Subject: This article explores a longstanding but seldom reported pr


See Original Content on OpEdNews in article titled "Noted Swedish Journalist, Assange Critic Exposed As Police Agent"

This article explores a longstanding but seldom reported problem in the media: the slippery slope of journalists who supplement income by payments or other favors from sources.

The issue is stark in this case, payment from a police agency. Many other situations, however, are at least as dangerous, in part because the benefits are potentially much larger and also more hidden via intermediaries -- and thus less likely to be revealed or generate concern. Thus, for example, a de facto payment might be an arranged book contract, fellowship, lecture deal, or job arranged for a relative.

For such reasons, I suggest this column is best read not so much to pillory the individual at issue but to undertake study (including a dialog here perhaps) on the extent of parallel situations that affect news and commentary.

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