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Governments and legal professions continue to commit extremely serious crimes with impunity ...

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One of many examples of such C-PTSD related criminal abuse -- by members of our legal profession -- can be seen by the way former Republic of Ireland Minister for Justice Michael Mc Dowell COMPLETELY FAILED to do anything whatsoever to remedy the situation related to him in the letter dated November 7th 2005, written to him on my behalf by Northern Ireland Senior Social Worker Gerard Madden, which can be viewed at the following address: click here


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by W. Finnerty Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:03

Reply to comment by Clarence Darrow at Tue Apr 03, 2012 23:36:

"Tracey is a paranoid who sues 11 & 12 year old boys alleging that they were conspiring against him. Why haven'y you told us about that?"

"In March 2004, Mr Tracey was charged with assault on the mother of one of the boys."

Assuming Kevin Treacy really has been subjected to criminal abuse by one or more members of our legal profession over a period of several years, as some people who seem to know him obviously believe to be the case, my lengthy research into such matters suggests that Kevin Treacy is not only very likely to be suffering from C-PTSD (Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a direct result of such abuse, but that it would, as a matter of good-quality medical fact, be VERY surprising if he was not.

"Explosive anger" is one of the main and most common symptoms of C-PTSD: which may explain the "assault on the mother" situation (if true)?

"Hypervigilance" is another very common symptom of C-PTSD, and it is frequently -- and sometimes very slyly and very deliberately -- confused with "paranoia" by members of governments (executive, legislative, and judicial), and by members of legal professions, who wish to get away with their crimes (and keep on indulging themselves in such crime): which might explain the "Tracey is a paranoid" claim in this particular case.

More on the several ways that C-PTSD injuries (i.e. PSYCHOLOGICAL injuries, as opposed to the PHYSICAL injuries normally associated with physical criminal abuse) can be confused with mental illness -- deliberately and otherwise -- can be found at the following Internet page address (under the title "Differences between mental illness and psychiatric injury"):

One further point relating to C-PTSD injuries, which I have absolutely "bags of" irrefutable evidence in connection with my own particular case, is that the Republic of Ireland's legal profession -- from "head to toe" -- entirely refuses to take any account whatsoever of criminal abuse which results in C-PTSD injuries caused by our Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial): even when many senior members of our Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial), AND of our legal profession, are repeatedly presented -- again and again over a period of well over SIX YEARS -- with blindingly straightforward and clear WRITTEN EVIDENCE, signed by a very experienced, conscious, and caring MEDICAL DOCTOR, of the presence of such criminal abuse; and, which includes, what many regard as the "king of crimes": mental torture; and which, in its very worst form (i.e. the one relating to unconstitutional legislation and unconstitutional activities), continues to be very deliberately and very wilfully sustained by our Legal Profession, and by our Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial), since as far as 2002 at least, please note.

One of many examples of such C-PTSD related criminal abuse -- by members of our legal profession -- can be seen by the way former Republic of Ireland Minister for Justice Michael McDowell COMPLETELY FAILED to do anything whatsoever to remedy the situation related to him in the letter dated November 7th 2005, written to him on my behalf by Northern Ireland Senior Social Worker Gerard Madden, which can be viewed at the following address:

Finally, some readers might be interested to know that I have AGAIN attempted (yesterday, and for the UMPTEENTH time) to bring the whole, and very much larger, wider, and deeper matter of criminal legal abuse by governments (executive, legislative, and judicial), and by legal professions, to the attention of some senior members of the United Nations. A copy of the e-mail I used yesterday (i.e. April 3rd 2012), which contains reference to this particular Kevin Treacy Article, can be viewed at the following Internet location:


The text in the section immediately above is almost identical to the April 4th 2012 (10:03) "comment" at the following Indymedia (Ireland) location:


One possible explanation ...
by W. Finnerty Wed Apr 04, 2012 14:13

Reply to Clarence Darrow at Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:43:

Many people who suffer from C-PTSD (Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) injuries are not aware of the fact.

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The C-PTSD sufferer will always know that there is something very seriously wrong in their lives because of the very negative feelings they frequently feel; but, without receiving the very skilled, and in certain cases VERY COURAGEOUS, medical help they need -- especially where one or more governments, and one or more legal professions, police forces etcetera, are involved in the core-issue role of being the perpetrators responsible for the C-PTSD injuries in question (as in my own particular case), the C-PTSD sufferer does not have any well-defined name to put on this particular medical condition.

