in violence, e.g. Timothy McVeigh. These vulnerable friends and neighbors who believe the Republicans and commentators such as Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, conservative religious radio and Fox News are unknowingly are standing on the side of the type of power apparatus species of bureaucrats that they think they are actually protesting against and they think they are doing it in the name of "freedoms". Some "tea-baggers" and there are not few, have used the recent Tea Bag march in Washington event and events similar as convenient vehicles (like the Sarah Palin campaign rallies where from a predominantly white crowd shouts of "terrorist" and "Kill Him" directed toward Obama were recorded) to vocalize and vent their own frustrations of being "left behind" in modern America, allowing racism cum ignorance to dictate their sense of rationalization and miss use of facts all to lead to their form of disenchantment. They are protesting against any type of change and reform for healthcare, unknowingly arguing blindly in favor for the insurance and pharmaceutical corporations to continue their covert profit pillage upon all Americans from all political stripes.

Friends and Neighbors let us be honest and shed ignorance behind. As a nation of non believers to believers of faiths of many different religions, remember this is free country with the freedom of religion, not to cater only to one protestant form, nevertheless a majority self identify themselves to the protestant form of religion, mainly Christianity, yet the current forms of fundamentalism has become a unique and sometimes unforgiving form of Christianity. Conservatives who did not vote for Obama and protest the color of tie he wears identify themselves as Christians. Ask yourself, would not health care reform for a person of faith be a position that aligns themselves with the teachings of the Christian deity, Jesus Christ? WWJD? It is safe to bet that approximately ninety-nine percent of the protesting tea-baggers would identify themselves as Christians in some form or other and yet they are on the side of the repressive power apparatus's by not thinking for themselves (remember they let their places of worship, the churches think and vote for them), are not their uncompassionate political positions "un-Christ-like" by following blindly extremist surrogates (Limbaugh, Beck, Fox News) for a desperate to regain power Republican party whose intent is not support any of President Obama's policies. Americans wake up, conservatives listened to lies and believed them even enough to protest against President Obama's innocuous speech to schools, they protested without even reading the speech, a speech that previous Presidents have always given.

Watching the news reports and footage on CNN on this past weeks "tax payers gathering" at the capital by the tea-baggers, what seemed conflicting and out right hypercritical was as I previously touched upon above, that these so called "freedom patriots" are no doubt in majority would self identify themselves as Christians, yet as a result and perhaps very telling, are weakened and susceptible by fear from the discourse of division and hate (Fox News, Glen Beck, et al) and espoused their hate with a subtext of racism aimed toward the Democrats but more pointedly at the first African-American President in this great nations history. Racism, hate and implied violence was covert and sometimes overt in the hand made signs by these "friendly" crowd of dissenters, e.g. "Bury Obama's healthcare with Kennedy", "We Come Un-Armed-This Time!" "You Lie." There were signs depicting the image of Obama orientalising him as an African witch doctor, and others stressing his "African ness" heritage from the guy who was born in Hawaii to a white mother. Let us be honest and really look at these tea-bagger's discourse who all have been incited by right wing propaganda and rhetoric of hate to buck against positive changes for this nation, changes that will for generations to come become a benefit to all Americans conservatives, independents and liberals.

Friends and Neighbors, fellow Americans let us be honest here. These fringes of tea-baggers are reminiscent of the disgraceful faction of Americans racist dark past. Look back at American history, support for F.D.R's Social Security program was called support for "socialism", support for John F. Kennedy for President was met by conservatives (The John Birch Society and others on the religious right) trying to incite fear into the electorate that if elected America's policies would be dictated by the Vatican, the successful health plan for seniors, Medicare was once opposed and labeled as a "socialist program", yet ironically older Americans, many who are currently against Obama's reform for healthcare which would ensure that their Medicare would remain secure are recipients of a so-called "socialist program".

From your fence to others and beyond the water coolers, let us be truthful and talk in a discourse of unfettered honesty. Healthcare reform with the public option would force the insurance and pharmaceutical companies to drive costs down! Like Social Security, like the Postal Service, and like Medicare this is a great program that will only create competition for the insurance companies who are using these tea baggers to stave it off, forcing them to be competitive with a public option that does not kill grandma, that does not give free medical for illegal aliens (a Christ-like concern?) and does not create more abortions, the presence of the public option would not interfere with my and your current benefits, but would in the big picture only benefit this great nation of ours.

Let us be honest and yell (figuratively of course) from atop of your mountain, hill, avenue, church, b.b.q.'s, half time, water cooler and simply say where were these right-wing protestors during the tumultuous Bush Administration's breaching of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights with their Patriot Act, starting two wars, tax breaks for the wealthy? If you notice it seems to this viewer that at these tea-bag rallies there were no wealthy tea-baggers in attendance, they were no doubt probably watching the gatherings at home on Fox News or at their country clubs beaming proud chatting amongst themselves while sipping their bloody Mary's and Arnold Palmer ice teas giddy on how the "tea-baggin" took the well paid lobbied bait and how they are fighting their fight in the humidity of Washington for them and their economic gains, yet once again, the riches and spoils for this extremism and support group for right wing politics is never upon the tea bag-cum-Fox News-Wal-Mart-middle class whose economic conditions historically have never improved when there has been a Republican in the highest office in the land. Why were these people not protesting during the last eight years during one of the most disastrous Imperialist Presidential administrations that gave American this wrecked economy that Obama inherited last January? Where were the tea parties then? In revisionist fashion, so to hide their partisanship, the organizers of these parties are trying to say that this dissent started with the Bush Administration, but no one is buying this. Yes there were those on the extreme left during the Bush Administration who protested Bush calling him a fascist, but to place left and right ideologies into perspective, let us consider what they were protesting against: Bush's go it alone wars in Iraq after lying to the American public about their "evils", a nation that we now know had nothing to do with 9-11, a war that would only bring death to others including, and in retrospect it sadly has to thousands and thousands of American troops, contrast what Glen Beck's "9-12 Tea Bag marchers" are protesting this past week: healthcare for all, not destruction nor death but healthcare that would make millions of Americans lives better-and these are the arch Christ lovers? Do you see the difference folks?

