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Nicolai Petro: the Russian Orthodox Church

Series Created By Nicolai Petro (6 articles.) (View How Many People Read This)

A 2011 IPSOS survey of twenty three European countries, claims that Russia is the most religious country in Europe. At the same time that Western European and American societies are secularizing, Russia, along with much of the former Soviet Union, is undergoing a resurgence of traditional organized religion. Obviously, this affects all aspects of public life, including my particular interest in this section--politics.

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# Type Date Content
1 Article 09/17/2007 Russia at the crossroads (View How Many People Read This) 3 3 Comment Count
2 Article 11/25/2007 An Orthodox balm for Europe: Orthodox Christians can help rebuild East-West ties. (View How Many People Read This)
3 Article 04/25/2010 Russo-Polish Relations: From Tragedy to Forgiveness (View How Many People Read This) 2 2 Comment Count
4 Article 01/23/2011 Twice Lost in Translation (View How Many People Read This) 1 1 Comment Count
5 Article 04/23/2012 The Orthodox Church and the Struggle for Russia's Soul (View How Many People Read This)
6 Article 08/22/2012 Some Orthodox Reflections on the (P)ussy (R)iot Case (View How Many People Read This) 6 6 Comment Count

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