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WHO BUSH ANSWERS TO; He answers to a ' higher authority ' and the millions of Americans who believe he is the ' annointed one ' or  the long awaited ' divine Warrior '




Allen L Roland , Ph.D

George Bush actually believes this picture which is one of the reasons he does not take accountability for the intelligence failures of 9/11 , the W.M.D. intelligence debacle, the illegal ' outing ' of a CIA case officer or the recent Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal.
He does not answer to the American people  .   
He answers to a ' higher authority ' and the millions of Americans who believe he is the ' annointed one ' or 
the long awaited ' divine Warrior '
This picture comes from a website,, through which 2.8 million members receive daily instructions on how to coordinate prayer for the president .  
Note the president alongside the ghostly figures of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who rest their hands upon his shoulders, heads bowed. A halo of light emanates from Bush's head; in intersection with the horizontal of the presidential lectern, it appears to form a crucifix .  
In Bush's narrow messianic mind ~ It's the final confrontation between good and the 'evil doers' and he's dragging us along on this self destructive ride .
The script is in the bible , the Apocalypse of St John the Apostle . Chapter 18 The fall of Babylon (  about 100 miles from Baghdad ) and Chapter 19 ~  Enter the Divine Warrior ~  " who is called faithful and true, and with justice he wages war... and from his mouth goes forth a sharp sword with which to smite the nations and he will rule them with a rod of iron ."
And guess who sees himself as the Divine Warrior .  
It's the ultimate act of ego inflation or projection ~ based on his own deep denial and fueled by the hardcore Christian fundamental right . 
This explains why Bush can be so oblivious of his failings and his rapidly plummeting approval ratings. 
He has externalized evil .   Starting with the evil booze ~  it now includes ;
The evil Iraqi freedom fighters who are now terrorists .
The evil French and Germans who would not buy into our deceptions and lies. 
The evil United Nations who were  cowardly and  irrelevant .
The evil  Abu Ghraib prison which he wants to blow up .
 And now perhaps  the evil Democrats who want to
 cut short his biblical date with destiny.
In essence , Bush is a cheerleader for a Cheney directed neo-conservative doctrine of Empire Building and Institutionalized Revenge.
Bush really takes his orders from an old testament God of wrath and judgement and his base of hard right born again Christians.
To millions of the fundamental right he can do no wrong and is, in fact, their hero . He will lead them to the final outcome , the Apocalypse that will hasten Christ's return.
They await ' The Rapture "  where only those faithful christians
will be carried away to heaven ~ while the rest of us burn or rot in hell . 
 Sound far fetched ~ check this out
There you will find the Rapture Index ;

You could say the Rapture index is a Dow Jones Industrial Average of end time activity, but I think it would be better if you viewed it as prophetic speedometer. The higher the number, the faster we're moving towards the occurrence of pre-tribulation rapture.

Rapture Index of 85 and Below: Slow prophetic activity Rapture Index of 85 to 110: Moderate prophetic activity Rapture Index of 110 to 145: Heavy prophetic activity Rapture Index above 145: Fasten your seat belts We are now at 144 The ' Born Again ' Christians which include Bush can almost taste it.
Evangelical born-again Christians represent 40% of the electorate ~ and they support Bush 3-1.  
This is not a laughing matter or to be taken lightly  ~ for we are rapidly reaching a place in the middle East where our national security is severely in jeopardy ~ particularly after
the Chalabi / Iran scandal that has severely compromised the safety of our troops , if not our country. 
This is a time for hard truths and courageous action by those who value this country and its innate values.
It is not a time for complacency or wishful thinking .
There is only one solution for the American people  ~ 
A national intervention in November sending Bush back
to Crawford, Texas ~ where he can clear the brush from
his ranch and his mind.
Allen Roland is a practicing psychotherapist who also shares a daily political and social commentary on his weblog and website
He also guest hosts a weekly national radio show on
Conscious talk radio

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Is there a lesson here ?


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