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Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression.

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Isaac Bashevis Singer

If you are going to do anything new or innovative, you have to be willing to be misunderstood. Ans i you can't tolerate that, don't do anything new or innovative . Every important thing we have done has been misunderstood, often by well meaning, sincere critics.

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Jeff Bezos

Jeffrey Preston Bezos (born January 12, 1964) is the founder, president, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of Bezos, a Tau Beta Pi graduate of Princeton University, worked as a financial analyst for D. E. Shaw & Co. before founding Amazon in 1994. He was named Time magazine's Person of the Year in 1999. In 2008, he was selected by U.S. News & World Report as one of America's Best Leaders.

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