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Pimping For Bush, NY Daily News Sells Out Its Readers and The Country, Continuing The Votergate 2004 Cover-Up


Pimping For Bush, NY Daily News Sells Out Its Readers and The Country, Continuing The Votergate 2004 Cover-Up

By Anthony Wade


November 16, 2004


Choosing a New York paper is tough in this city. The NY Post is a rag that is owned by Rupert Murdoch. As he does with Fox, you will never see a disparaging word about the GOP, from any writer. For years the Daily News was the bastion of fair and balanced reporting. You could read liberal opinions on the same page that bears a Bill O 'Reilly column.


Things seemed to start to change this year as we saw this reputable paper begin to show signs of listing to the right. More disreputable columnists began to appear and then came the endorsement for Bush. Still I held out hope that the News was simply being objective in their opinions. That all changed today with the op-ed piece entitled, "move on ".


Essentially, the opinion is that we all need to just move on and pay no attention to the obvious avalanche of evidence regarding voter fraud in the 2004 election. The item was the secondary opinion piece of course, because the Daily News did not want to try and actually lend any real journalism or credibility to the Votergate 2004 story.


Referring to the movement as being comprised of "Internet wackadoodles ", the new Bush whores continued by weaving in some of the larger conspiracy theories such as Kerry secretly plotting with Bush because they "are, after all, both skull and bones Yalies who have sworn allegiance to Satan ". This is an age old tactic known as "poisoning the well ", where you put out erroneous claims, to discredit all claims.


The opinion writer then admits that some people questioning the vote are "less zany souls ", who are "choosing to divine fraud everywhere they look ". No mention of the PHD scholars who have questioned the exit polling, such as this latest:


There of course was no mention of the rampant problems in North Carolina , where they are now considering re-voting. No mention of the flipping of votes in 29 Florida counties. No mention of the recount in New Hampshire . No mention of the recount in Ohio , which is now all but a given. No mention of the machines in Florida that start counting backwards when they reach 32,000 votes. No mention of the rampant voter disenfranchisement prior to the election by Nathan Sproul. No mention of the lockdown in Warren County , where no one observed the vote count that put Bush over the top in Ohio , sealing the election for the incumbent. No mention of the computer glitch in Gahanna , Ohio which gave Bush over 4,000 more votes than voters. No mention about how the exit polls were all correct, except in those vital swing states where we see 5-15% swings, always in favor of Bush. No mention about how it has now been postulated that the swings we saw just in Ohio , Florida and Ohio , represent a one in 250 million chance. No mention about how in nearly EVERY instance of apparent fraud or "mistabulating ", the problem nearly ALWAYS favored Bush.


In speaking about legitimate concerns from legitimate citizens, the News continued, "they 're seizing on rather common mishaps that occur in every election and whipping them into dark, paranoid conspiracies to suggest that a candidate who won by 3.5 million votes didn 't really win ". Wow. That is quite a piece of journalism there. Allow me to explain a few things. One, if you purport to be a journalist, how about you provide some proof for what you spew out? Let 's see the evidence that the things we are talking about are "common mishaps that occur in every election ". Better yet, why don 't you simply realize that if we are saying that there is rampant fraud, then your boy did not win by the 3.5 million votes you offer as evidence? Here is a novel idea a real newspaper would consider, how about if you honestly think this is all bunk, you investigate it to disprove it instead of mocking your readers and insulting the collective intelligence of the citizens of this country? That is what a real paper would do.


Not done pimping for Bush, the editorial continued with, "those who would stir up questions about his legitimacy (Bush) are doing a great big disservice to the nation. That includes several members of Congress, who have now suggested that the General Accounting Office look into voting machines used in various places ". God forbid if the organization charged with ensuring electoral legitimacy be asked to investigate hundreds of complaints, by citizens. No, I am sorry that the NY Daily News has now sunk to no longer being a journalistic enterprise. Instead I would offer that a national newspaper that suggests citizen complaints about the legitimacy of a presidential election are somehow doing a disservice to this nation, have become what they profess to abhor. A national newspaper that supports suppression of transparency in the electoral process, has itself become a disservice to the nation it pretends to represent.


The op-ed ends with this quote that really goes to the heart of their message, "Look, Bush won reelection fair and square. People need to understand that, accept it, and move on ". Well, thank you NY Daily News for settling the issue. Thank you for ignoring any actual journalism. Thank you for thinking that YOU can somehow make up the minds of your readers. Thank you for removing all doubt that you have sold out your readers, your city, and this great nation. We now understand that you do not represent the people anymore, but the administration you endorsed. We now accept that you have sold your journalistic soul by ignoring the potential theft of democracy. We now understand and accept the fact that as New Yorkers, we must all move on from ever spending another dime on your paper.


Anthony Wade is co-administrator of a website devoted to educating the populace to the ongoing lies of President George W. Bush and seeking his removal from office. He is a 37-year-old independent writer from New York with political commentary articles seen on multiple websites.  A Christian progressive and professional Rehabilitation Counselor working with the poor and disabled, Mr. Wade believes that you can have faith and hold elected officials accountable for lies and excess.

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