The truth is that the Tea Baggers are apart of the fringe of those who did not and would never have voted for Barrack Obama. They are the angry Republicans who cannot stand that their party is not in charge no more, no matter how badly their party in the past has disgraced this great nation morally and economically nationally and globally. These are apart of the faction who jeered and booed during John McCain's concession speech at the point when he told the crowd of his supporters how he called to congratulate Obama on his decisive victory, which if you recall was in stark contrast with the crowd of Obama supporters who cheered at John McCain's name when Obama told them how senator McCain graciously called to congratulate him, you can see the good and the bad as crystal clear in this right?

The tea bag parties are in truth, a minority, 750,000 who did not vote for Obama in contrast to millions who did. They are being gladly misguided by extremist views such as the likes as Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck who are trying to incite hate and eventually spread the seeds of violence. The danger is waking up another Timothy McVeigh or a Lee Harvey Oswald but it seems to be the underlying goal by those who exist in extreme right wing in this Republican party to seem to want to subtly want to incite a wacko with a gun to harm the president or someone else, i.e. look at the recent examples of men who are showing up at the places the President is at carrying loaded yet legal guns, sure they are law abiding second amendment responsible gun holders, but their presence "It is time to wet the tree of Liberty again", is conveying a message, what is their message really saying? What are the covert ramifications? America, you know what they are suggesting to someone who feels that they have been wrongly disenfranchised and have nothing to lose.

Fellow Americans we can stop this disgrace upon this great nation, America. If we see what is going on talk to neighbor-to-neighbor, friend-to-friend and make their argument obsolete and as ridiculous as Sarah Palin. Conservative politics have had free reign on this nation for the last eight years and look at how they pillage America, now new at the minority, the tea baggers are angry calling foul and the theft of a democracy, despite the overwhelming decisive election less than a year ago. In contrast, the left did not want Bush to fail, did not want to work with him, in a matter of fact after September 11, 2001 it can be argued that they gave him their support in poll numbers (would Republicans do that now for Obama?) Liberals disliked Bush because he was failing America.

Friends and Neighbors, let us be honest, ask again and again, where were these angry tea-bag parties during the Bush years? Consider why were they quiet and content during Bush's two terms? As we witnessed during the Bush years, the people protesting Obama, calling him Hitler (and not G.W.Bush?) The are the factions of Americans who were content and non-susceptible to the Bush's administrations factually inaccurate rhetoric and other misinformation that led America into the current conditions of dire vulnerability. Can American afford to let the tea baggers views on how America should be continue? If we did, historically, nothing would get done to make the American life better, it is almost as if the conservatives selfishly in the clouds of bliss from ignorance from facts allow the country to run itself into the ground. Today, conservatives still want the Republicans to run the country to influence the discourse and policy of America as Bush did, can we afford this? Emphatically no! This is why America voted for Change in the form of the young Barack Obama. And let us remind ourselves, Obama has been in office less than a year and has tackled the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and now the behemoth task of reforming American health care in less than a year-think about this! He is not a socialist nor Nazi, he is been only a proponent of the rebuilding of America and trying to get the country back on its feet-in less than a year.

I cannot help to wonder, going back once again to a theology angle, that if Jesus Christ had made an appearance at the Tea Bag rally in Washington preaching to them the virtues of caring for all (healthcare for all), turning the other check, pacifism, loving your enemies, and that the famously miss interpreted Biblical term "An eye for an eye" really means not vengeance but not to take more than someone else has taken away from you, etc, etc, I would think that he would have been met by the angry "Protestant Fox News Patriots" mob of as a weak Obamican Socialist Nazi liberal hippie with a beard. If you are an American who carries belief in a faith, perhaps in the teaching of the Christian version of God, the Christ for example, if you examine his teachings, it is undeniable that they are structured in a form of egalitarian liberalism not right-wing conservatism.

Friends and neighbors from all American neighborhoods, from sea to shining sea, let us look at the wrongs that are currently visibly on stage by the conservative right-wing faction and let us really examine what they are really trying to do to this nation and what they are really supporting and after this examination let us in union stand up against their minoritarian stature for division, their antithetical stance to the real meaning of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The truth is that despite their war mongering nationalist demagogy, conservatives are at heart very frightened people who do not like change and rather throw stones at far away "exotic" places while they have their continue their privacy and hold on to what is theirs in their cultureless sad misguided lives. They truly do not know what the definition of 'freedom' really is and this is evident by their employing their forms of hate in a quest for power, remember folks, the Nazi Socialist party, like all authoritarian fascist regimes supported corporatism and more importantly were conservative parties, not liberal ones.

Let us unite like we did last fall. From what he, President Obama, has done so far, while in office in less than a year, I am completely and utterly confident that if we give him eight years as was given and wasted to G.W.Bush, and unlike Bush, Obama will give us, give America substantial positive imperfect results. Let us give our support to our overwhelmingly elected forty-fourth President Barack Obama to help fix the old girl, America.


A California native, Mexican-American, college educated. I am liberal in my views, I could never support any repressive state apparatus, any conservative political party, such as the Republican party whose true mission is to dismantle a true (more...)
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