Many of those who suffer from C-PTSD injuries do describe, and/or exhibit, the C-PTSD symptoms they are experiencing to friends, relatives, co-workers and so on; but, the friends, relatives, co-workers, etcetera, do not have a name for this medical condition either.

One of the really frightening things I have learned about undiagnosed C-PTSD is that a number of the serial-killers I have read about during the past 10 years or so, which involved long-drawn-out difficulties the killers were having with neighbours, relatives, friends, fellow-students, fellow-workers, police, and/or lawyers, governments etcetera, long before they turned to criminal activities, left me in little doubt that they had informed one or more people about the C-PTSD symptoms they were experiencing, in an effort to try and get help regarding the extremely negative feelings they were feeling: and, that the person or people they informed either did not recognise the C-PTSD condition and its potential dangers, mistook it for something else (deliberately or otherwise), or seriously underestimated it: with the result that several people have died in circumstances which I believe could easily have been avoided.

In my own case (for example), no less than THREE consultant psychiatrists (which include Dr Thomas Foster of Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital (Northern Ireland, United Kingdom), and HSE Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Anne Jeffers (St Bridget's Hospital, Ballinasloe, Republic of Ireland), have claimed -- repeatedly, adamantly, and entirely 100% falsely I believe -- that they could not, and/or can not, do ANYTHING whatsoever to help me get the professional legal representation I have been desperately in need of since April 2002: which is now 10 years ago.

A common problem for C-PTSD suffers is that they will fantasise about seriously injuring themselves, or even killing themselves and/or their tormentor/s, for the relatively harmless (and indeed useful up-to-a-point) purpose of relieving the depression and/or extreme anger (for example) which are common symptoms of the C-PTSD condition they are suffering from.
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However, in some cases the C-PTSD sufferers do eventually "act out" their fantasies in a very real way: especially if repeated attempts to get meaningful help from friends, relatives, professional health-care workers, members of the legal profession, politicians and so on, keep on failing to produce responsible results: in the eyes of the C-PTSD sufferer. (There is no amount of slick statements and/or comments relating to "C-PTSD causing injuries" from such people which can permanently become a healthy and satisfactory substitute for the GENUINE justice that the C-PTSD suffer needs to recover from his/her injuries: and, the vast majority of such badly thought-out comments and statements only serve to make things worse, far worse, in the long term for the C-PTSD sufferer.)

The worst cases of avoidable C-PTSD social problems (as I see things), and these cases seem to me to be growing in number worldwide at the present time, are where the C-PTSD sufferers eventually decide to try -- at least (as they see things from their viewpoint) -- to achieve some piece of "rough justice" for themselves before finally exiting this often highly obnoxious and unacceptable world (as in "red-rotten with entirely avoidable injustice" of numerous kinds): after, that is, the "legal profession/government brand of justice", and the help of "professional health care workers" (including psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, therapists, counsellors, social workers, advocates, and all such-like) to help provide genuine justice, plus perhaps, in some cases, the efforts of clergy, self-help groups, politicians and so on for the purpose of trying to meet the needs of the "natural justice" the C-PTSD sufferer needs (as opposed to the many very glib and often completely phoney forms of "tin-god justice" they have had thrust upon them in ways which they are powerless to do anything worthwhile about), have all entirely, and often repeatedly, failed them completely: and which all results in the decision of the C-PTSD suffer to take one very desperate and very final step: which is to kill as many randomly selected strangers as they can find, before killing themselves; and, where the victims killed by the C-PTSD sufferer are regrettably used as "the representatives" of a society which does not, overall, appear to recognise the need for natural-justice -- i.e. the kind which is in keeping with the "sense of justice" that is genetically programmed into us all, or most of us at least, while still in the womb -- to anything remotely like the extent it will have to be: if more such C-PTSD type social disasters of this particular kind are to be avoided in the future.

Related Link:


The text in the section immediately above is almost identical to the April 4th 2012 (14:13) "comment" at the following Indymedia (Ireland) location:


Human Rights Ireland: http://www.humanrightsireland.com



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