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Coalition Reform Third Party Revisited

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The all-new Coalition Reform Third Party Revisited

By Steve Windisch (jibbguy) 8-2008

2008's Presidential Primary season has ended"-. Leaving us with a no-choice again"- As it always does. For some reason, although so many on both the Left, Right, and Center bemoan our lack of choices for President every 4 years"- We still continue to buy-in to the absurd dream that somehow, some way"- It could be different this time. And of course it never is. This time, our consciences are forced to drink the bitter-tasting kool-aid even before the Party Conventions start"-Where only the over-hyped and boring question of Veep is left to decide; because no one with any serious sense believes that the Party Platforms will be anything but worthless pabulum, filtered through a screen of corporate control that insures no change of significance will be seriously considered.

But we don't have to hold our noses and drink down the poisonous mix. There are alternatives; right? There's Ms. McKinney, and there is Mr. Nader (how this sad state of affairs has happened; like splitting Luxembourg into two separate factions on the eve of battle fighting both Germany and France, is beyond most of our collective ability to contemplate reasonably"-). And for our Right-thinking friends there is Mr. Barr; (a sort of Ron Paul under-study; but without the popularity of Dr. Paul). But where do all these "alternatives"- put us? Nowhere of course. Because None of the Above could have a hope of making even 7% of the vote"-. Rightly or wrongly, this is inevitable fact. We can complain about the stranglehold of the corporate-owned media hedging their bets with both mainstream Parties (really two sides of the same coin), about the general lack of education and political savvy of the population"- But there are the hopeless facts, regardless (at this point the reader hears that old jaunty advertisement jingle in the back ground ""-Tastes great, wish I had some, can't wait!"-)"-.

Yet there is another possibility; one that I believe the readers at some level understand as a means of solving this, but no one seems interested in acting on; possibly because it is too alien to our usual political way of doing things. And this choice is: We can tell them where to shove their schizophrenic single-party system"- And make our own. An all new one. One that has nothing to do with the old political system. And one that just possibly could have a real chance of success in taking back the reigns of government this year... And adverting the certain disaster that looms ahead. If we formed an all-new Coalition Reform Third Party, it would be the viable alternative that so many desperately dream of to drinking that tainted punch. But even more importantly"- It might just work. An all-new Coalition Reform Third Party would consist of people from every political stripe"-All the discontented, all the horrified"- All the genuinely disgusted who have watched as our country has disgraced itself time after time, as our most basic pillars of society and democracy are methodically crushed into dust before our eyes, and replaced by movie-set fake veneers.... As every decent and honorable institution or belief yet standing has been attacked and undermined. This new Party would have a wholly unique mission statement heretofore unseen in American politics: "We must make the Nation safe to argue in, before continuing the argument!"-

That's right; the Coalition Reform party would have the audacity to not be built around dogma. It would be the Anti-Dogma. Because what have all these polarizing arguments gained us in the past? Absolutely nothing"- Except that little plastic cup of poison to drink every 4 years. And what a powerful mission, and statement this would be: It says we don't want the Roman Circus anymore, we want real change, not entertainment. We are tired, past tired, past SICK and tired of being lied to every election season with astounding baldness; as if our ignorance is such a given that clever lies are hardly required to get the job done. We want real action on the core issues that are stopping us from solving the other important issues. We want to know that Congress and the White House won't be the cheering section for corporate greed and control. We want to sweep the money-changing lobbyists from the Temple, cleansing our government from the anaconda death-grip of campaign contribution money and corruption that has infected every branch. We want a free and uncontrolled news media that does it's job as it is supposed to, not as corporate moguls suppose. And we want to stop the slow, not-so-hidden, and inevitable slide to tyranny that comes from giving up our rights to those who would manufacture problems"- So they can steal our freedoms in exchange for phony solutions.

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This mission, this message is so simple, so straight forward, that it could be irresistible to millions of our fellow citizens who are utterly disenchanted with what they see on a daily basis. No discussions about Abortion or Gay Rights. Nor about Global Warming, Healthcare, Social Security, Welfare, or the myriad of other divisive issues will be made; because we who proscribe to this concept realize that there is no possibility of changing our world under the present paradigm anyway"- That arguing our familiar and well-worn points is a useless gesture that no longer even makes us feel better"- It only underscores our own real collective helplessness under the present conditions. The all-new Coalition Reform Third Party is the way to change politics, and allows real change to happen"- To cut the Gordian knot of mainstream Party politics and by giving us the courage and means to make our nation, and our world, a better place"- Through concentrating on solving the things we can and must solve first; the things that will insure honest debate can happen in the future.

Without the divisive and polarizing issues; we have the ability to gain large numbers of people from every walk of life, of every political persuasion, of every race and religion. We have an honest and real chance to gain a majority; or at least 35% . We would have hundreds of local, state, and federal politicians join us"- Who, being the smart people they are, realize that this social power-house would be the juggernaut that overwhelms the empty husks of the mainstream morally-bankrupt Parties; and that this method is the only answer for real positive change. For not all these pols are crooks, liars, shills, and dogmatic ideologues"- Many are people like us; who care about the future of their children and grandchildren; and if offered an honest chance, will do the right thing. And that is the point of an Coalition Reform Third Party: To give people a meaningful chance to do the right thing"- To make the hard choices and do the work for improving our collective lot.

There are many hurdles to overcome in this model"- The news media, for one. They can be handled: The way lies through creating a national debate on them; putting MSM on the defensive and beginning to open the eyes of our fellows to what they have been sleep-walking through the last 8 years. There are other problems with this, but they can be solved too"-.

The "all-new"- part of this equation is the key: We cannot have any baggage left over from ideological battles of the past. It must be about gaining back our government and protecting our liberty, not perceived to be a "trick"- for sneaking in a favored faction. This is why the current third parties are hopeless: They are clearly defined in peoples' minds"- Rightly or wrongly the perceptions stand and severely limit their effectiveness. That is why we must start with an "all-new"- Party, with no preconceived perceptions to hamper success. And why there must be no platform except having no platform: The only "planks"- are for the restoration of our Constitutional rights, and the elimination of big money as the governing factor in politics.

Our independent reform political leaders need to work together. Separately, there is nothing that can be done when the odds are so stacked against us. But together, using the Coalition Reform model, much can be done. Write to your favorite reform-minded politician, ask them to consider this for the good of the nation. It is not too late to do this: Not too late for the election, and not too late for us as a Nation to take back what our forefathers fought and died for.

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Is a writer and activist in the field of alternative energy. A partial list of his articles can be seen here (or by Searching OpEd News): http://en.wordpress.com/tag/windisch-steve/ He is also the Admin of The Free Energy Facebook Group, all (more...)

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