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Religion and politics

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Follow the Money Esther Kaplan explains how the Christian right's comeback has been fueled by Administration money.

The Christian, Pro-Life, Pro-Kerry, Anti-Bush Argument by Anthony Wade  OpEdNews.com To all those struggling between their faith and their vote: 

The Separation of Church and State: One Wall That Needs to Remain Standing by Cathryn Sykes OpEdNews.Com

All Souls' Day 2004; a letter to my fellow Catholics in the USA by Robert Thompson

You are a LIAR, Mr. Bush, and for such a dedicated Christian, You bear an inordinate amount of "False Witness. " By Lonna Gooden VanHorn OpEdNews.Com

Thinking About the Truth by Leutisha Stills OpEdNews.Com

AntiChrist George Bush and His Bishops from Hell-- by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com Bush Lies and the Religious Right Complies

Kerry Must Stress American Ideals Over Bush's Vision of a Cruel God by David Rozelle OpEdNews.Com "Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man," Paine reminds us. It also makes for a cruel nation. To defeat George W. Bush, we must defeat his god as well.

Christians are in Denial about GeeDubya While Trying to Deify Reagan by Leutisha Stills OpEdNews.Com

Deadly Sinful Bush Is No Christian  

by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com

Christian Zionists, Jews & Bush's reelection strategy; Courting the pro-Israel vote, President Bush addresses powerful pro-Israel lobby while his staff meets secretly with theocratic Christians by

Bill Berkowitz, Working for Change

Bush, Kerry, and a battle for Catholics The once-Democratic bloc is fluid, despite Kerry's Catholicism. Christian Science Monitor

Matthew Fox: The Vatican 's Condemnation of Gay Marriage: Another Galileo Case in the Making?

Kerry Must Stress American Ideals Over Bush's Vision of a Cruel God "Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man," Paine reminds us. It also makes for a cruel nation. To defeat George W. Bush, we must defeat his god as well.

Bush Flunks as a Christian By Leutisha Stills OpEdNews.Com

The Christian Assault on Freedom and Christianity By Steve Consilvio


WHO BUSH ANSWERS TO; He answers to a 'higher authority' and the millions of Americans who believe he is the 'annointed one' or  the long awaited 'divine Warrior' Allen L Roland , Ph.D

In Line for the Rapture; By Rick Perlstein we're not supposed to know the National Security Council's top Middle East aide consults with apocalyptic Christians eager to ensure American policy on Israel conforms with their sectarian doomsday


Bush White House checked with rapture Christians before latest Israel Move by Rick Perlstein. Infoshop News

Hustings and Pulpits Attempts by the clergy to make political leaders toe a doctrinal line in their public duties raises multiple risks. NY Times


It 's Armageddon time; Bush and his loyal Christian fundamentalists want you to have a front row seat! (Whether you want one or not).  By Sandi Magathan Droubay M.A   OpEdNews.Com

General Boykin; The religious warrior of Abu Ghraib: An evangelical US general played a pivotal role in Iraqi prison reform

Powell Was 'Left Behind' by Rick Perlstein A new memo shows Christian Zionists are behind Bush's Israel policy.

Right Wing Values by Jon Faulkner; In a consumer based, material society, the end always justifies the means. It 's O.K. to lie, cheat, steal and kill because material accumulation and possession become indistinguishable from virtue. OpEdNews.Com

Christianist Ayatollahs Bring America To Shame By Rob Kall  they are a worse threat to the nation than communism ever was. Steps to Confront Them OpEdNews.Com

Faith in Politics by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence OpEdNews.COM

Bush Flunks as a Christian By Leutisha Stills OpEdNews.Com

THE PRESENT CHRISTIAN DELUSION: a doctrine our founders never knew; Dispensationalism by Dorothy Seese OpEdNews.Com


Outside of Bush World - Apocalypse Guaranteed by Dr. Gerry Lower OpEdNews.Com

"We'll All Be Dead" by Dr. Gerry Lower Bush bases his view of history on the Teachings of a Drug crazed resentful  Christian Wannabe whose writings, having nothing to do with Jesus' Original ideas, were incorporated into the New Testament by Roman tyrants who proceeded to introduce the western world to self-righteous imperial conquest in the name of compassion and peace.

George Bush and the Rise of Christian Fascism by Rev. Rich Lang OpEdNews.Com

Health Care in France vs Bush's Very Un-Christian Health Care in the USA by Robert Thompson OpEdNews.Com

Theocratic Dreams: The Emergence of Christian Fascism in America by Kimberly Blaker OpEdNews.Com

Bush Behavior Sets Bad Example for Children by Megan Bronson OpEdNews.Com

HOWARD STERN: Road-Kill on Bush Crusade To Christianize America? by Frank Pitz Or Will Stern Be the tipping point that sends Bush slithering back to Crawford OpEdNews.Com

Supreme Court to Hear Newdow Pledge of Allegiance Suit Next Week By Larry Atkins OpEdNews.Com

Bush and Religion: Anti Christian, Polarizing and Ugly Dr. Gerry Lower The Bush administration has coerced virtually every branch of western Christendom in America back into the fold of Old Testament fundamentalism, the entirety of which is pre-Christian in origin, largely anti-Christian in content and historically anti-Christian in practice. Bush's polarization has driven American Christendom into two diametrically-opposed camps. These two camps are separated entirely by moral ground, those preferring a conservative Old Testament vengeance-based morality and those preferring a liberal New Testament compassion-based ethical morality. OpEdNews.Com

You Can't B.S. Jesus by Patricia Ernest OpEdNews.com

Jesus Plus Nothing; Undercover Among America's Secret Theocrats Jeffrey Sharlet, Harper's

TRAILS OF GOD'S THOUGHT Jesus was a Scientist in the Greek Tradition Dr. Gerry Lower,


Faith is a Function of Knowledge Dr. Gerry Lower OpEdNews.Com

...And God Said  by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.Com



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